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100 Nwt Fee Owner LLC to Fire And Security Systems Specialists INC

100 Nwt Fee Owner LLC
Felix Garcia
100 N Biscayne Blvd Ste 600

107 Holdings LLC
Gerardo Aguirre
9900 SW 107 Ave Ste 103

1600 Collins Avenue LLC
Maria Maloney
1600 Collins Ave

17777 Old Cutler Road LLC
Kenn Powell
18001 Old Cutler Rd

1809 Brickell LP
Paulo Melo
150 Se 2nd Ave Ste 801

2 Teks Communication INC
Robert Matos
1701 Ne 191st St Apt 416

200 South Biscayne Tic Ii LLC
Sandra Etheart
200 S Biscayne Blvd Ste 350

2fix Corp
Kevin Palacios
15160 SW 136th St Ste 8

2learn INC
Megan Prats Prats
6374 SW 43rd St

2m Mower & Tool LLC
Reinier Medina
13806 SW 142nd Ave Ste 13

2nd Phoenix INC
Sergio Becerra
10782 SW 61 Terrace

2one2 Studios LLC
Peter Clarke
10945 SW 75th St

318 International Inc
John Salgado
10871 SW 150 Ct

360 Energy Solutions Corp.
Tony Noa
8165 Nw 60th Street

3gr Services LLC
Gabriela Gallo
2115 Nw 115th Ave

4 Vets Center INC
Jeffrey Todd
1950 Nw 104th St

4300 Biscayne Blvd. Holdings LLC
Alvaro Vazquez
5825 Nw 74th Ave

444 Brickell Partners LLC
Lisa Hillier
315 S Biscayne Blvd

87 Avenue Hospitality LLC
Linda Camarena
3265 Nw 87 Ave

87 Avenue Hospitality LLC
Linda Camarena
3255 Nw 87th Ave

A & B Hardware Inc
Maria Llerena
2851 Nw 27th Ave

A & R Fixit Inc
Jeffrey Nunberg
1876 Nw 7th St

A Place Of Enlargement Community Development Corporation
Tamika Jones
8300 Nw 79th St

A Place Of Health
Ivette Chiappo
18430 S Dixie Hwy

A Plus Bus Usa Corp
Miguel Izquierdo
8000 Nw 56th St

'A-' . strtoupper('1') . ' Power Contractors Inc'
Luis Calvo
7312 Nw 8th St Ste G

'A-' . strtoupper('p') . 'ower Systems INC'
Alejandro Perez
15160 SW 95th St

'A-' . strtoupper('t') . 'eam Energy Services INC'
Leonor Figueras
10632 SW 143rd Ave

A.b.p. Maintenance Corp.
Jorge Benitez
8171 SW 93rd Ct

A.d.a. Engineering Inc
Ivette Argudin
8550 Nw 33rd St Ste 101

A.g.e. Construction And Development Corp.
Miguel Bello
175 Fontainebleau Blvd Ste 1 R

A&e Inventory Management LLC
Robert Conrad
6300 Nw 99th Ave

A&m Control Systems LLC
Simon Azrak
1555 N Treasure Dr Apt 408

A+s Ideas Studio INC
Sarima Gracia Vega
36 Ne 42nd St

A1 International Business Corp.
Miguel Rodriguez
8388 Nw 68th St Miami

A2 Group INC
Alberto Ribas
7300 N Kendall Dr Ste 340

Aaaa World Inc
Kiran Patel
7800 Nw 29th St

Aarya Construction And Design Inc
Eric Sami
7657 Nw 50th St

Abeyon LLC
Mallesh Murugesan
9371 SW 78th Ct

Abhay Corp.
Yelitza Calderon
7950 Nw 53rd St Ste 337

Able Business Services INC
William Berry
3187 Nw 38th St

Abp Aventura INC
Valerie Newman
13619 South Dixie Hwy Ste 129

Abstinence Between Strong Teens International INC
Michelle Shirley
17690 Homestead Avenue

Abundant Life Christian Learni
Sabrina Bouie
777 Nw 85th St

Abundant Living Citi Church
Dianna Rivera
3001 Nw 22nd Ave

Acams Inc
Denise Enriquez
80 SW 8th St Ste 2350

Acc Consulting Solutions LLC
Alfonso Creazzo
13500 SW 108th St Cir S

Access Nursecare INC
Audreya Mclean
20801 Biscayne Blvd Ste 403

Acolite & Claude United Sign Co. INC
Andrew Merrill-facio
540 West 83 St

Acp Marquis Ii LLC
Marti Blackstock
444 Brickell Ave Ste 900

Acp Peachtree Center LLC
Marti Blackstock
444 Brickell Ave Ste 900

Acp/millennium LLC
Ondria Jett
444 Brickell Ave Ste 900

Actionory Inc
Claude Roatta
22401 SW 130th Ave

Acupuncture And Massage College INC
Joe Calareso
10506 N Kendall Dr 2nd Fl

Adding Green Nursery Corp
Isael Veliz
25800 SW 207th Ave

Adelante Staffing Services INC
Karie Gonzalez
7805 Coral Way Ste 116

Adgam Inc
Magdalene Altidor
3050 Biscayne Blvd Ste 504

Advance Business Computers Inc
Michael Klein
1523 Nw 89th Ct

Advance Division Of Informatics & Technology INC
Luis Noguerol
9901 Santos Dr.

Advanced Air Ambulance Corp
Al Meyreles
12360 SW 132nd Ct Ste 208

Advanced Aviation Industries Inc
Daryl Bubb
7812 Nw 71st St

Advanced Concrete & Pavers INC
Alejandro Junco
9380 SW 81st Ave

Advanced Motion Control Inc
Eugenio Silva
4705 SW 72nd Ave

Advanced Video Communications Inc
Michael Dowd
71 Nw 29th St

Adventure Environmental Inc
Greg Tolpin
12935 SW 87th Ave

Advocate Program INC
Joanne Powell
1150 Nw 72 Ave Ste 200

Aero Parts Management LLC
Xavier Intriago
10773 Nw 58th St Ste 329

Aerocargo Inc
Steven Tallman
1630 Nw 108th Ave

Aerolab INC
Ruben Urrutia
8000 Nw 31st St Ste 17

Afp 103 Corp.
Jon Stultz
711 Nw 72nd Ave

African Wildlife Conservation Fund INC
Antonio Romanach
10564 Nw 57th St

Agni Enterprises LLC
Malancha Sarkar
9021 SW 94th St Apt 510

Ahepa 421
Tammy Parsons
350 Ne 141st St Ofc

Ailati Corp.
Jannett Puzey
'1840 Coral Way Suite 4-' . strtoupper('3') . '44'

Air Accessories And Avionics INC
Robert Plaster
8328 Nw 30th Ter

Aircon Fleet Management Corp.
Noel Caballero
12334 SW 131st Ave

Aircraft Maintenance & Consulting Corp.
Angel Tinoco
10847 SW 188 St

Airman One LLC
Charles Mclean
22125 S Dixie Hwy

Airmax Service Corporation
Michael Lorion
6210 SW 78th St

Al About Benjamins
Vincent Pinder
17830 Myrtle Lake Dr

Alarm And Electronics Systems LLC
Michael Donnelly
13973 SW 140th St

Aleph Institute INC
Menachem Katz
9540 Collins Ave

Alert Global Media INC
Denise Enriquez
80 SW 8th St 2300

Alexis Paint And Body Shop Inc
Fanny Erazo
1917 W Flager St

Alfalit International Inc
Aida Iglesias
3026 Nw 79th Ave

All Florida Produce LLC
Loreta Nodarse
7609 SW 141 Ave

All Star Electrical Services INC
Jordan Dearmas
18505 SW 104th Ave Bay 7

All Star Events Inc
Pamela Mcaden
16350 Nw 15th Ave B

All Star Media Solutions INC
Bill Amodeo
10250 SW 35 St

Allapattah Wynwood Community And Development Center
Herbert Fonseca
1500 Nw 16 Ave

Allen Wallace And Company Inc
Sadrac Celestin
191 Nw 68th Ter

Alliance Aircraft Group INC
Patricia Schamel
7520 Nw 54th St

Alliance Broadcasting Network INC
Dean Hooper
1510 Ne 162nd St

Alm Media LLC
Jeff Fried
1 Se 3rd Ave

Alpha Restoration LLC
Jonathan Smith
1421 SW 107th Ave Ste 223

Alpine Towing INC
Robert Kay
3500 Nw 67th St

Alta Home Remodeling Co.
Moises Montanez
15358 SW 62nd St

Aluces Corporation
Luis Silva
8501 SW 124th Ave Ste 204a

Alutech Corporation
Adolfo Perez
8548 Nw 64th St

Alvarez Farm Corp
Maria Morejon
20201 SW 184 St

Alvarez Hilda
Hilda Torre
11750 SW 18th St Apt 316

Amazon Services Inc
Cristina Serralta
7186 SW 47th St

America Business & Management Services LLC
Betty Ortiz-valdes
13300 SW 103 Terr

America Unique Industries INC
Alejandro Perez
18025 SW 192nd St

America's World Freight Inc
Ingrid Aljure
7180 Nw 84th Ave

Americable International INC
James Smith
10735 SW 216th St #404

Americable Intl Japan Inc
James Smith
10735 SW 216th St Ste 404

American Business Continuity Domes INC
Mary Maguire
2500 Nw 39th St

American Children's Orchestras For Peace INC
Maida Santander
801 SW 3rd Ave Ste 308

American College Of Addictionology And Compulsive Disorder Inc
Rita Holder
3303 Flamingo Dr

American Special Metals Corp.
Mirelbys Canizalez
11890 SW 8th St Ph 7

'American-' . strtoupper('n') . 'icaraguan Foundation Inc'
Rafael Sanchez
1000 Nw 57th Ct Ste 770

Americans For Immigrant Justice INC
Lesley Salas
3000 Biscayne Blvd Fl 4

Americarpet INC
Juan Werner
364 Ne 167 St

Americas Generators INC
Eric Johnston
8511 Nw 61st St

Ameritek Industrial Corp
Pedro Rodriguez
7063 SW 47th St

Amex World Trade Corporation
Jonathan Flores
18765 SW 78th Ct

Amg Healthcare Services INC
Barry Hill
13985 SW 140th St

Amg Healthcare Services INC
Barry Hill
13985 SW 140th St

Amtec Sales INC
Bryan Esper
9002 Nw 105th Way

Andale Group LLC
Daniel Azel
8770 Sunset Dr #211

Ap Adler 270 Tech LLC
Tina Spano
1400 Nw 107th Avenue 4th Fl

Ap Adler Albemarle LLC
Robert Smither
1400 Nw 107th Ave Fl 4

Ap Adler Fullerton Business LLC
Robert Smither
1400 Nw 107th Ave 4th Fl

Ap Adler Hampton Overlook LLC
Tina Spano
1400 Nw 107th Avenue 4th Fl

Ap Adler Nvip LLC
Robert Smither
1400 Nw 107th Avenue 4th Fl

Ap Adler Oakes LTD
Tina Spano
1400 Nw 107th Ave 4th Fl

Ap Adler Pickett LLC
Robert Smither
1400 Nw 107th Avenue 4th Fl

'Apex-' . strtoupper('t') . 'ech Electrical & Air Conditioning Inc'
Stephane Lherisson
12490 Ne 7 Ave Ste 205

Apimaging INC
Diana Herrera
19 SW 6th St

Aps Global Corp.
Christopher Navarro
7452 SW 48 St Fl 1

Aqls & Rg Usa Corp
Luis Espejo
9010 SW 137th Ave Ste 113

Aquila Fitness Consulting Systems LTD.
Yvan Miklin
1221 Brickell Ave Ste 1060

Arana Orlando
Orlando Arana
'8921 SW 142nd Ave Apt 4-' . strtoupper('2') . '2'

Arc And Arrow Creative Group LLC
Justin Bell
331 Nw 26th St Ste 304

Arca Images INC
Alexa Kuve
1581 Brickell Ave Apt 1402

Archdiocese Of Miami
Doreen Roberts
14650 Ne 12th Ave

Archdiocese Of Miami INC
Sister Stephanie Flynn
601 Nw 131st St

Archdiocese Of Miami INC
Janet Rodriguez
7485 Nw 2nd Ave

Archimedean Academy Inc
George Kafkoulis
12425 SW 72nd St

Arco Electronics Inc
Jorge Dominguez
3905 SW 110th Ave

Argus Lighting
Mary Kartsonakis
2475 Brickell Ave Apt 706

Arisource INC
Marcial Baralt
'10570 Nw 74th St Unit 2-' . strtoupper('2') . '06'

Ark Solvers Inc
Reginald Andre
'555 Ne 15th St Ste Cu-' . strtoupper('1') . '7b'

Arlotta Bazo And Associates Inc
Ofelia Arlotta
1400 Nw 107th Ave Ste 211

Aroma Paper & Janitorial Supplies
Gabriel Bastidas
19350 SW 106th Ave

Arquitectonica Geo Corporation
Laurinda Spear
2900 Oak Ave

Arquitectonica International Corporation
Laurinda Spear
2900 Oak Ave

Array Connector Corporation
Carlos Sanabria
12400 SW 134th Ct Ste 8

Art By God INC
Ingrid Harris
60 Ne 27th St

Artcare INC
Javier Hernandez
13291 Old Cutler Rd

Artistry Youth In Motion INC
Nancy Delva
805 Nw 198th St

Artists In Residence In Everglades INC
Harmon Wright
3586 Avocado Ave

Arts For Learning Miami
Sheila Womble
404 Nw 26th St

Asap Direct INC
Elle Schreer
9860 SW 121 St

Ascension Publishing Inc
Jim Lane
801 Brickell Ave 9th Fl

Ase Telecom & Data INC
Robert Zequeira
8545 Nw 29th St

Ashraf Consulting Engineers Incorporated
Syed Ashraf
16585 Nw 2nd Ave Ste 200

Aspira Of Fla Alternative Middle School
Aymet Chaples
6100 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 460

Associated Elevator Inspection
Elisabeth Rathmann
6405 Nw 36th St Ste 204

Atlantic Photo Service Inc
Isaac Hadid
37 Ne 167th St

Atw Media Corp.
Humberto Gomez
7214 Nw 34th St

Au Electrical Service And Repair INC
Lazaro Au
531 SW 115th Ave

Audio & Security Solutions Inc
Armando Bichara
9111 SW 41st St

Audio & Video Solutions INC
Federico Kasslater
10200 Nw 25th St Ste A 104

Audio Advertising Inc
Santiago Rodriguez
3155 Nw 99th Ave

Authenware Corporation
Judy Banks
1221 Brickell Avenue 9th Floor

'Autism-' . strtoupper('u') . ' LLC'
Aleida Lanza
17501 Biscayne Blvd Ste 500

Auto Pro Solutions LLC
Alexander Zaiarnyi
7249 SW 42 Terr

Auto Source Group LLC
Ivan Motta
1900 Nw 79th Ave

Av Industries INC
Alex Trujillo
9100 SW 24th St Ste 8

Avborne Accessory Group Inc
Guillermo Cepeda
7500 Nw 26th St

Aventura Beach Associates LTD
Patrick Boulanger
19201 Collins Ave

Aventura City Of
Brian Raducci
19200 W Country Club Dr

Aventura City Of
Brian Raducci
19200 W Country Club Dr

Avflex Corp.
Julio Albornoz
14075 SW 143rd Ct Ste 6

Avianaut Inc
Brian Hollenbeck
5262 Ne 5th Ave # 201

Aviation Engineered Products Inc
Carlos Abohasen
13032 SW 57th Tr

Aviation Instrument Services INC
Brad Sensale
12181 SW 129th Ct

Aviation Plus Inc
Carl Reaves
12223 SW 131 Ave

Avionica INC
Claudia Espinosa
9941 W Jessamine St

Avionics Sales Corporation
Eduardo Marquez
2875 Ne 191st St Ste 500

Aviotrade INC
Ariel Flath
10850 Nw 21st St Ste 230

Avsource International Inc
Rick Cora
10455 Nw 37 Terr

Awad & Iba # 2 LLC
Shakil Baig
1051 Nw 14 St # 130

Ayvar Carrie Sue
Carrie Ayvar
1829 Ne 179 St

Aztec South Inc
Nora Porobic
12950 SW 189th St

B & B Rolling Door Co. INC
Celso Balan
1601 Nw 97th Ave #b

B & G Property Maintenance INC
Benjamin Essig
9680 Kendale Blvd

B. Wright Leadership Academy INC
Brindley Wright
6100 Nw 7th Ave

B.i.s.c. Group LLC
Yandy Plasencia
18118 SW 142nd Ct

B.v. Oil Company INC
John Wright
7950 Nw 58th St

B&a Engineering Services Inc
Roberto Barreiro
15053 SW 57th St

B&h Metal Inc
Byron Dennis
275 Fontainebleau Blvd Ste 225 L

Babcock 286 LLC
Gerardo Aguirre
9900 SW 107 Ave Suite 103

Bagmaster Manufacturing Co Inc
Barry Benenfeld
18751 W Dixie Hwy

Bahia America Corp Visual And Written Solutions
Rolando Jaime
123 Nw 47th Ave Apt 3

Melissa Bailey
8220 SW 138 Ave

Bakehouse Art Complex Inc
Marte Siebenhar
561 Nw 32nd St

Bamboo Hammock Nursery Inc
Rodger Wilson
22600 SW 194th Ave

Banega Trading Corp.
Branden Condomina
15326 SW 72 St Apt 13

Banos Fanny
Fanny Banos
4340 SW 159 Ave

Banyan Community Health Center INC
Ileana Ruiz-garcia
6100 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 400

Banyan Street/gap Susp Holdings LLC
Daniel Zwieg
777 Brickell Ave Ste 1100

Baptist Echocardiography Associates INC
Marta Ortega
8353 SW 124th St Ste 208

Barnabas Community Ministries Inc
Yvane Vilson
18800 Nw 2nd Ave Suite 105-c

Barnes Ferland And Associates INC
Patrick Barnes
8110 Nw 71st St

Barquet Javier Md
Javier Barquet
3661 S Miami Ave Ste 910

Barthet Firm
Jorge Cruz-bustillo
200 S Biscayne Blvd Ste 1800

Bas Fisher Invitational INC
Danielle Bender
180 Ne 39th St Ste 210

Battery Sales Usa INC
Danielle Septembre
12275 Ne 13th Ave

Bbd Electrical Distributors INC
Francisco Bonilla
3017 Nw 74 Ave

Bdi Construction Company
Teobaldo Rosell
7270 Nw 12th St Ste 200

Bdv Industries LLC
Bernardo Villar
8230 SW 41 Ter

Beckman Coulter INC
Mark Watanabe
11800 SW 147th Ave

Bel Custom Construction Inc
Blaine Lounsbury
21980 SW 154 Ave

Belzona INC
Hamsely Mirre
2000 Nw 88th Ct

Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home Inc
Albert Hernandez
12050 SW 117th Ave

Bernd Wollschlaeger Md P.a.
Bernd Wollschlaeger
16899 Ne 15th Ave

Berrane Services INC
Joseph Barmoha
7147 W Flagler St

Best Buddies International INC
Lisa Derx
100 Se 2nd St Ste 2200

Betel Trading Corp.
Jaime Puig
12625 SW 134th Ct Ste 205

Better Way Of Miami Inc
Michael Festinger
800 Nw 28th St

Bh Consulting INC
Tal Hakim
18851 Ne 29th Ave Ste 714

Bidera LLC
Armando Perera
4995 Nw 72nd Ave Ste 405

Billnet Solutions Corporation
Carlos Suarez
9370 SW 72nd St Ste A213

'Bio-' . strtoupper('m') . 'edical Applications Of Florida Inc'
Amy Bamford
2791 SW 137th Ave

'Bio-' . strtoupper('m') . 'edical Applications Of Florida Inc'
Amy Bamford
5550 W Flagler St

'Bio-' . strtoupper('m') . 'edical Applications Of Florida Inc'
Amy Bamford
8770 SW 144th St Village Of Palmetto Bay

'Bio-' . strtoupper('m') . 'edical Applications Of Florida Inc'
Amy Bamford
1601 Nw 8th Ave

'Bio-' . strtoupper('m') . 'edical Applications Of Florida Inc'
Amy Bamford
12000 SW 131st Ave

'Bio-' . strtoupper('t') . 'issue INC'
Devin Buckley
7000 SW 97th Ave Ste 211

Bioniko Consulting LLC
Andres Bernal
19390 Collins Ave Ste1025

Biorep Technologies INC
Nancy Joscher
3225 Nw 112th St

Biosys Usa LLC
Werner Freber
444 Brickell Ave Ste 51132

Biscayne Bay Waterkeeper INC
Rachel Silverstein
12568 N Kendall Dr

Biscayne Lock & Safe Inc
Sam Perna
11231 N Kendall Dr Apt D214

Biscayne Pharmaceuticals INC
Peter Goldstein
4770 Biscayne Blvd Ste 660

Bitdes LLC
Fernando Garcia
7741 Nw 7th St Apt 507

Bjmax Corp.
Bliss Van Amsterdam
17921 Nw 63rd Ct

Black Economic Development Coalition INC
William Young
180 Nw 62dn St

Blackstones INC
Billee Haynes
821 Nw 54th St

Blasco Construction Corp.
Vivian Blasco
1850 SW 8th St Ste 204b

Blue Key 28 LLC
Claire Moyers
437 SW 2nd St

Blue Lagoon Hospitality LLC
Linda Camarena
2500 Brickell Ave

Blue Spike INC
Scott Moskowitz
16711 Collins Ave # 2505

Borgen Katherine
Katherine Borgen
17824 SW 145th Ave

Borinquen Health Care Center Inc
Robert Linder
3601 Federal Hwy

Born Group Fd LLC
Rita Leon
501 Brickell Key Dr Ste 504

Bos Partners INC
Hector Hernandez
13393 SW 131st St

Bosch Lourdes T
Lourdes Caballero
351 Nw 42nd Ave Ste 406

Branches Inc
Brent Mclaughlin
11500 Nw 12 Ave

Braverman Inc
Mikhail Braverman
869 Nw 183rd St

Breakthrough Miami Inc
Nicole Gray
3250 SW 3rd Ave

Breckenridge I LLC
Tina Spano
1400 Nw 107th Ave 4th Fl

Brickell Asset Management LLC
Mike Hornstein
100 Se 2nd St Ste 3350

Brickell Key Court Reporting LLC
Dianne Sarkisian
1395 Brickell Avenue Ste 800

Bridgeprep Academy INC
Nury Rodriguez
10700 SW 56 St

Briele Echeverria Pa
Aida Briele
220 Miracle Mile Ste 203

Bright Organics Corporation
Lucas Miles
7300 N Kendall Dr Ste 521

Broadcast Depot Corp.
Galina Sarraff
7782 Nw 46th St Ste 20

Brophy Associates Inc
Robert Lopez
7275 Nw 74th St

'Brown Mackie College - Miami-' . strtoupper('b') . 'iscayne'
Richard Them
100 S Biscayne Blvd

'Brown Mackie College -' . strtoupper(' ') . 'Miami INC'
Richard Them
One Herald Plz 6th Fl

'Budget Drugs-budget Discount Sales Corporation-' . strtoupper('b') . 'udget Pharmacy'
Alejandro De Varona
13150 SW 134th St

Bulletin Of Marine Science
Geoffrey Shideler
4600 Rickenbacker Cswy

Bureau Veritas North America INC
Juan Borges
8175 Nw 12th St Ste 110

C & I Construction And Design INC
Carlos Maldonado
15461 SW 170th Terr

C & V Global Trading Corporation
Veronica Vargas
14742 SW 148th St Cir

C J Aviation Inc
Joy-anna Duffie
12215 SW 131 Ave

C.s. Landscaping & Maintenance INC
Sergio Rubio
15466 SW 172nd St

C&d Purveyors Inc
Ivan Zapata
7274 Nw 70th St

Caliste Construction LLC
Lance Jones
470 Nw 120th St

'Camayd-' . strtoupper('f') . 'reixas Erik'
Erik Camayd-freixas
15453 SW 115th St

Cambridge Project Development Inc
Adrian Enriquez
4851 SW 71 Place

Cami Axle Construction Corp
Donny Fabian
1618 Nw 38th St Apt 4

Camillus Health Concern Inc
Thomas Campbell
336 Nw 5th St

Camillus House INC
Eduardo Gloria
336 Nw 5th St

Canas Martinez Maria
Maria Martinez-canas
2011 SW 10 St

Canine Country Club
John Clements
6201 SW 118th Ave

Cannonball Miami INC
Christopher Cook
1035 N Miami Ave Ste 200

Cannonball Services Usa INC
Darriel Cannon
20550 SW 125th Ct

Captures Perfoming Arts Inc
Natalie Crawford
756 Nw 103 St.

Care Elementary School INC
Christopher Simmonds
2025 Nw 1st Ave

Caribco Shrimp Corporation
Antonio Chalela
19495 Biscayne Blvd Ste 607

Carrfour Supportive Housing Inc
Stephanie Berman
1398 SW 1st St 12th Fl

Cartex Corp
Jorge Mundo
8407 Nw 68th St

Carver Logistics Corp
Juan Verastegui
13701 SW 100th Ter

Castaner Digital INC
Richard Groff
11481 SW 83rd Ter

Catholic Charities Legal Services Archdiocese Of Miami INC
Randolph Mcgrorty
25 Se 2nd Ave Ste 220

'Ccls -' . strtoupper(' ') . 'Cultural Center For Language Studies Corporation'
Carolina Pinho
3191 Coral Way Ste 114

Cctv Outlet Corp.
Arielle Vellon
2224 Nw 82nd Ave

Cdr Maguire INC
Richard Bernardo
8669 Nw 36th St Ste 340

Cellucure Corporation
Xin Jing
1400 Nw 10th Ave Apt 1914

Center For Family And Child Enrichment INC
T. Delores Dunn
1825 Nw 167th St Ste 102

Center For Haitian Studies Inc
Laurinus Pierre
8260 Ne 2nd Ave

Center For Independant Living Of South Florida Inc
Kelly Greene
6660 Biscayne Blvd Fl 1

Center Of Studies On Economic Integration And In
Rodolfo Rua Boiero
701 Brickell Ave

Centerline Services LLC
Mateo Quintero
7274 Nw 70th Pl

Central Lock & Hardware Supply Company East Inc
Shari Glixman
18052 W Dixie Hwy

Century Medical Supplier LLC
Hector Gonzalez
8315 Nw 64th St Ste 2

Century Radiology Pa
Alex Alonso
9333 SW 152 St

Cercas Cuba Corp.
Rebeca Cabrera
3670 Nw 79th St

Cfeam INC
Claudio Funes
4659 SW 154 Crt

Chabad Center Of Kendall INC
Yossef Harlig
8700 South West 112 Street

Champion Services Group Inc
James Champion
'6501 Nw 36th St Ste-' . strtoupper('3') . '00'

Chatterbox Productions Inc
Marjory Leposky
2311 S Bayshore Dr

Chemergy INC
Robin Parker
2523 Lincoln Avenue

Children Of Destiny Learning Academy INC
Linda Rush
4020 Nw 17 Ave

Children's Trust
Emily Cardenas
3150 SW 3rd Ave Fl 8

Chloes Dream Initiative Inc
Alexander Hardemon
3086 Nw 64th St

Choice Aire Charters LLC
Liza Lucandano
5201 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 872

Chopin Foundation Of Us Inc
Barbara Muze
1440 79th St Causeway Ste 117

Cim Usa INC
Mads Petersen
10813 Nw 30th St Ste 108

Circle Of One Marketing Inc
Suzan Mcdowell
2400 Ne 2nd Ave Ste C

City Of Hialeah Education Academy Inc
Elizabeth Kakouris
6340 Sunset Dr

Cityatre Inc
John Manzelli
444 Brickell Ave Ste 229

Citygate School Of Advanced Learning INC
Ursula Wright
16400 Nw 15th Ave

Clbs Medical Distributors Inc
Marcelo Silva
13701 SW 147 Ave

Cleanby Corp
Beatriz Justiniano
9359 SW 40th St No 3

Cleaning & Restoration Corp
Ozzie Calzada Jr.
611 Nw 5th Street

Cleo Institute INC
Caroline Alexander Lewis
12915 SW 83rd Ct

Climadata Corp
John Morales
2140 S Dixie Hwy Ste 307

Climate Care Air Conditioning INC
Carmen Vives
15111 SW 140th Pl

Clinomed Inc
Carlos Saade
3271 Nw 7th St Ste 101

Clover Systems LLC
Mabel Olivera
1910 Nw 97th Ave

Cm Electronic Systems LLC
Assadollah Rashidian
6103 Nw 6th Ct

Cmc Contractors LLC
Edgar Martinez
10800 Biscayne Blvd Ste 870

Cme Arma INC
Katherine Owen Yasgar
4500 Nw 36th Ave

Cmh Advisors LLC
Carlos Hondal
1001 Brickell Bay Dr Fl 30

Cng Energy Solutions LLC
Marc Gutman
9130 S Dadeland Blvd Suite 1509

Code Plus Systems INC
Peter Hordern
19311 Sterling Dr

Cognitec Systems Corporation
Roger Kelesoglu
5201 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 800

Coils On Run
Belcher Jones
19240 Nw 23rd Ave

Colbran International LLC
Wilson Victoria
8361 SW 124 Ave Ste 104

Colebrook Syndy V
Syndy Colebrook
4121 Nw 187 St

College Of Business & Technology INC
Ken Kistner
8991 SW 107th Ave Ste 200

Colombian American Service Association INC (casa)
Jessica Reyes
10300 SW 72nd St Ste 387

'Colombian-' . strtoupper('a') . 'merican Chamber Of Commerce Of Greater Miami Inc'
Carlos Alamilla
2305 Nw 107th Ave Ste 1m14 Box #105

Colonial Plumbing Contrac
Antonio Cartelle
12211 SW 132nd Ct

Colson Enterprises LLC
Michael Forenza
6188 Nw 74th Ave

'Com-' . strtoupper('j') . 'et Corp.'
Gustavo Reina
8235 Nw 56 St

Commonwealth Ammunition LLC
Jonathan Mcguire
7315 Ne 1st Pl

Communities In Schools Of Miami INC
Elizabeth Mejia
11965 SW 142nd Ter Ste 102

Community Aids Resource
Keenan Karwan
3510 Biscayne Blvd Fl 3

Community Arts And Culture
Jose Elias
12 Ne 51 Street

Community Habilitation Center Inc
Natalia Wong
11450 SW 79th St

Comprehensive Medical Center (i) INC
Joannis Perdomo
671 Nw 119th St

Compufox Usa Corp.
Monica Orozco
7601 E Treasure Dr Apt 1408

Computer Systems Support INC
Steven Cavendish
5000 SW 75th Ave Unit 301

Concept Elevator Group LLC
Rolando Nieves
8027 Nw 71 Street

Condition Culture LLC
Donya Litowitz
109 Nw 29th St

Constantino G. Mendieta M.d. P.a.
Rafael Vizcarrondo
2310 S Dixie Hwy

Constructive Ideas And Solutions LLC
Gina Velasquez
1315 SW 107 Ave

Cool Start Aviation Inc
Leo Valdes
2299 Nw 108th Ave

'Cool-' . strtoupper('b') . 'reeze Air Conditioning'
Frank Crawley
13120 SW 130th Terr

'Cooper-' . strtoupper('g') . 'eneral Corporation'
Michael Fresco
1785 Nw 79th Ave

Coral Reef Montessori Academy Charter School Inc
Elizabeth Zanaboni
10853 S.w. 216 Street

Corcel Corp.
Rafael Corona
2461 Nw 23rd St

Coresite Real Estate 2115 Nw 22nd Street LLC
Neil Giles
2115 Nw 22nd St

Cornerstone Printer Supplies INC
Blas Prieto
8950 SW 74th Ct Ste 2201

Corporate Caterers Inc
Elda Mcginley
13335 SW 124th St Ste 201

Corporate Satellite Communications/florida INC
Kathy Mcgovern
7007 Nw 32 Ave

Corrales Inspections INC
Modesta Corrales
11401 SW 40th St Ste 260

Council Of Education And Translation Corp
Yolanda Cabrera
8891 SW 142 Ave Apt.812

Countywide Properties Inc
Justine Jimenez Garcia
6431 Coral Way

Coupet Nathalie
Nathalie Coupet
8800 SW 123 Ct Apt401j

Courtyard Marriott Miami Airport West
Gladys Calle
3929 Nw 79th Ave

Courtyard Miami Coconut Grove
Thomas Langone
2649 S Bayshore Dr

Covering Works INC
Cameron Gunn
8915 Ne 9th Ave

Cpu Medics LLC
Adam Rudnick
515 Ne 161st St

Crawford Connection LLC
Natalie Crawford
5601 Nw 7th Ave

Crawford Nace B.
Nace Crawford
2290 SW 26th Ln

Crb Geological & Environmental Services INC
Annette Baddour
8744 SW 133 St

Creative Office Solutions & More INC
Rodney Sullivan
222 Ne 25th St Ste Retail 104

Creative Tax Solutions INC
Sara Calvo
957b SW 87 Ave

Credivalores Usa INC
Luis Gabriel Segura
1101 Brickell Ave Ste 704 S

Critical Power Solutions Group INC
Alexander Azcurra
7845 Nw 57th Street Unit A

Crowe Horwath LLP
Robert Dobis
1395 Brickell Ave Ste 1150

Crown Stone Realty & Property Management LLC
Robert Pore
1555 Ne 127th St

Crp/cardel Dadeland Hotel LLC
Valerie Pagan
7600 N Kendall Dr

Csi Armoring INC
Juan Mundo
8401 Nw 68th St

Ct Solutions South INC
Nelson Rodriguez
1000 Nw 57th Ct Ste 300

Cuban American Bar Association Pro Bono
Lesley Mendoza
2400 South Dixie Highway 2nd Floor

Cubapuentes INC
Silvia Wilhelm
1925 Brickell Ave Ste Th17

Cubartech Miami INC
Charles Rozas
8714 SW 148 Pl

Curia Document Solutions LLC
Lourdes Cox
200 Biscayne Blvd

Cutler Bay Carts LLC
Tim Taylor
19101 SW 108th Ave Ste 3

Cytoserv Corporation
Oswaldo Del Valle
12726 SW 66 Terrace Dr

D & M Trenching
Daniel Ramos
10342 SW 164th Ct

D E Romero Express LLC
German Romero
291 Bal Bay Dr

D M Aircraft Service INC
Desiree Montalvan
1650 Nw 94th Ave

D.a.c. Air Conditioning Corp.
Mario Diaz
12440 SW 128th St # 6

D'andre Insurance Group INC
Carla Dandre
3540 Loquat Ave

D'andre Insurance Services LLC
Carla Dandre
3540 Loquat Ave

Dade County Bar Association Legal Aid Society
Karen Ladis
123 Nw 1st Ave Ste 117

Dade County Expressway Authority
Marie Schafer
3790 Nw 21st St

Dade Pump & Supply Co.
John Delaney
14261 S Dixie Hwy

Dade Sky Trading Company INC
Kevin Lemke
14086 SW 139th Court

Datamyne INC
Brendan Mccahill
703 Waterford Way Ste 200

Dazid Service Inc
Darlin Hernandez
7920 Camino Real

Dclc INC
Junior Caplan
172 W Flagler St Ste 320

Deepstream Designs Inc
Sheila Boyce
2699 Tigertail Ave Apt 54

Delivered For You LLC
Juan Ravelo
444 Brickell Ave Ste 719

Delou Africa INC
Njeri Plato
'212-' . strtoupper('2') . '60 Ne 59th Ter'

Delta International INC
Elena De La Torre
4856 SW 72nd Ave

Depot Electric Corp
Francisco Gonzalez
11500 SW 143rd Ct

Desa Inc
Edward Degroff
3624 Nw 48th Ter

Descartes Systems Usa LLC
Ed Ryan
8200 Nw 33rd St Ste 316

Desoto Translating Services INC
Hernando Soto
8821 SW 6th St

Dial Plumbing Corp
Francisco Fonteboa
9940 SW 22nd St

Diamedix Corporation
Scott Gillespie
2140 N Miami Ave

Diesel Pro Power INC
Ryan Klemen
761 N W 3rd St Suite 100

Dimar International Cargo Corp.
Rafael Marmolejos
8075 Nw 68th St

Direct Quality Service Corp
Michel Oquendo
440 SW 133rd Ct

Disability Independence Group INC
Deborah Dietz
2990 SW 35th Ave

Discount Forklifts Inc
Frank Gonzalez
11950 SW 144th Ct Ste 1

Discount Tire And Auto Service INC
Jose Cueto
13710 SW 8th St Ste D

Diversified Biologicals LLC
Owen Parr
4300 SW 73rd Ave Ste 102

Divine Academy Christian School INC
Gregory Augustin
15395 North Miami Ave

Dj Auto Collision Center Inc
Lashinda Moore
3588 Nw 52nd St

Djont Operations LLC
Gustavo Lima
3974 Nw S River Dr

Dna Counselors Inc
Martin Tracey
4211 SW 109th Ct

Dockside Marine Electronics INC
Peter Skipp
2172 Nw 29th Ave

Doctors Charter School Of Miami Shores
Kathy Borges
11301 Nw 5th Ave

Dogooders Holdings Inc
Ann Kennedy
247 SW 8th St Ste 1029

Dominguez Yohandry
Yohandry Dominguez
15325 SW 106 Ter

Dominican American National Foundation Cdc INC
Mileyka Burgos
1726 Nw 36th St Ste 20

Don Bailey Carpets INC
Deborah Hinson
8300 Biscayne Blvd

Doral Academy INC
Vanessa Mancebo
6361 Sunset Dr

Doral Hotel Enterprise LLC
Juan Quiroz
3265 Nw 107th Ave

Doral City Of
Donald De Lucca
8401 Nw 53rd Ter Ste 100

Double Aa's Concrete Service
Arturo Alonso
11830 SW 19th Ln Apt 184

Doug Fraser LLC
Doug Fraser
7590 SW 56th Ct

Dover Jewelry & Antiques INC
Shabnam Vahabi
169 E Flagler St Ste 1120

Down Under Tank Testing Of Florida INC
William Janotta
16150 SW 173rd Ave

Downtown Miami Charter School Inc
Matthew Gorson
305 Northwest 3rd Ave

Doyle Transportation INC
Judy Doyle
1630 Nw 108th Ave

Dpc General Contractors INC
David Lopez
1860 N.W. 21 Terrace

Dream In Green INC
Karla Utting
3000 Biscayne Blvd Ste 211

Dream Pictures By Jr LLC
Jorge Ramirez
6800 Bird Rd # 291

Droptype INC
Katrina Brickner
613 SW 35th Ave

Ds Services Of America INC
Mike Moffenbier
2779 Nw 112 Avenue

Dsigners Group INC
Paola Ferrer
711 Ne 23rd Ter Apt 302

Dts Support Group LLC
Clifton Riley
7950 Nw 53rd St Ste 337

Duncan Entrance Systems INC
Justin Duncan
8010 Nw 170 Ter

Dunol Construction Management (dcm) LLC
Olabode Ajagbe
9505 SW 136th St

Dva Healthcare Renal Care INC
Christian Bottcher
160 Nw 176th St Ste 100

Dva Renal Healthcare INC
Christian Bottcher
1951 Nw 7th Ave Ste 500

Dwight E Wilson Dds Pa
Dwight Wilson
4301 Nw 7th Ave

E D F Consulting Inc
Erich De La Fuente
801 Brickell Ave 9th Fl

E. Rodriguez Landscaping INC
Esteban Rodriguez
12700 SW 194th Ave

E.n. Range Inc
Thomas Walters
3310 Nw 29th St

E4 Medical Inc
Anthony Corona
10425 SW 154th Ct #3

Eac Consulting INC
Enrique A Crooks
815 Nw 57th Ave Ste 402

Eagles Group LLC
Vincent Bell
20605 Nw 15th
Joan Fleischmann
7204 Ne Miami Ct

Earth Learning
Mario Yanez
10300 SW 72nd St Ste 304

Ebs Engineering INC
Benjamin Essien
4715 Nw 157 St Ste 202

Eccs Florida LLC
Albert Mendez
12263 SW 27th St

Eco Solution Group LLC
Winifred Browne
312 N.e. 55 Terrace

Ecokap Technologies LLC
Paul King
888 Biscayne Blvd Ste 301

Economic Electric Motors INC
Al Batlle
4075 Nw 79th Ave

Educate Tomorrow Corp
Brett Mcnaught
1717 N Bayshore Dr Ste 203

Ehdoc Pepper Towers Limited Partnership
Elena Ripley
2350 Nw 54th St

Ehdoc Robert Sharp Towers Ii LP
Elena Ripley
115 N W 202nd Ter

Ehdoc Stanley Axlrod Tower Charitable Corporation
Elena Ripley
1809 Brickell Ave

El Chinchorro Farm Corp
Maria Morejon
13250 SW 189 Ave

El Mikimbin Corp
Gilberto Reyes
2666 Tiger Tail Ave Apt 202

El Toro Exterminator Of Florida INC
Renny Perez
1460 Nw 107th Ave #1

Electrical Alliance Corporation
Luis Ponce
7904 SW 146th Ct

Elite Tech Management LLC
Alexis Hernandez
17880 Ne 31st Ct

Embassy Medical Centers Inc
Alejandro Pina
550 SW 115th Ave. C10

Emc Trading Inc
Edison Cunha
13701 SW 147th Ave

Emerging Markets Communications LLC
Brendan Mahoney
777 Brickell Ave Ste 1150

Empower U Incorporated
Vanessa Mills
'7900 Nw 27 Ave Ste E-' . strtoupper('1') . '2'

Emra LLC
Mike King
650 West Ave Apt 2407

Emuna Construction LLC
Mendel Gorin
21332 W Dixie Hwy

Engineered Control Systems INC
John Pittaluga
5627 Nw 74th Ave

Ennovva INC
Ludwig Rey
1101 Brickell Avenue S800

Entopsis LLC
Obdulio Piloto
601 West 20th St

Environmental Management Conservation Oil Corp.
Maria Leon
8470 N W 68th St

Epic Consultants INC
Alfredo Moran
9181 SW 140th St.

Epic Hotel LLC
Kathleen Cal-manani
270 Biscayne Boulevard Way

Epilepsy Foundation Of Florida INC
Karen Egozi
1200 N 78th Ave Ste 400

Epta Solutions LLC
Gregory Bruce
261 Ne 1st Street 5th Floor

Equipment Traders INC
Garfield Simpson
4715 Nw 72nd Ave Ste 2

Equus Connection LLC
Maria Sanz-vega
6401 SW 125th Ave

Erdman Video Systems Inc
Carlos Lorenzo
8895 SW 129th St

Ergoactives LLC
Bernardo Birnbaum
3212 Ne 211 Ter

Ergomedic Usa INC
Alain Laferriere
19380 Collins Ave Ste 1608

Esa P Portfolio Operating Lessee LLC
Nancy Smith
8655 Nw 21st Ter

Estevez Christopher L.
Christopher Estevez
8800 SW 149th St

Etemba LLC
Phung Le
2679 Tigertail Ave Apt G

'Euro-' . strtoupper('a') . 'merica Translations INC'
Maria Lamigueiro-espinel
12245 SW 18th Ter

European Car Sales Of America INC
Peter Kilissanly
3850 S Dixie Hwy

Eventstar Structures Corporation
Kristian Lightbourne
8150 Nw 90 St Ste B

Everett Productions LLC
Everett Sentmanat
2988 SW 11th St

Eves House Incorporated
Tanika Muslar
3911 Nw 172nd Terr

Evl Productions Inc
Red Shostak
2345 Nw 2nd Ave

Ewc Trading Services LLC
Patrick Maritato
9667 Nw 33rd St

Excellent Fruit & Produce Inc
Enrique Torres
1762 Nw 21st Ter

Exotic Agronomics Enterprises Inc
Hugo Perera
13030 Nw 8th St

Expedition Lines Corp
Anaibis Solano
7238 SW 94th Pl Apt D8

Expo Convention Contractors INC
Richard Curran
15959 Nw 15th Ave

Expocredit LLC
Daniel Uribe
1450 Brickell Ave Ste 2660

Express Copiers INC
Jose Fernandez
13130 SW 128th St Unit 7

F R Aleman & Associates INC
Yvette Aleman
10305 Nw 41st St Ste 200

F R Aleman & Associates INC
Yvette Aleman
10305 Nw 41st St Ste 200

Fabas Consulting Int'l INC
Carlos Ruiz
3529 Nw 115th Ave

Factory Direct Solutions INC
Leonel Porras
5805 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 285

Fair Play Inc
Barbara Dabney
13870 W Dixie Hwy

Fairway Property Investors Lllp
Alan Levine
1110 Brickell Ave Ste 700

Fairwind Sunglasses Trading Co Inc
Auden Lin
8301 Biscayne Blvd

Fajardo Air Conditioning Contractor INC
Roberto Fajardo
588 Mokena Dr

Falck Southeast Ii Corp.
Michael Arguelles
6605 Nw 74th Ave

Falco Cargo Corp
James Gutierrez
5567 Nw 72 Av

'Falquez-' . strtoupper('d') . 'iaz Investments Company'
Chris Falquez
16316 SW 103rd Ter

Family & Children Faith Coalition Inc
Yvonne Sawyer
5911 West Flagler St

Family Builders Usa. Inc
Leonor Linero
12420 SW 94th Ln

Family Christian Association Of America Inc
Richard Chisholm
14701 Nw 7th Ave

Farmer Fred LLC
Alfredo Corrales
9371 Dominican Dr

Fast Access Security Corp.
Sara Bahar
6929 Nw 52nd St

Fast Interior Services Inc
Jose Ibarra
7911 Nw 72nd Ave Ste 201 B

Fastiktech LLC
Pedro Grave De Peralta
8401 Nw 8th St Apt 405

Fed Defense LLC
Erman Demirbozan
8575 Nw 54th St

Federal Prison Industries Inc
William Banner
15801 SW 137th Ave

Feel Good Custom Shoes LLC
Conrell Proctor, Iii
1393 SW 1st St Ste 211

Felix Varela High School Navy Jrotc
Eduardo Lowe
15255 SW 96 St

Fernandez Guillermo
Guillermo Fernandez
10400 SW 172 St

Fiallo S Mep Design Inc
Jorge Fiallo
10010 SW 83rd St

Filmart Productions Corp
Fernando Romero
8303 SW 144th Ct

Fiplex Communications INC
Elizabeth Gonzalez
7331 Nw 54th St

Fire Alarm Specialists
Susan Charlton
13200 SW 128th Street F3

Fire And Security Systems Specialists INC
Rolando Garcia
636 SW 31st Ave

Flamingo Oil Corporation to Noble Distributing

Flamingo Oil Corporation
Sharon Dolitsky
205 Ne 179 St

Flamingo Park Kidney Center INC
Craig Schweikart
7815 Coral Way

Fleetpro Ocean Inc
Christian Lund
4770 Biscayne Blvd Ph A

Floor Play LLC
Jhon Suarez
20324 Ne 16th Pl

Flooring Kingdom Inc
Javier Cabrera
7118 Nw 72nd Ave

Flora Tech Plantscapes Inc
Sharon Urscheler
17010 SW 184th St

Florida Dance Association Inc
Cindy Hennessy
111 5th Ave Ste 202

Florida Education Institute Inc
Ramon Valenti
5818 SW 8th St

Florida Education Institute Inc
Ramon Valenti
5818 SW 8th St

Florida Education Institute Inc
Ramon Valenti
5818 SW 8th St

Florida Elderly Housing INC
Dinah Thiel
21850 SW 103rd Ct

Florida Family Partnership Inc
Peggy Sapp
2490 Coral Way Ste 501

Florida Fire Safety Inc
Mirta Morales
13605 SW 149th Ave Unit 10

Florida Funeral Home & Crematory INC
Ken Adair
1495 Nw 17th Ave

Florida Grand Opera INC
Susan Danis
8390 Nw 25th St

Florida Home Bound Medical Mental Health
Carol Biggs-owens
1400 Northeast 125th St

Florida Immigrant Coalition INC
Maria Rodriguez
2800 Biscayne Blvd Ste 800

Florida International Bankers Association Inc
Gustavo Guevara
80 SW 8th St Ste 2505

Florida International University
Ronald Lorenzana
11200 SW 8th Street Pc 120

Florida Lions Eye Bank Inc
Elizabeth Fout-caraza
900 Nw 17th St

Florida Mediation Group Inc
Allene Nicholson
44 W Flagler St Fl 19

Florida Memorial University
John Berry
15800 Nw 42 Ave

Florida Service Computers Corp.
Hartlen Andre
19 West Flagler St Ste 316

Floridesco LLC
Marco Burgos
8603 S Dixie Hwy Ste 301

Flowers Baking Co. Of Miami LLC
Willie Prince
1780 Nw Miami Ct

Flying Classroom LLC
Barrington Irving
19301 W Saint Andrews Dr

Flying P Inc
Robert Plaster
8328 Nw 30th Ter

Focus Litigation Consulting LLC
Geri Satin
325 S Biscayne Blvd Ste 2326

Focus Usa Microscope Service
Norman Marcus
1835 Ne Miami Garden Dr Unit 238

Foods For Life Network Inc
Hudes Desrameaux
3510 Biscayne Blvd Fl 3

Forward Systems Group Inc
Enrique Laverde
1909 Nw 79th Ave

Foster Construction Of South Florida INC
Adrian Foster
610 Nw 183rd St Ste 205

Foundation For Human Rights In Cuba INC
Yvonne Mckinley
1312 SW 27th Ave

Frank's Lawn Service Inc
Frank Autorino
13150 SW 124th Ave

Fraser Patsie
Patsie Fraser
12741 SW 69 Terr

Freedom Fresh LLC
Alan Apritz
8901 Nw 33 St Ste 100

Fresh Start Of Miami Dade Inc
Annie Louis
18441 Nw 2nd Ave Ste 106

Friedman Bros Decorative Arts
Clifford Poole
9015 Nw 105th Way

Friendly John Inc
Mario Verdeja Jr
2122 Nw 7th Ave

Friends Of Lubavitch Of Florida INC
Benzion Korf Korf
1140 Alton Road

Friends Of Wlrn Inc
Jorge Perez Alvarez
169 E Flagler St Ste 1400

Francisco Rodriguez
605 W Flagler St

Fruit Cactus Corp
Lidice Travieso
1460 SW 143 Pl

Ftl 500 Corp
Kim Burns
'290 Nw 165th St M-' . strtoupper('4') . '00'

Full Cover Roofing Systems Inc
Karin Valle
12973 SW 112th St # 352

'Fund Ix-' . strtoupper('b') . 'lue Lagoon LLC'
Duanne Jordan
5835 Nw Blue Lagoon Dr

Fundacion Colombo Americanos Unidos INC
Alfred Santamaria
12420 SW 94th Ln

Fundaconciencia Inc
Luis Homes
3250 Ne 1st Ave. Ste 305

G & S Instrument Inc
Stephanie Baglin
8190 Nw 31st St

G N D Millwork Corp
Noel Gonzalez
13285 SW 131st St

G S Mechanical INC
William Suau
2140 SW 80th Ct

G.e.c. Associates INC
Luis Enriquez
9487 Nw 12th St

G.i.p. Construction Management INC
Gustave Perez
730 Nw 107th Ave Ste 214

G.m. Selby INC
Marina Zadikoff
7408 SW 48th St

G2g Foundation INC
Stepheon Weech
412 Nw 47th St

Gaedeke Holdings LTD.
Kirk Fetter
150 W Flagler St Ste 2825

Gamax Consulting Inc
Claudia Gabuardi
14734 SW 52nd Ter

Gamry Enterprises Inc
Amaury Riquene
13407 SW 56 St

Gannett Fleming INC
Jon Kessler
7300 Nw 19th St Ste 701

'Gar-' . strtoupper('p') . ' Industries Inc'
Jorge Garcia
10890 Nw South River Dr

Garrison's Prosthetic Service Inc
Kevin Garrison
17184 Ne 19th Ave

Gator Green Acres LTD
Lisha Miller
1595 Ne 163rd

Gatz Larry Photography
William Gatz
900 Ne 89th Street

General Mro Aerospace Inc
Irene Fernandez
3064 Nw 72nd Ave

General Oceanics INC
Regis Cook
1295 Nw 163rd St

General Power Limited INC
John Cortiella
1350 Nw 78th Ave

Georgie's Paradise Co.
Sandra Sauma
20300 SW Krome Ave

Geotechnical Marine Corp
Jorge Sainz
9939 Nw 89th Ave Unit 1

Gerdts Bi LLC
Wilhelm Gerdts
3131 Ne 188th St No. 2806

Gersten & Muir P.a.
Jane Muir
2601 Biscayne Boulevard

Gestion Environment About Recycling Sustainable Inc
Isadora Vizcaino
3250 Mary St Ste 100

Get Credit Healthy INC
Elizabeth Karwowski
25 Se 2nd Ave Ste 828

Get Scholarship Ready Corp
Lakisha Gray
3450 Nw 213 St

Fanny Hanono
4810 Nw 74th Ave

Gg & Dd Janitorial Services
Cheryl Evans Evans
1371 Nw 87th St

Ghg Associates LLC
Genita Garcia
9428 SW 164 Court

David Mendenhall
7510 Miami View Dr

Giraldos Property Maintenance #1 Corp
Elsy Giraldo
10960 SW 89th Ter

Giving Assistance To Promote Progress INC
David Mahon
754 Opa Locka Blvd

Glendale Missionary Baptist Church Inc
Fiona Woods
14580 SW 117th Ave

Glf Construction Corporation
Francesco Senis
80 SW 8th St Ste 2201

Global Chemco Corp
Noe Aguilar
5591 Nw 72nd Ave

Global Mind Usa LLC
Gabriela Trench
250 Nw 23th Street Suite 212

Global Security Inc
Gregory Coury
12491 SW 134th Ct Ste 26

Global Security Products Inc
Steven Schwartz
16115 SW 117th Ave Ste A2

Globalia Rent Management LLC
Marian Mozota
2875 Ne 191st St Ste 500

Globenet International Corp.
Manuel Vibanco
4995 Nw 72nd Ave Ste 303

Go 2 Guy LLC
Xavier Miranda
13550 SW 192nd St

Golden Sands General Contractors INC
Glenn Garnowski
2500 Nw 39th St Ste 102

Golf Car & Utility Vehicle Distributors LLC
Raymond Grobelny
13551 SW 132nd Ave

Golten Service Company INC
Paul Pedersen
2323 Ne Miami Ct

Gomez Caridad
Caridad Gomez
10805 Nw 22nd St

Gonart Investments LTD.
Alphonso Gonzales
9255 SW 97th Terrace

Gonzales Exporting Corp.
Yolanda Mena Gonzalez
12235 SW 128th St Ste 207

Gonzalez Gricel
Gricel Gonzalez
10115 SW 23 Ter

Goulds Coalition Of Ministers And Lay People Inc
Willie Wright
11500 SW 220th St

Gourmet Kosher Distribution LLC
Jennifer Ross
500 Ne 185th St Unit 11

Goverlan INC
Judy Lee
2655 S Le Jeune Rd Ste 1001

Government Business Development LLC
Evelio Ley
555 Ne 34th St Apt 2406

Government Business Solutions LLC
Lourdes Martinrosa
7400 SW 50th Ter Ste 201

Govmart LLC
Tomas Pascual
2271 Ne 203rd Ter

Govpay Network LLC
Tony Garay
12855 SW 132 Street Suite 204

Grace Center Church
Edwin Servius
20377 Ne 15th Ct

Graduate Plastics INC
Elizabeth Faller
15800 Nw15th Ave

Grain Machinery Mfg Corp
Cary Dieguez
1130 Nw 163rd Drive

Grand Health Institute
Roya Arabi
1717 N Bayshore Dr Ste 217

Great Chefs Of America Inc
Robert Benezra
2200 Nw 72nd Ave

Greater Miami Courier Service
Alfredo Lopez
15607 SW 62nd St

Greater Miami Youth Symphony Of Dade County Florida INC
Milton Laufer
5275 Sunset Dr

Greater South Dade South Miami Kendall Chamber Of Commerce
Mary Russell
6410 SW 80th St

Greater St. Paul A.m.e. Church INC
Renita Samuels-dixon
3680 Thomas Ave

Greatrex Global Learning LLC
Andrew Greatrex
777 Brickell Ave Ste 500

Grograb LLC
Jesus Guijarro
1776 SW 16th Ter

Ground Logistics & Transportations INC
Giovanni Navarrete
4995 Nw 72nd Ave Ste 200

Grove Technical Resources Inc
Debra Polister
2842 Shipping Ave

Grupo Internacional Para La Re
Jose Collado
8500 SW 8th St Ste 266

Gsa Worldwide Services Corporation
Edward Holman
1900 N Bayshore Dr 3517

Gulfstream Air Charter Inc
Maritza Machado
545 Nw 42nd Ave

Gulfstream Petroleum Services INC
Mark Watson
170 S E 14th St #2305

Gun Ammunition Protection Defense Systems LLC
Alvaro Quintana
8342 Southwest 148th Ave

Gurri Matute P.a.
Daphne Matute
5001 SW 74th Ct Ste 208

H & E Development LLC
Rene Fernandez
561 SW 2nd St Ste 103

H. A. Contracting Corp.
Henry Angelo Iii
9500 Nw 12th St Ste 1

H.g. Construction Development And Investment INC
Hilario Gonzalez
7570 SW 77th Ave

Haber & Sons Inc
Jose Haber
4106 Nw 37th Ave

Habitat For Humanity Of Greater Miami INC
Gregory Brown
3800 Nw 22nd Ave

Haiku Tech Inc
Martin De Moya
1669 Nw 79th Ave

Haitian American Historical Society Inc
Daniel Fils-aime
645 Ne 127 St

Haitian Heritage Museum Corp.
Eveline Pierre
4141 Ne 2nd Ave Ste 105c

Haitian Neighborhood Center Sant La Inc
Gepsie Metellus
5000 Biscayne Blvd Ste 110

Haitian Women Of Miami
Marleine Bastien
181 Ne 82 St Ste 101

Hallmarc Inc
Marc Hall
21880 SW 129th Ave

'Handicapped Driver Services-' . strtoupper('f') . 'lorida INC'
Scott Sorenson
8415 SW 129 Terr

Handle Like Eggs Productions LLC
Oscar Graterol
3020 SW 28 St

Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics INC
Sheryl Price
10300 SW 72nd St Ste 430

Hangmen Inc
Jim Flowers
4546 SW 75th Ave

Harper's Air INC
Steve Simm
1031 SW 69 Ave

Harris Audio Systems Inc
Michael Harris
1962 Ne 149th St

Haspil Joelle
Joelle Haspil
1581 Brickell Ave Apt 206

Hbc Engineering Company
Adebayo Coker
13155 SW 134th St Ste 207

Headings Establishment LLC
Cynthia Headings
2983 Nw 69th Ter

Health Choice Network Of Florida INC
Terisa James
9064 Nw 13 Ter

Health Choice Network INC
Terisa James
9064 Nw 13th Terrace

Health Coalition INC
Walter Shikany Iii
8320 Nw 30th Ter

Health Council Of South Florida INC
Marisel Losa
8095 Nw 12 St Ste 300

Health District Hotel Partners LLC
Thomas Langone
1311 Nw 10th Ave

Health Foundation Of South Florida INC
Steven Marcus
2 S Biscayne Blvd Ste 1710

'Healthy Start Coalition Of Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade INC'
Manuel Fermin
7205 Nw 19th St Ste 500

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics INC
Mary Ensch
10450 Doral Blvd

Helping Hands Community Resource Distribution Center Inc
Demetres Parrish
14310 Nw 16th Ct

Helping Hands Resource Center INC
Marionette Stark
15630 Nw 2nd Ct

Henry's Dry Cleaning
Curtis Lawrence
9945 W Hibiscus St

Heritage Nh LLC
Dawn Wozniak
2201 Ne 170th St

Hermes Technical International INC
Jose Ugas
7872 Nw 57th St

Hernandez Rodolfo L
Rodolfo Hernandez
11098 SW 142 Place

Hialeah Elderly Housing INC
Dinah Thiel
8160 SW 210th St

Highland Food Resources INC
Sandra Ruballo
1021 Ives Dairy Rd Ste 214

Hillusa Corporation
Ernesto Ackerman
7215 Nw 46th St

Hines Vaf Ii Doral LP
Jorge Barbontin
3750 Nw 87th Ave Ste 210

Hispanic Coalition Inc
Marlene Arribas
5659 W Flagler St

Hj Foundation Company
Jose Delgado
8275 Nw 80th St

Hmc Helicopter Service Inc
Gary Freeman
14532 SW 129th St

Hnm Stainless LLC
Noe Roitman
20855 Ne 16th Ave Ste C15

Hochman M Seth Md Pa Inc
M. Seth Hochman Md
8600 SW 92nd St Ste 107

Hoffman Joanna B
Joanna Hoffman
9507 SW 118 Court

Holiday Inn Express
Linda Camarena
8436 Nw 36th St

Holocaust Memorial Committee Inc
Sharon Horowitz
1933 Meridian Ave

Holt Anatomical INC
Debra Holt
233 Nw 36th St

Holy Comforter Episcopal Church
Malcolm Briggs
150 SW 13th Ave

Holy Comforter Senior Housing Inc
Malcolm Briggs
190 SW 13th Ave Apt 101

Holy Cross Lutheran Church & School
Dennis Bartels
650 Ne 135th St

Hope Foundation For Women & Children Of Banglade
Iftikher Mahmood
16401 Nw 2nd Ave Ste 202

Hospeq Inc
Ahmed Zaki
7454 SW 48th St

Host Marriott LP
Robyn Moo Young
1633 N Bayshore Dr

Hotel Connections INC
Xianyin Wang
6100 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 310

Housing Opportunities Project For Excellence In
Keenya Robertson
11501 Nw 2nd Ave

Hsa Enterprises INC
Maurice Vaz
9350 S Dixie Hwy Ste 1470

Hyatt Corporation
Elizabeth Wilde
117 Nw 42nd Ave Apt 814

Hybrid Healthcare Staffing Agency LLC
Adetutu Ajagbe
9505 SW 136th Street

Hygienics Industries Inc
Marie Brier
3968 194th Trl

Hypoint Systems INC
William Grenfell
17117 SW 146 Ct

I. F. Multicultural Interactive Solutions LLC
Jose Ortega
1101 Brickell Ave Ste 400

Iag Engine Center LLC
Mauricio Luna
6929 Nw 46 St

Ibiley Manufacturing Corp
Efrain Valdes Jr
1927 W Flagler St

Ice Cream Distributors Of Florida LLC
Pedro Diaz
8055 Nw 90 St

Idea Team Work LLC
Martha Gonzales
8725 Nw 18th Ter Ste 404

Ifone INC
Joseph Stewart
3919 Braganza Ave

Indigo Service Corporation
Ricardo Fernandez
1900 SW 3rd Ave Ste 800

Industrial Communications And Electronics INC
Maggie Rosenthal
350 Nw 215th St

Industrial Galvanizers Miami
Silvia Hernandez
3350 Nw 119th St

Industrial Goods & Equipment LLC
Maria Esswein
10155 Collins Ave # 509

Infectious Disease Physicians Pa
Faith Levine
7800 SW 87th Ave Steb260

Infinite Herbs LLC
Gregorio Berliavsky
7953 Nw 21st St

Infinity Enterprises Inc
Hector Valdes
3975 Nw 4 St

Inflamacore Limited Liability Company
Robert Keane
1600 Nw 10th Ave

Inflatable Design Works Corporation
Richard Desaulniers
13350 SW 131st St Unit 106

Inkpressions Inc
Albert Diaz
6826 Nw 77th Ct

Innovative Technologies Aeg INC
Eduardo Lima
15800 Nw 49th Avenue

Institute For Regional Conservation
Craig Van Der Heiden
22601 SW 152nd Ave Apt A

Integene International LLC
Keith Webster
555 Ne 34th St Apt 2505

Integrated Grants Solutions LLC
Abdel El Bacha
465 Brickell Ave #5103

Integrated Science And Asian Culture Academy Inc
Elizabeth Kakouris
6340 Sunset Dr

Integrity Janitorial Service Corp.
Muareen James
10871 SW 188th St Unit 21

Intelligent Hearing Systems Corp.
Edward Miskiel
6860 SW 81st St

'Inter-' . strtoupper('a') . 'merican Security Products Inc'
Jonathan Katon
12201 SW 128 Ct Ste 104

Interactive Blue Communications LLC
Jose Escandell
4144 SW 70th Ct

Interamerican Hotels Corp.
Yonne Mendez
270 Ne Four St

Intercoastal Air LLC
Eliav Elbaz
20250 Ne 15th Ct

Interlink Group Professional Services INC
M Sherman
13615 S Dixie Hwy Ste 500

International Aerospace Group Corp.
Mauricio Luna
6929 Nw 46th St

International Bonded Couriers INC
Richard Crai
8401 Nw 17th St

International Business And Trade LLC
Hodana Rodriguez
1200 Brickell Ave Ste 1700

International Data Consultants INC
Dennis Deblois
13302 SW 128th St

International Data Consultants INC
Dennis Deblois
13302 SW 128th St

International Electrical Sales Corp.
Juan Rivera
7540 Nw 66th Street

International Glass & Mirror INC
Gino Baranello
7234 Nw 70th St

International Studies Charter High School
Elizabeth Kakouris
6361 Sunset Dr

International Training Careers Inc
Jason Teich
7360 Coral Way Ste 31

Interpflow Corporation
Mariela Monreal
5201 Blue Lagoon Dr Fl 8

Interprise Usa Corp.
Victoria Moraes
10400 Nw 33 St Ste 140

Intervista Institute
Robert Mazerolle
'1000 5th St Ste 200-' . strtoupper('d') . '7'

Intratab Labs INC
Rudy Emmelot
424 Hunting Lodge Dr

Invermel LLC
Armando Melgarejo
690 SW 1st Ct # 2919

Isabel Solomon
Isabel Salomon
6491 SW 25th St

J & C Network Resource Center INC
Terry Leno
5821 Nw 9th Ave

J & L General Solutions LLC
Lucas Berdugo
13957 SW 44th Lane Cir Apt B

J & M Turcios Investments LLC
Janine Turcios
9753 Nw 45 Ln

J Bonfill And Associates INC
Jacqueline Bonfill Gee
7100 SW 99th Ave Ste 104

J F M Engineering INC
Joseph Mibelli
8030 Nw 67th Street

'J.d.l. Industries-' . strtoupper('m') . 'iami INC'
Jose Lopez
9500 Nw 12th St Bay 6

J.n. Montenegro LLC
Jilla Montenegro
11190 SW 69th Ct

J&a Learning Corp
Aurora Gonzalez
10271 SW 92nd Ter

Jackson Heights Nh LLC
Dawn W0zniak
1404 Nw 22nd St

Jamaica International Female F
Lavern Deer
267 Ne 201 Terr

James Drain
James Drain
880 Ne 69th St Apt 12q

Jarer Biostrat Inc
Edward Robinson
11205 SW 114 Lane Cir

Jasper Enterprises INC
Eric Sweet
1366 Nw 54th St

Jci International INC
Julio Martinez
12315 SW 132 Ct

Jd Future Enterprises INC
Justin Omanoff
20533 Biscayne Blvd

Jet Aviation Components & Aircraft International
Luz Hernandez
19597 Ne 10th Ave

Jet Aviation Specialists INC
Michael Beltran
3373 Nw 107th St

Jetair Support Inc
Adelino Martins
2557 Nw 74th Ave

Jms Equipments Nursery Corp
Juan Santos
7864 SW 157th Pl

Jmw Group Foundation Nonprofit Public Charity Corporation
John Wasylenko
1111 Brickell Ave 11th Floor

Jockey Club Iii Association INC
Juan Aluma
11111 Biscayne Boulevard

Joe's Custom Wood Finishing LLC
Joel Lopez
3131 SW 26th St

Johnstek INC
Scott Johnston
3625 Nw 82nd Ave Ste 407

Jorman Body Shop Inc
Jorge Marquez
10475 SW 186th Ln

Jorrin Construction Management Co
Gonzalo Jorrin
5905 SW 28th St

Jsm Marine LLC
Jorge Suarez Murias
5045 SW 65 Ave

Judiciary Courts Of State Of Florida
Katherine Fernandez Rundle Rundle
1350 Nw 12th Ave

Jump Outt Records
Dwight White
18931 Nw 7th Ct

Jurecic Roland
Roland Jurecic
1600 Nw 10th Ave

Just In Time Services INC
Ingrid Feijoo
11380 Nw 34th St

Jva Engineering Contractor Inc
Jose Alvarez
6600 Nw 32nd Ave

Jw Marriott Hotel Miami
Alberto Najar
1109 Brickell Ave

'K-' . strtoupper('b') . 'rand Distributors INC'
Ayal Weis
590 Ne 185th St

Kalotech Incorporated
Braunwyn Windham-burke
3550 Biscayne Blvd Ste 401

Kappata Sigma Fraternity
Seandra Pennie
2262 Nw 103st

Kar Industries Corp
Ralph Suarez
7910 Nw 66th St

Karibe Mechanical Service LLC
Carlos Fernandez
13275 SW 136 St Bay 22

Kaufman Rossin & Co P.a. (inc)
Kara Sharp
2699 S Bayshore Dr Ste 500

Kd Construction & Consulting I
Hector Didonato
7085 SW 47th St

Kendall Auto Parts Inc
Ted Cunningham
8830 SW 129 St

Kenny Nachwalter P.a.
Michael Nachwalter
201 S Biscayne Blvd Ste 1100

Key Lime Interactive LLC
Ania Rodriguez
8750 Nw 36th St

Keystone Restoration INC
Alberto Pinedo
28 W Flagler St Ste 1013

Kidding Around INC
Chavania Broussard
17620 Nw 40th Ave

Kids Learning Center Iii
Angela Verdugo
10825 SW 184th St

Kids Learning Center Of South Dade Inc
Angela Verdugo
11500 Quail Roost Dr

Kids Small World Inc
Carlos Rios
3360 W Flagler St

Kiily's Kids Incorporated
Tamika Jones
2451 Nw 79th St

Kilby Electric Co.
Robin Wilson
18720 SW 107th Ave

King Youth Foundation
Antonio King
13320 Nw 18th Ct

Kings College Tours Inc
Antonio King
13320 Nw 18th Ct

Kiomex LLC
Irene Chizmar
8435 Nw 72 St

Kirk St LLC
Philip Stienstra
1550 Brickell Ave Ste 205b

Knockout Zone Inc
Diego De Vera
301 Nw 54th St

Knowles Animal Clinic Pa Inc
David Wise
1000 Nw 27th Ave

Koa Building Service
James Joo
4572 Nw 114th Ave #1310

Koncentra Usa Corp
German Pena
13551 SW 135th Ave Ste 302

Kristi House INC
Dawn Thompson
1265 Nw 12th Ave

Kwik Kool Air Conditioning INC
Gloria Diaz-carney
14024 SW 140th St

L G Property Maintenance
Lazaro Ravelo
2258 Nw 78th St

La Progresiva Presbyterian School Inc
Ailynn Hernandez
2480 Nw 7 St INC
Jay Grossman
10100 Nw 116th Way Ste 1

Land And Sea Equipment Corporation
Jon Simpkins
4401 SW 160th Ct

Landmark Aviation Miami LLC
Ted Hamilton
5700 Nw 36th St

Landmark Field Services LLC
William Gonzalez
2520 Coral Way #2087

Languagespeak Inc
Annette Taddeo-goldstein
5975 Sunset Dr Ste 803

Larkin Health Sciences Institute INC
Gary Levin
5996 SW 70th St Fl 5

Larry Benovitz Md Pa
Larry Benovitz M.d.
20801 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 403

Latamscience LLC
Edmundo Stahl
2151 S Le Jeune Rd Ste 307

Latin Force Group LLC
David Mesas
2100 W Flagler St # 2

Latin Inc
Joel Bary
20900 Ne 30th Ave Ste 200

Latinos United
Juana Vargas
3321 Nw 17th Ave

Laurenz & Vogel Inc
Priscila Andino
10540 Nw 26th St Ste G303

Lawn Maintenance Associates INC
Laurent Rabbat
222 189 Ter

Le Fer Forge Incorporated
Chris Scarano
4629 SW 74th Ave

Leadership Learning Center At Saint John Bosco
Mirta Fuentes
1366 Nw 1st St

Leading Edge Realtime Reporting Inc
Patricia Diaz
1101 SW 93rd Ave

Leeder Group Inc
Philip Webster
8508 Nw 66th Street

Legal Services Of Greater Miami INC
Marcia Cypen
3000 Biscayne Blvd Ste 500

Lego Construction Co.
Luis Garcia
280 SW 20th Rd Ste 506

Lemartec Engineering & Construction Corporation
Manny Garcia-tunon
11740 SW 80th St Fl 3

Leo A Daly Company
Kurt Ubbelohde
5200 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 700

Leymo Trading Corporation
Marianela Guzman
2000 Nw 95th Ave

Lh Fernando LLC
Ricardo Perez
901 SW 5th St

Liberty Suppliers LLC
Yio Selva
8265 Nw 66th St

Liebler Gonzalez & Portuondo
Juan Gonzalez
44 W Flagler St Ste 2500

Lifeline Inflatable Services Inc
Lee Gillette
1590 Nw 159th St

Lift Aerospace Corp
Michael Herrera
7164 Nw 50th St

'Linda R Ruiz-' . strtoupper(' ') . 'Laverty'
Linda Ruiz- Laverty
12390 Southwest 94th Ln

Linus Pharma Inc
Mark Rogers
41219 Fisher Dr

Lithografikos LLC
Zac Hall
8850 SW 129th Ter

Litmus Quality Assurance LLC
Brandon Gadson
905 Nw 97th Ave Suite 303

Little Haiti Housing Assoc Inc
Samuel Diller
181 Ne 82nd St 1nd Floor

Little Marvels Art LLC
Marta Taborga
11340 Nw 52nd Ln

Live Aerospace INC
Janet Ayo
7205 Nw 68 St Bay #11

Llorens Pharmaceuticals International Division
Jose Hernandez
6852 Nw 77th Ct

Lm3c Construction Corp
Lilia Mendoza
5431 SW 4th St

Lmh Hawthorne Healthcare INC
Louis Hernandez
2670 SW 76th Ave

Log Cabin Enterprises Inc
James Weeks
9040 Sunset Dr

Longeveron LLC
Suzanne Page
1951 Nw 7th Ave Ste 300

Lore Earley LLC
Lore Earley
11353 SW 69 Ct

Louis Berger Group Domestic Inc
Thomas Lewis
1150 Nw 72nd Ave Ste 350

Louis Berger Group INC
Thomas Lewis
Airport Executive Tower 1 1150 Nw 72nd Ave Ste 350

Loumar Enterprises INC
Marcelo Fanjul
815 Nw 57 Ave Ste 300

Lovables INC
Elizabeth Silverman
860 Ne 79th St #b

Lq Management LLC
Ladonna Corker
7925 Nw 154th St

Lee Ryder
6187 Nw 167th St Ste H10

Lta Import & Export Inc
Eric Diaz
14331 SW 120th Street Ste 203

Lubavitch Center Aventura South INC
Menachem Rosenfeld
18460 Ne 30th Ct

Lubavitch Educational Center INC
Benzion Korf
17330 Nw 7th Ave Ste 700

Ludeca INC
Alan Luedeking
1425 Nw 88th Ave

Lulac National Educational Service Centers INC
Richard Royabl
14750 SW 26th Street Suite 201

Lumenlux & Associates INC
Alexandra Castro
1355 Nw 93rd Ct Ste A105

Lumilum LLC
Michael Meiser
12060 SW 129 Ct Ste 101

Lummus Park Manor Apts
Adrian Tilley
350 Nw 2nd St

Lunacon Engineering Group Corp.
Patricia Bonilla
16890 S Dixie Hwy

Lurim Technologies INC
Manuel Toledo
9745 SW 72nd St Ste 104

M & E Laws Corporation
Andrea Obas
927 Ne 199th St Ste 108

M & S Media INC
Chuck Kessler
901 S. Miami Ave.

M A G Construction Inc
Argelio Malagon
7812 SW 34th Terr

M C O Construction And Services Inc
Elizabeth Mcneill
6600 Nw 27th Ave 208

M C T Express INC
Bob Beers
2766 Nw 62nd St

M Ensemble Co
Shirley Richardson
744 Ne 125th St

M Network INC
Thom Mozloom
7390 Ne 4th Court Suite #101

Mackinnon Group LLC
Jill Mackinnon
6041 SW 82 St

Mactown INC
Joshua Cones
151 Ne 62nd St

Magbagbeola Olalekan B
Olalekan Magbagbeola
15399 Ne 6th Ave Apt A311

Magnum Aircraft Repair Services INC
Sean Mcginn
13945 SW 139th Ct

Magnum Sheet Metal INC
William Murphy
7470 Nw 68th St

Malik Padgett P.a.
Malik Padgett
7875 SW 104th St Ste 101

Mantony Corp.
Frank Cabrera
810 SW 69th Ave

Mar's Contractors INC
Marcus Riggins
13350 SW 131st St Unit 103

Marco's International INC
Mario Sarmiento
21432 SW 86th Place

Marf Group LLC
Hector Rodriguez
3940 Nw 57 Pl

Marlin Motors Inc
Vydesh Ramjit
10716 SW 188th St

Marlin Plumbing Of Miami INC
Theresa Mccreery
20145 Ne 16th Pl

Mars Community Development Corporation
Brenda Hill Riggins
13303 SW 135 Avenue

Marti Productions Inc
George Mattox Mattox
9137 Fountainebleau Blvd Ste 7

Martinez Antonio M
Antonio Martinez
2600 SW 27 Ave # Ph6

Mason Kara Margit
Kara Mason
667 Ne 69th St

Mass Group INC
Reuven Cohen
8345 Nw 66st #5026

Master Concessionair LLC
Pedro Amaro Jr
5727 Nw 7th St Ste 97

Master Granite Corp.
Carlos Castilla
13980 SW 172nd Ter

Master Mechanical Services Inc
Joann Pinna
15181 Nw 33 Pl

Master Translating Services Inc
Martha Cordero Esquivel
10651 N Kendall Dr Ste 220

Matter Wave Technologies LLC
Manuel Mesa
13417 SW 17 Terrace Cir N

Mbc Shop Inc
Jemima Naranjo
3002 Nw 7th Ave

Mbgc LLC
Giorgio Palmisano
3795 Nw 38th St

Mcd Accessory Overhauls INC
Eddie Fernandez
6951 Nw 16th St

'Mcm-' . strtoupper('b') . 'rsc Jv'
Lissette Alonso
6201 SW 70th St 2nd Fl

'Mcm-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ragados Jv'
Lissette Alonso
6201 SW 70th St 2nd Fl

Mdg Airline Services INC
Maria Ceron
6951 Nw 16th St

Meco Miami INC
Alvaro Vazquez
5825 Nw 74th Ave

Med Aesthetics Miami LLC
Rosanna Bermejo
1321 Nw 14th St Ste 603

Med Air INC
Nelson Duenas
2450 Nw 110th Ave

'Med-' . strtoupper('t') . 'ek LLC'
Peter Gizzi
5201 Blue Lagoon Dr 8th Fl

Medfield Trading Corp
Gonzalo Caycedo
7500 Nw 54th St

Media Relations Group LLC
Alicia Gonzalez
18001 Old Cutler Rd Ste 459

Medical Equipment Solutions Corp.
Sandra Pineda
2749 SW 22 St

Medical Express International INC
Madelaine Volum
12395 SW 130 St Ste 101

Medion Diagnostics International Corp.
Cristina Fernandes
7440 SW 50th Terrace Ste 110

Medison Econet Corp
Kyu Seok Lee
7260 Nw 58th St

Mega Media Holdings INC
Alex Aleman
7007 Nw 77th Ave

Mega Party Events Inc
Adrian De La Rosa
12600 SW 130th St Unit 8

Megatrend Inc
Devon Dobson
21356 SW 87th Pl

Mercedes Electric Supply INC
Victor Laporta
8550 Nw South River Dr

Merkavah International INC
Chad Altieri
201 S. Biscayne Blvd Ste 2800

'Meta-' . strtoupper('f') . 'amily Counseling Center Of South Florida LLC'
Oscar Gonzalez
13412 SW 17th Terr Cr S

Metric Engineering INC
Victor Benitez
13940 SW 136 Street Suite 200

Metro Consulting & Management INC
Juan Martinez
333 Ne 24th St Ste 209

Metro Dade Security System INC
Dorys Martinez
13816 SW 142nd Ave Ste 31

Metro Ford INC
Sandy Claudio
9000 Nw 7 Ave

Meyer Robert John
Robert Meyer
808 Brickell Key Dr Apt 3302

Mfm Lamey Group LLC
W. Daniel Lamey
11440 N Kendall Dr Ste 203

Mg Plumbing & Sprinkler Service Inc
Esther Gordon
1265 Nw 203rd St

Mhm Consulting Services Inc
Verna Laing
1351 Ne Miami Gardens Dr

Mia Hospitality LLC
Chris Desai
4101 Nw 11th St

Mia Lejeune LLC
Chuck Castiglia
3549 Le Juene Rd

Mia Tv
Judith Prado
2940 Nw 7th St

Miac Logistics Corp.
Yelena Jimenez
8300 SW 8th St Ste 104

Miami Aerospace Hardware And Supply LLC
Octavio Guerrero
7234 Nw 56th St

Miami Air International INC
Herbert Zimmerman
5000 Nw 36th St 307

Miami Airport LLC
Jenifer Winters
5101 Blue Lagoon Dr

Miami Alec's Truck Accessories LLC
Jenelle Gordon
17110 South Dixie Hwy

Miami Bayside Foundation Inc
Kathleen Murphy
25 Se 2nd Ave Ste 240

Miami Beach Community Development Corporation Inc
Beatriz Cuenca-barberio
945 Pennsylvania Ave

Miami Behavioral Health Center INC
Ileana Ruiz-garcia
6100 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 400

Miami Book Fair International INC
Alina Interian
300 Ne 2nd Ave Suite 4102

Miami Breaker INC
Federico Anselmetti
7060 Nw 52nd St

Miami Bridge Youth And Family Services INC
Dorcas Jackson
2810 Nw South River Dr

Miami Business Telephone Corp
Lilibeth Collantes
4933 S W 74th Court

'Miami Coalition For A Safe And Drug-' . strtoupper('f') . 'ree Community INC'
Douglas Hughes
13287 SW 124th St

Miami Dade College
Rolando Montoya
11380 Nw 27th Ave

Miami Dade College
Rolando Montoya
300 Northeast 2nd Ave

Miami Dade College
Rolando Montoya
950 Nw 20th St

Miami Dade College
Rolando Montoya
627 SW 27th Ave

Miami Dade County Medical Examiners
Yeseny Serra
1 On Bob Hope Rd

Miami Dade Entrepreneurial Development Organization
Roberto Interiano
1010 Ne 2nd Ave

Miami Dade Stroke Consortium INC
Jeffrey Horstmyer
2150 Coral Way 8th Floor

Miami Dance Futures INC
Daniel Lewis
8901 SW 79th Ct

Miami Elite Services Limited Liability Company
Lateshia Allen
13300 Nw 18 Ct

Miami Fire Equipment Inc
Belinda Vidal
150 SW 27th Ave

Miami Frame Shop Inc
Julio De Armas
1864 Nw 23rd St

Miami Gate Operator Company
Paul Mcclelland
10837 SW 188th St

Miami Industrial Gases Inc
Katherine Keller
3746 Nw 81st St

Miami Industrial Motors Inc
Albert Garcia
8252 Nw 58th St

Miami International University Of Art & Design
Richard Them
1501 Biscayne Blvd Ste 100

Miami Leather & Findings Company
Lee Efronson
4334 SW 73rd Ave

Miami Light Project Inc
Elizabeth Boone
404 Nw 26th St

Miami Marine Specialist Inc
Jon Ginsburg
1950 Ne 135th St

Miami Music Project Inc
Anna Pietraszko
2125 Biscayne Blvd Ste 215

Miami River Marine Group Inc
Tony Chapman
3033 Nw North River Dr Ste 3

Miami Shores Village Of
Kevin Lystad
9990 Ne 2nd Ave

Miami Trailer And Equipment Company Inc
Alan Leibowitz
7852 Nw 74th St

Miami Union Academy Of Seventh Day Adventists School
Renee Hodge
12600 Nw 4th Ave

Miami Va Healthcare System
Luis Gonzalez
1201 Nw 16th St

Miami Voa Elderly Housing INC
Kathi Higgins
11495 W Flgler St

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade Broadband Coalition 1 LLC'
Joseph Seroussi
100 Sth Biscayne Blvd Ste 915

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade Broadband Coalition INC'
James Osteen
100 S Biscayne Blvd Ste 915

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County'
Cindy Akerman
275 Nm 2nd St 2 Fl

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Court Reporters INC'
Lorena Ramos
20 Nw 45th St

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Public Schools'
Alice Margolis
7042 W Flagler St

'Miami-dade County Public Schools-' . strtoupper('1') . '58'
Elena Morejon
3501 SW 28th St

'Miami-dade County Public Schools-' . strtoupper('1') . '58'
John Martinez
3601 SW 147th Ave

'Miami-dade County Public Schools-' . strtoupper('1') . '58'
Captain Jacklyn Webb
County Line Rd

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Gina Drakes
275 Nw 2nd St 5th Fl

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Roxana Ramos
9101 Nw 25th St

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Daniel Wall
111 Nw 1st St Ste 2810

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Daniel Wall
111 Nw 1st St Fl 19

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Nestor Morales
111 Nw 1st St Ste 910

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Michael Liu
1401 Nw 7th St

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Arleene Cuellar
111 Nw 1st St Ste 2630

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Liza Saboya-fernandez
73 W Falger #242

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Angela Morris-butler
3071 SW 38th Ave

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Angela Morris-butler
3071 SW 38th Ave

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Jorge Vazquez
701 Nw 1st Ct Ste 400

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Carlos Martinez
1320 Nw 14th St

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Angel Petisco
5680 SW 87th Ave

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Michael Spring
111 Nw 1st St Ste 625

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Ernesto Rodriguez
4200 N.W. 36th St Ste 200

'Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County Of'
Elizabeth Morales
701 Nw 1st Ct Fl 9

Miami City Of
James Chohonis
6498 Nw 38 Terrace

Miccosukee Corporation
Alina Fuentes
Mm 71 & State Rte 41

Miccosukee Corporation
Alina Fuentes
Mm 71 & State Rte 41

Michelsen Advertising & Media Services INC
Gustavo Dequesada
10855 Nw 33 St

Microshred LLC
Rosemary Tsohn
19593 Ne 10th Ave Ste A

Midtown Lodging LLC
Jason Rothenberg
3450 Biscayne Blvd

Midtown Video Inc
Kenneth Miller
4824 SW 74th Ct

Mihailitchenko Kira
Kira Mihailitchenko
2901 S Bayshore Dr 9a

Milex INC
Juan Perez
9010 SW 137th Ave Ste 113

Mitchell's Lawn Maintenance Corp.
Elsa Gelman
15665 SW 117th Ave

Mjm Manufacturing INC
Alex Mijares
5205 Nw 161st St

Mlg International LLC
Martin Galarce
4141 N Miami Ave Ste 304

Mmgroup Preservation LLC
Mitchell Mccoy
18031 Biscayne Blvd 304

Modus Epicurus INC
Brad Green
200 S Biscayne Blvd Ste 2790a

Monarch Property Investment In
S Bernstein
6159 Nw 72nd Ave

Montano Pabon And Associates INC
Gerardo Vallejo
3271 Nw 7 Street Ste 106

Montgomery Botanical Center
M. Patrick Griffith
11901 Old Cutler Rd

Montoya E Carolina Psy D
Eloisa Montoya
944 Nw 106th Avenue Cir

Moran Refinishing Inc
Marvin Hernandez
4291 SW 75th Ave

Morris Group Incorporated
Colin Morris
152 N.e. 167th Street Suite 403

Mose Engineering And Manufacturing INC
Ali Unlu
3750 Nw 114th Ave Unit 4

Motion Industries INC
Leon Grobaski
6681 Nw 82nd Ave

Mounting Solutions Plus Inc
Ned Scheer
10655 SW 185th Ter

Mourning Family Foundation Inc
Bill Diggs
100 S Biscayne Blvd 3rd Fl

Mpt International Corp
Christopher Navarro
15285 SW 17th Ter

Mri Professional Service Repair Imaging INC
Mordechai Goldman
20350 W Country Club Dr Ph 22

Ms Views And News INC
Elizabeth Carpenter
777 Nw 72nd Av Ste 3005

Mullens Services Inc
Bob Mulindwa
11955 SW 133 Ter

'Multi-' . strtoupper('e') . 'thnic Youth Group Association INC'
Samantha Quarterman
1330 Nw 52 St

Hector Echeverria
8360 SW 164th St

Munilla Construction Management LLC
Lissette Alonso
6201 SW 70th St 2nd Fl

Mura Milo Corp.
Jannett Puzey
1840 Coral Way 4th Fl Ste 4 557

Mw International Ventures LLC
Robert Morcos
16400 Nw 2nd Ave Ste 201

Mwg Company INC
Ned Scheer
10665 SW 185th Ter

My Us Buyer LLC
Luis Batista
11091 SW 117th Ct

Mz Usa Quality Transport Inc
Manuel Gomez
11980 Southwest 43rd St

Nabil Elias Tohme Translation & Interpretation Services
Nabil Tohme
15414 SW 99 Avenue

Namen Distribution Inc
Nicholas Mirabal
15268 SW 22 Terrace

National Ben Gamla Charter School Foundation
Elizabeth Kakouris
6255 Bird Rd

National Coalition Of Firefighter's Credit Unions Inc
Gene Benick
3741 De Garmo Ln

National Foundation For Advancement In Arts
Joe Gutierrez
2100 Biscayne Blvd

National Latino Broadcasting LLC
Nelson Famadas
5000 SW 75th Ave 4th Fl

Nattacha Financial Services Inc
Nattacha Jocelyn
10834 Ne 3rd Ct

Navaero INC
Lisa Kjellberg
100 Biscayne Blvd Ste 1400

Nci Construction Co.
Allen Thompson
2333 Brickell Ave Apt 1716

Neighborhood Housing Services Of South Florida INC
Arden Shank
300 Nw 12 Ave

Neighbors And Neighbors Association INC
Nehemiah Davis
180 Nw 62nd St

Nemal Electronics International INC
Benjamin Nemser
12240 Ne 14th Ave

Neocis Inc
Alon Mozes
2800 Biscayne Blvd Suite 600

Nettles Industries INC
Jeff Nettles
19201 Collins Ave

Network & Communication Services Inc
Dhana Diaz
9509 Nw 47th Ter

Network Engineering Services INC
Joaquin Perez
7205 Nw 19th St Ste 201

Neuroscience Centers Of Florida Foundation INC
Tamara Robinett
2150 Coral Way 8th Fl

Neutrona Networks International LLC
Richard Sharpe
1111 Brickell Ave 11th Fl

Nevarez Communications INC
Claudia Damico
6020 Nw 99th Ave Ste 307

New Beach Construction Partners INC
Lana Cavassa
328 Nw 29th St

New Horizons Community Mental Health
Evalina Bestman Evalina Bestman, Ph.d.
1469 Nw 36th St

New Horizons Preservation Associates Lllp
Patrick Niebauer
690 Nw 60th Street

New Life Familyrapy Inc
Ernesto Rodriguez
861 SW 8th St

New Life Holy Ghost Deliverance Ministries Inc
Tamika Jones
2451 Nw 79th St

New Professions Technical Institute Inc
Jose Vazquez
4000 W Flagler St

New Resources Aviation LLC
Nelson Peralta
7112 Nw 50th St Unit 6-1

Newcom International INC
Dora Mejia
15590 Nw 15th Ave

Newlink America LLC
Lisette Hoyo
1111 Brickell Ave

Newlink Communications Group INC
Miguel Lande
1111 Brickell Ave Ste 1350

Newlink Pcr LLC
Miguel Lande
1111 Brickell Ave Ste 1350

Nextsource Biotechnology LLC
Randall Perry
4300 SW 73rd Ave Ste 108

Nhtc LLC
Roberto Ojeda
6295 SW 165th Place

Nnn Doral Court LLC
Michael Buzzella
8600 Nw 36th St Ste 104

Noble Distributing
Karl Noble
5060 SW 154th Ave

Nord Atlantic Trading Inc to Zyscovich INC

Nord Atlantic Trading Inc
Nick Nickolich
9981 SW 130th St

North America Sofitel Corporation
Erika Aguas
5800 Blue Lagoon Dr

North Dade Senior Citizens Housing Development Corporation INC
Elena Ripley
103 Nw 202nd Terrace

North Dade Two Housing Development Corporation INC
Elena Ripley
115 Nw 202nd Ter

North Miami Beach City Of
Harvette Smith
16901 Ne 19th Ave

Northern Equipment Supply International LLC
Flor Utset
5757 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 140

Northwestern Capital Corporation
Judy Cable
100 S Biscayne Blvd Ste 900

Northwings Accessories Corp.
Alex Ledesma
7875 Nw 64th St

Nova Consulting INC
Juan Prieto
10486 Nw 31st Terr

Novenrapeutics LLC
Eric Gibson
11960 S.w. 144 St

'Novoa-' . strtoupper('n') . 'p Consulting Inc'
Loriana Novoa
9800 SW 85th Ave

Noyar & Kenneth Construction Corp.
Antonieta Rayon
9330 Nw 13th St Bay 16

Nursing Unlimited Inc
Clifford Jordan
18405 Nw 2nd Ave

Nvg Services Corp
Nereida Valdes
10011 SW 45th St

Nyberg Investigations LLC
Ramesh Nyberg
8914 SW 108 Pl

O.j.f. Services Inc
Octavio Fiol
12962 SW 133rd Ct

O'neill Kelly C
Kelly O'neill
1389 SW 22nd Ter

Oac Action Construction Corp
Osvaldo Cruz
12540 SW 130th St Ste 2

Ocean Cargo Logistics Group LLC
Lorenzo Macias
12161 SW 132nd Ct

Ocean Win Corporation
Alexsandro Bastos
800 Brickell Ave Ste 701

Oden Development LLC
Jessica Lin
11241 Dorsey Dr

Ogee Paint Company
John Schultz
6995 Bird Rd

'Ohl -' . strtoupper(' ') . 'Arellano Construction Company'
Josie Rodriguez
7051 SW 12th St

Ohl Building INC
Josie Rodriguez
7051 SW 12th St

Olympia Center INC
Robert Geitner
169 E Flagler St Ste 837

Olympus Latin America INC
Natalia Gareca
5301 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 290

Omnigas Systems INC
John Clegg
8686 Nw 58th St

Omnipoint International LLC
Jim Brashear
14707 S Dixie Hwy Unit 201

Omnipoint Us LLC
Derek Shipes
14707 S Dixie Hwy Ste 201

One God In Three Persons First Baptist Chruch INC
Evans Philias
7140 Nw Miami Ct

Open Arms Community Mental Health Center Inc
Nehemy Cher-frere
10645 Nw 7th Ave Ste 103

Ophysio Inc
Paul Latta
1450 Nw 10th Ave Rm 6006

Oppenheimer Partners LLC
Martin Oppenheimer
9424 Bay Dr

Optical Boutique Inc
Juan Carlos Farias
901 Nw 17th St Ste P

Optima One Cleveland Center LLC
Chaim Schochet
200 S Biscayne Blvd 3660

Oratso Corporation
Alexandra Fruscini
8075 Nw 7th St

Orbit Express LLC
Dayron Villamar
433 Nw 25th Ave Ste 1

Origin Pc Corporation
Ed Schrader
12400 SW 134th Ct Ste 1

Orion Medical Enterprises INC
Steven Jeger
19559 Ne 10th Ave

Orner Associates INC
Donald Orner
10245 Collins Ave Ste 11b

Orthotic & Prosthetic Equipment Corp
Pedro Llanes
2236 Coral Way

Our Father's Place Incorporated
Sebastian Matacena
13078 SW 132nd Ct

'Our Kids Of Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade/monroe INC'
Jackie Gonzalez
401 Nw 2nd Ave Ste S 212

Outreach Aid To Americas INC
Teo Babun
9455 Collins Avenue Unit 808

Overnight Success INC
Samuel Gilmore
6150 Nw 22 Ave

Overtown Youth Center Inc
Tina Brown
450 Nw 14th St

Oxford Academy Of Miami Inc
Maydelin Beceiro
11155 SW 112th Ave # 5

Oxygen Sales Services Inc
Alex Cruz
4610 SW 74th Ave

Ozone Air Design LLC
Autney Holmes
10935 SW 142 Lane

P. M. Electrical Contractors INC
Pedro Garcia
9820 S W 130th St

P.g.& E. Corp.
Andrea Faranda
8550 W Flagler St Ste 104

P&r Aerospace Solution Corp
Luz Passalacqua
3400 Coral Way Ste 500

Pac Comm INC
David Juelle
4226 SW 70th Ct

Pacific Scientific Company
Nolan Kim
11700 Nw 102nd Rd Ste 6

Palermo Lakes INC
Elena Ripley
5311 Nw 7th St

Palgag U.S. LLC
Haviv Wolyvovics
16950 N Bay Rd Sunny Isles Beach

Palmetto Bay Village Of
Kristy Bada
9705 E Hibiscus St

Pan Am International Flight Academy INC
Mark Johnson
5000 Nw 36th Street

Pan Atlantic Corporation
Sylvia Bernstein-batista
6157 Nw 72nd Ave

Pantropic Power INC
Sergio Chacon
8205 Nw 58th Street

Paradise Construction Corp.
Miguel Castro
4051 SW 130th Ave

Paralegal Professional All Services LLC
Chernea Mack
1011 Nw 64th St

Paramount Janitors LLC
Raymond Charron
14816 SW 140th Pl

Parent To Parent Of Miami INC
Isabel Garcia
7990 SW 117th Ave Ste 200

Paris Optical Co
William Winegar
900 Nw 17th St

Parker Robert Associates INC
Robert Parker
11105 Sw119th St

Partex INC
Raul Sandoval
6993 Nw 82nd Ave Ste 27

Partners For Self Employment Inc
Maria Coto
3000 Biscayne Blvd Ste 102

Pass Sklar Ctr Limited
Martin Rozenblum
801 Nw 37th Ave Ste 205

Passiflora Investments Corporation
Eduardo Sanabria
13550 SW 222 St

Pasta Party Of Miami Inc
Alexandra Falquez
15420 SW 136th St

Pastoral Care Institute INC
Dorcas De Jesus
18191 Nw 68th Avenue Suite 212

Patriot Dynamics LLC
Jason Baumann
7112 Nw 50th St Unit 6-1

Paul's Carpet Co. INC
Henry Hernandez
208 Ne 65th St

Pavilion Furniture INC
Mike Buzzella
16200 Nw 49th Ave

Pc Redevelopment Partners LLC
Stephanie Baker
9400 South Dadeland Boulevard

Peaceableeyes Greeting Cards LLC
Brenda Doughty
801 Brickell Ave Ste 900

Pearlson Shiplift Corporation
Douglas Pearlson
12030 SW 114th Pl

Peer 1 Dedicated Hosting INC
Elizabeth Chang
2300 Nw 89 Place

Pelican Tech Supply LLC
Deborah Moller
'16850 Collins Ave Ste 112-' . strtoupper('6') . '46'

Pemica INC
Antonio Navarro
4913 SW 74th Ct

Peniel Group LLC
Johann Bothe
1920 Nw 79 Ave

Peninsula Housing Development INCIi
Marta Navarro
1919 Nw 16th Ave

Peninsula Housing Development INCXiii
Marta Navarro
524 Nw 1st St

Peninsula Housing Development INCXv
Marta Navarro
2235 SW 8th St

Peninsula Housing Development INC Vi
Marta Navarro
1000 Nw 155th Ln

Peninsula Housing Development INC Vii
Marta Navarro
1007 Nw 155th Ln

Peninsula Housing Development INC Viii
Marta Navarro
725 Nw 57th Ave 15th Fl

Peninsula Housing Development INC Xi
Marta Navarro
255 Sierra Dr

Peninsula Housing Development INC Xvi
Marta Navarro
2300 Nw 138th St

Peninsula Housing Development INC Xvii
Marta Navarro
1040 SW 1st St

Perez Ricardo
Ricardo Perez
17105 SW 119th Pl

Perfect Seal Roofing
Arlyn Hernandez
7905 Nw 66th St

Performance Property Management Services Inc
Elvis Sicard
10825 SW 228th Ter

Performing Arts Center Trust INC
Jodi Farrell
1300 Biscayne Blvd

Perrin International Services INC
Gregory Perry
12491 SW 134 Ct Ste 20

Pest Control Group LLC
Helen Voelker
6491 SW 13th St

Phair Exchange Promotions LLC
Calvetta Phair
18520 Nw 67th Ave Ste 186

Pharmaceutical Productions Incorporated
John Mccarty
424 Hunting Lodge Dr

Pherson James W.
James Pherson
8201 SW 164 St

Philanthropy From Heart Inc
Jhasmidah Alexandre
1640 N W 126 St

Phiston Technologies INC
Ali Ebadian
2051 Nw 112th Ave Ste 113

Physicians Creek INC
Dr. Adam Au
5960 SW 62nd Pl

Picocal Inc
Angelo Gaitas
11200 SW 8th St Ahc3 510c

Piedra Data Services LLC
Adalis Sanchez-sarno
18001 Old Cutler Rd #305

Piedroba Marine Construction LLC
Luis Prieto Y Munoz
3250 Grand Ave Ste 201

Pinecrest Academy INC
Elizabeth Kakouris
14301 SW 42nd Street

Pinecrest Psychological Associates P.a.
Joanne Bauling
7685 SW 104th St Ste 100

'Pinelands -' . strtoupper(' ') . 'Kendall Hotel LLC'
Kenny Oliver
13475 SW 131st St

Piney Grace
Grace Piney
1430 Brickell Bay Dr

Pinnacle Research And Aviation LLC
Darren Klein
10100 Nw 116th Way Ste 11

Pioma INC
Alan Ezrin
1827 S Bayshore Ln

Pj Technologies Inc
Judy Lee
7621 SW 54th Ave

Pj's Landscaping Corp
Pedro Catinchi
12935 SW 150 Terr

Playgroundatre INC
Elaiza Irizarry
9806 Ne 2nd Ave

Plaza Tire And Auto Center INC
John Cortez
3005 N E 2nd Ave

Poah Cutler Manor LLC
Patrick Niebauer
10875 SW 216th St

Poah Cutler Meadows LLC
Patrick Niebauer
11100 SW 196th St

Pontchartrain Partners LLC
Danny Blanks
1200 Nw 78th Ave Ste 213

Poole & Kent Company Of Florida
Carla Woodall
1781 Nw N River Dr

Power Mower Corp.
Ernie Rodriguez
13118 S Dixie Hwy

Power Up Enterprises LLC
Charles Kesl
8975 Froude Ave

Precision Design Inc
Martin Diaz-yabor, Faia
12124 SW 131st Ave

Precision Translating Services INC
Vicente De La Vega
715 SW 73rd Ave

Preferred Freezer Services LLC
Manny Pinares
13700 Nw 115th Ave

Premium Painters Inc
James Ward
13727 SW 152 St 113

Premium Wireless Inc
Mercedes Nieto
22149 S Dixie Hwy

Prestige Aero Services Inc
James Olsen
7307 N W 56th St

Pride Flooring & Home Decor INC
Mike Amore
10790 SW 184th St

Prime Air Cargo INC
Juan Andres Galarraga
1316 N.W. 78th Ave

Prime Terra Realty Inc
Angela Paniagua
13445 SW 119 St

Primehealth Physicians LLC
Cesar Ortiz
9045 SW 87th Ct

Primestream Corporation
Claudio Lisman
15590 Nw 15 Th Ave

Print Shop Usa LLC
Jennifer Wilson
14224 SW 158th Ct

Pro Solutions Now INC
Terrye Thomas
3331 Nw 187 Terrace

Pro Sound INC
Rod Sintow
1375 Ne 123rd St

Produce Connection Inc.
Robert Dudley
2200 Nw 23rd St

Professional Advanced Adult Day Care LLC
Ernesto Dominguez
2668 SW 137th Ave

Professional Advanced Adult Day Care LLC
Ernesto Dominguez
2668 SW 137th Ave

Professional Technology Repairs Corp
Frank Matos
12200 Nw 25th St Ste 100

Project Services International Corporation INC
Jacinto Rodriguez
815 Nw 104 Ave

Promotions Rock LLC
Vilma Diaz
3125 SW 79th Ave

Propel Aviation Services
Lynne Keller
14300 SW 129th St Ste 101

Provisio LLC
Heinz Horstmann
18851 Ne 29th Ave Suite 737

Proxima Secure Technologies
Jennifer Shaw
14335 SW 120th St Unit 214

Public Health Trust Of Dade County Florida
Brenda Charrie
1611 Nw 12th Ave

'Public Health Trust Of Miami-' . strtoupper(' ') . 'Dade County Florida'
Yirah Ochoa
1611 Nw 12th Ave

Public Storage
Mike Jimenez
8216 Nw 14th Street

Purchase Order Of Miami INC
Harold Hank Tragash
3724 Nw 72nd St

'Q-' . strtoupper('q') . ' Research Consultants'
Sandra Williams
1444 Biscayne Blvd Ste 115-2

Qlrad Inc
Rene Borgers
80 SW 8th St Ste 2000

Quality Cooling Systems INC
Roger Parris
14375 SW 120th St

Quality Investment Properties Miami LLC
Aga Carpenter
11234 Nw 20th St

Quantum Devices INC
Eric Nadel
'14861 SW 104 St 28-' . strtoupper('1') . '2'

Quest Construction Engineering INC
Guillermo Alegria
10103 SW 164th Pl

Quintairos Prieto Wood & Boyer Pa
Elizabeth Counsil
9300 S Dadeland Blvd

R C Interiors Inc
Raul Colom
8540 SW 34th Ter

R.a.m. Productions Film & Video Services Inc
Robert Marquez
1970 South Hibiscus Dr

R&s International Investment Group LLC
Alfredo Roa
571 Nw 29th St

Rain Gutters Solution Inc
Jesus Pulido
5845 SW 117th Ave

'Ram-' . strtoupper('t') . 'ech Construction INC'
Lucia Soria
15802 SW 200th St

Ramirez Juan
Juan Ramirez
219 Nw 12th Ave Apt 1004

Randazzo Catering INC
Frank Ranadazzo
12229 SW 131 Ave

Raphael E Perez Md Od Mba Inc
Raphael Perez-blanco
11466 Quail Roost Dr

Rdo Aeroprocurement LLC
Assadollah Rashidian
2150 SW 22nd Street Ste 3c

Read2succeed INC
David Castrillon
13418 SW 128th St

Red Design Group LLC
Eduardo Muhina
6317 SW 10th St

Red/oac LLC
Osvaldo Cruz
1000 S Red Rd

Regal Medical Solutions Co Inc
Juancarlos Perez
600 SW 31st Ave

Regis House Inc
Manuel Fraga
2010 Nw 7th St

Reliability Efficiency Optimization LLC
Thomas Lund-hansen
1440 Brickell Bay Drive;ph3

Reliable Contracting Enterprises Inc
Yanet Rodriguez
1835 Ne 183rd St 353

Reliance Wholesale INC
Jose Trespalacios
13967 SW 119 Ave

Remediation One Corp.
Jose Armas
16273 SW 56th Ter

Replenish Ink INC
Laurie Karpiuk
'701 Brickell Key Blvd Ste Ph-' . strtoupper('1') . '0'

Republic Drill/apt Corp.
Mark Linari
7840 Nw 62d St

Reys Central Dry Cleaning Inc
Angel Suarez
3789 Nw 46th St

Rgb Group INC
Fernando Bravo
4141 N Miami Ave Ste 210

Rhino Services Inc
Vanessa Rodriguez
14220 SW 120 Ct

Richwood Group Company
Juan Celaya
6303 Bluelagoon Dr Ste 400

Ricoma International Corporation
Dave Barrett
3450 Nw 114 Ave

Right Now Air Solutions LLC
Alejandro Vidal
7411 SW 129 Ave

Riverside Christian Ministries INC
Cleveland Bell Iii
968 North West 2nd St

Riverside Voa Elderly Housing INC
Kathi Higgins
740 Nw 25th Ave

Rizzani De Eccher (usa) INC
Danilo Bernasconi
1111 Kane Concourse Ste 200

Rlm Services Inc
Ana Bravo
4141 N Miami Ave Ste 209

Rodfam Investments Corp
Sandra Rodriguez
11373 Nw 65th St

Rodriguez Yadira
Yadira Rodriguez
3144 Nw 3rd St

Rojas Law Firm LLP
Jose Rojaslaw
9130 S Dadeland Blvd Ste 1209

Rokneis Gsa LLC
Bryan Morjain
48 E Flagler St Ste 105

Room 2 Bloom Community Development INC
Doreen Stephens
1910 Nw 95th St

Rosand Farms INC
Roilan Goenaga
1460 SW 143rd Pl

Ross & Baruzzini INC
Michael Shea
7205 Nw 19th St Ste 501

Roxyater Group INCthe
Ana Andreu
8825 SW 19th St

Royal Imaging Florida LLC
Jeff Shaabani
2103 Coral Way Ste 720

Rpr Empire Corp
Rebeca Rodriguez
680 Ne 64th St. Aph06

Rukh Gul
Gul Rukh
1234 Nw 118th St

Rush Forklifts LLC
Frank Izquierdo
3141 Nw 40th St

Rush Lending INC
Jean Pierre-paul
8410 Ne 1st Pl

Ryan Correctional Consulting Services P.l.l.c.
Timothy Ryan
3333 Rice St Apt 203

S & A Ventures Incorporated
Yudsersy Sanchez
3141 Nw 102nd St

S M I Inc
Patricia Viani
12219 SW 131 Ave

S O S Electrical Contractors Inc
Vivian Sosa Sosa
3005 SW 99th Ct

S.o.s. Food Lab Inc
Stella Koniecpolski
9399 Nw 13th St

S&s Open Development
Sarah Scheening
786 Ne 72nd Ter

Sabal Palm Preservation LLC
Stephanie Baker
9400 South Dadeland

Safe Medical Mobility Corp.
Rodolfo Murcia
14114 SW 158 Ct

Saint Productions INC
Evens Stpreux
1703 Ne 141 St

Sal Aerospace Engineering LLC
Michael Salomon
12005 SW 130th St Ste 303

Saltex Group Corp.
Joanna Truzzell
7505 Nw 36th St

Salud Services Inc
Michael Amador
7915 Nw 5th Ct

Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation Inc
Carlos Reyes
2050 Coral Way Ste 600

Salvation Army (ga) (inc)
Bonnee Cassedy
8001 Nw 27th Ave

Sam Ash Florida Megastores LLC
David Ash
11421 Nw 12th St

Samberg Tonia
Tonia Samberg
1080 94th St

Sanabi Investments LLC
Saady Bijani
10943 Nw 122nd St.

Sanchez Arnaldo
Arnaldo Sanchez
1101 Brickell Ave S Tower 8th Fl

Sandrow & Keyes Pa
Ruth Brown
8940 N Kendall Dr Ste 1003e

Saniflow Corporation
David Ruiz
3325 Nw 70th Ave

Sanigest International Usa
James Cercone
445sw 25th Rd

Saunders Todd M
Todd Saunders
11920 Ne 16th Ave Apt 106

Schaffran Propeller Usa LLC
Peter Jacobs
11455 SW 93 Ct

'School Board Of Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade County'
Alberto Carvalho
1450 Ne Second Ave

'Scion Cardio-' . strtoupper('v') . 'ascular Inc'
Louis Rose
14256 SW 119th Ave

Sdi Quarry Inc
Steve Torcise
9350 S Dixie Hwy Ste 1250

Seb's Fashions Inc
Susan Blanchard
6461 SW 98 St

Security Solutions International LLC
Henry Morgenstern
131 55 SW 134th St Ste 204

Segarra Bettiuska
Bettiuska Segarra
690 SW 1st Ct

Segas Solutions Inc
Stacey Silvera
20221 Ne 21st Avenue

Sensorad Corporation
Robert Brooks
200 Se 1st St Ste 1101

Sentinel Lubricants INC
Juan Carlos Barroso
15755 Nw 15th Ave

Seraphic Fire Inc
Rhett Del Campo
2153 Coral Way Ste 401

Seven Languages Translating Services
Lawrence Strauss
19 W Flagler St Ste 806

Shake A Leg Miami Inc
Harry Horgan
2620 S Bayshore Dr

Sharp Shot Inc
Bonnie Morales
6963 SW 151st St

Sheet Metal Experts Incorporated
William Medlin
8986 Nw 105th Way

'Sherwin-' . strtoupper('w') . 'illiams Company'
Mike May
12105 Nw 7th Ave

'Sherwin-' . strtoupper('w') . 'illiams Company'
Mike May
7845 SW 40th St

'Sherwin-' . strtoupper('w') . 'illiams Company'
Mike May
14258 SW 8th St

'Sherwin-' . strtoupper('w') . 'illiams Company'
Mike May
11402 Nw 41st St Ste 120

Shrinkwrap Cradles & Transport LLC
Luis Sedeno
9735 Fontainebleau Blvd Apt 102

Sidewalk Salads
Aaron Freedman
5930 Nw 3rd St

Siempre Flamenco Inc
Celia Fonta
8935 Byron

Silvergens LLC
Cesar Garcia
9225 Collins Ave Ste 606

Simplastics LLC
Tibor Koncz
1160 Kane Concourse Ste 301

Simply Electrical LLC
Luis Llerena
7331 Nw 35 St

Sister Of New Corp
Luisa Ortiz
136 Ne 83rd St

Six Continents Hotels Inc
James Angel Angel
950 Nw Le Jeune Rd

Sjb Leadership Academy INC
Patrick Burrows
6000 Nw 9th Ave

Skeletal Dynamics LLC
Mickey Moore
8905 SW 87th Ave Ste 201

Sky Mart Sales Corp.
Juan Robbin
9475 Nw 13th St

Sky Technologies Us LLC
Davide Proietti
5600 Nw 36th St Ste 587

Skyline Painting Pros INC
Oscar Souffront
14629 SW 104 St Apt 423

Skytrade International Enterprises INC
Marilydia Solano
8276 Nw 70th St

Slack Johnston & Magenheimer
Andrew Magenheimer
7245 SW 87 Ave Ste 300

Sm Group INC
Marie Bernard Poulin
20900 Ne 30th Ave Ste 914

Smart Monkeys INC
Stephan Villet
1444 Biscayne Blvd Ste 305

Soad Construction Corp.
Fabiola Garcia
150 SW 23rd Ave

Sobe Promos LLC
Scott Latimer
82 Ne 29th St

Solares Electrical Services INC
Andres Solares Solares
10421 Nw 28th St Ste D105

Somabella Laboratories LLC
Allison Sokol
247 SW 8th St #200

Sonder Electric Service Inc
Tatiana Lopez-calleja
10221 SW 87th St

Source Molecular Corporation
Mauricio Larenas
4989 SW 74th Ct

South Dade Investment Group Inc
Ramon Fernandez
9791 SW 123rd Ave

South Florida Behavioral Health Network Incorporated
David Freedman
7205 Corporate Center Cr

South Florida Boiler And Gas Services INC
Chris Wilson
4239 SW 71 Ave

South Florida Chapter Of National Contract Management Association
Louie Lefevre
11754 SW 14th Ter

South Florida Community Development Coalition I
David Halpern
300 Nw 12th Ave

South Florida Controls
Hector Hernandez
13393 SW 131st St

South Florida Institute Technology
Nelson Caballero
720 Nw 27th Ave

South Florida Jail Ministries Inc
Terry Lull
22790 SW 112th Ave

South Florida Va Foundation For Research And Education Inc
Katrina Washburn
1201 Nw 16th St

South Florida Workforce Investment Board
Gus Alonso
7300 Nw 19th St Ste 500

'South Florida X-' . strtoupper('r') . 'ay Imaging LLC'
Steven Chafin
19301 SW 106th Ave

South Security Inc
Hans Taylor
12920 SW 132 Crt

Southeast Boystown And Girlstown Rescue Mission
Irma Shute
2984 Nw 71 St

Southeast Overtown/park West Community Redevelopment Agency
Xavier Vega
819 Nw 2nd Ave 3rd Fl

Southern Data Systems INC
Rick Medina
11560 SW 120th St

Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council INC
Beatrice Louissaint
9499 Ne 2nd Ave Ste 201

Southern Golf Cars Inc
Ron Smith
12162 SW 114th Pl

Southfire Systems Inc
Rich Norat
6984 Nw 173rd Dr #610

Southtrend Corp.
Maria Lopresti
20165 Ne 16th Pl

Southwest Trailer Manufacturing INC
Paul Perez
11950 SW 222 St

Sp Bcc LP
Sherrie Strom
21160 SW 112th Ave

'Spanish-' . strtoupper('a') . 'merican Basic Education And Rehabilitation Inc'
Fernando Obeso
3990 W Flagler St Ste103

Specialist Id INC
Patrick Barnhill
4614 SW 74th Ave

Specialized Nursing
Iovanna Lopez
17011 N E 6th Ave

Spinex Medical Inc
Ivan Luejez
2 S Biscayne Blvd Ste 3760

Spot Technologies LLC
Elena Lorenzo
15075 SW 137th St Unit 7

Spring4ward Incorporated
Kevin Springs
8330 Biscayne Blvd

Springshare LLC
Slaven Zivkovic
801 Brickell Ave Ste 900

Square One Armoring Services Co.
Martin Cardenal
12370 SW 130th St

Sr & Jp Nursery Corp
Sonia Ruano
17650 SW 187 Ave

St Albans Day Nursery Inc
Sabrina Tassy-lewis
3465 Brooker St

St John Community Dev Corp Inc
Ola Aluko
1324 Nw 3rd Ave

St. Jude Adult Day Care LLC
Francisco Garcia
9740 SW 24th St Section C

St.vil Painting Group LLC
Berry St Vil
1815 Ne 154 Ter

Stage Equipment & Lighting INC
Annette Smaith
12250 Ne 13th Ct

Standard 3d Systems Inc
Wallace Rothsman
2221 Ne 164th St Ste 296

Standard Distributors LLC
Tim Curcio
777 Brickell Ave Ste 500 Unit 61

Stanley Steemer International INC
Philip Ryser
2180 Nw 94th Ave

Starlock Inc
Alberto Castro
8252 Nw 30th Terr

Stationamerica INC
Carl Gallo
8775 SW 129th Ter

Statlab Mobile LLC
Cheveral Deacon
18702 SW 105th Pl

Status Credit Corp.
Sandra Jones
12301 SW 132nd Ct

Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitter
Jessica Fernandez
150 W Flagler St Fl 1

Steiner & Martins INC
Oswalnyr Martins
5225 Nw 112 Ct

Stellar Leadership Academy INC
Angel Chaisson
7900 Nw 27th Ave Ste F1

Darren Orton
1951 Nw 7th Ave Ste 300

Sterling Security Technologies Corp.
Fernando Rivera
5757 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 160

Stons Inc
Amir Shalev
9300 S Dadeland Ste 600

Straight Ahead Construction INC
Michael Macdonell
17800 SW 75th Ave

Stratus Pharmaceuticals Inc
Alberto Hoyo
12379 SW 130 St

Suds Domestic
Noelle Jackson
20929 SW 84 Court

Suiche Advertising Inc
Natalia Osorio
19501 W. Country Club Drapt 2305

Suki Distributors LLC
Belkis Ordaz
1486 Nw 23rd St

Sula And John Translations Inc
Aleluia Godfrey-jensen
20328 SW 129th Pl

Summar Financial LLC
Andres Chavez
2299 SW 27th Ave

Summit Aerospace INC
Mario De La Torre
1260 Northwest 57th Ave

Sunbeam Television Corporation
Laura Glennon
1401 79th St Cswy

Sundari Foundation INC
Constance Collins
217 Nw 15th St

Sunflowers Academy
Rosalina Barreal
2901 SW 7th St

Sunset Center Corporation
Nilsa Reynoso
10300 Sunset Dr Ste 130

Sunshine Hoist And Steel Erector Inc
Helen Hentley
6201 SW 121st St

Sunstone Ships INC
Charmaine Morris
4770 Biscayne Blvd Phb

Super Nice Cab Corp
Bob Beers
2766 Nw 62nd

Super Restoration Service Co.
Rene Vargas
12251 SW 128th Ct Unit 104

Survivors Pathway Corporation
Francesco Rivera
1801 Coral Way

Suspenders Usa LLC
Alberto Argomaniz
7921 SW 110th Ter

Suzanne Fernandez & Associates INC
Suzanne Fernandez
444 Brickell Ave Ste 718

Sweetwater Voa Elderly Housing INC
Kathi Higgins
10750 SW 4th St

Switchboard Of Miami INC
Catherine Penrod
190 Ne 3rd St

Sysco South Florida INC
Brad Sawyer
12500 Sysco Way Ste 33178

Systemone Technologies Inc
Paul Mansur
8305 Nw 27th St Ste 107

Systems Repair Service Company Inc
Leo Jimenez
7805 Nw 57th St

Talamas Specialty Products LLC
Joseph Talamas
16135 SW 147 St

Talimena Dialysis LLC
Christian Bottcher
15600 Nw 15th Ave Ste D

Tamiami United Methodist
Camilo Torres Villamil
726 SW 14th Ave

Taurus International Manufacturing INC
Mark Kresser
16175 Nw 49th Ave

Tavarez Sporting Goods INC
Manuel Tavarez
1840 SW 22nd St

Taveras Marina
Marina Taveras
9354 SW 77 Av

Tcs Empire INC
Angel Pareja
14629 SW 104th St Ste 518

Team Emar LLC
Estefania Acosta-rubio
1101 Brickell Ave South Tower 8th Fl

Team Paradise Sailing Inc
Magnus Liljedahl
2476 S Bayshore Dr

Team Post Op INC
Ed Marti
13921 SW 143rd Ct Ste 5

Teatro Avante Inc
Mario Ernesto Sanchez
744 SW 8th St Fl 2

Tech Troopers LLC
Luis Llerena
7331 Nw 35 St

Technical Systems & Equipment Corp.
Maggie Alonso
8426 Nw 56th St

Technology Solutions Forall INC
Marta Delgado
20185 Country Club Dr Unit 902

Temco International Corporation
Maria Solares
11919 SW 130th Street Ste 100

Temple Court Partners LTD.
Maria Oymaian
431 Nw 3rd St Ste 100

Temptrol Air Conditioning INC
Ray Lopez
4215 SW 72 Ave

Terremark Federal Group Contracts LLC
Antonia Plazibat
2 S Biscayne Blvd Ste 2800

Terremark North America INC
Clara Hollingsworth
2 S Biscayne Blvd Ste 2900

'The Sherwin-' . strtoupper('w') . 'illiams Company'
Mike May
550 Nw 27th Ave

'The Sherwin-' . strtoupper('w') . 'illiams Company'
Mike May
1111 Normandy Dr

Thecentrogroup LLC
Art Castellanos
12021 SW 184th St

Theodore R Andlma A Gibson Charter School Inc
Vanessa Mancebo
6361 Sunset Dr

Thevenin Enterprises INC
Luis Quintana
2851 Ne 183rd St #1616

Thi Iv Miami Lessee LLC
Natalie Rodriguez
3900 Nw 21st St

Thomas Armour Youth Ballet INC
Ruth Wiesen
5818 SW 73rd St

Thorn & Son Investments LLC
Lenford Kervin
7404 Nw 23rd Ave Ste 101

Three Spirits Corp.
Milton Ares
2899 Collins Ave Apt 1129

Thrower Mobility Transportation Service "corp"
Albert Thrower
3038 Nw 16th St

Tiger Corporate Direct INC
George Huffert
7795 W Flagler St Ste 35

Tigerdirect INC
Marcus Wynn
7795 W Flagler St Ste 35

Tigertail Productions Inc
Mary Luft
842 Nw 9th Ct

Tissuetech Inc
Devin Buckley
7000 SW 97th Ave Ste 212

Titanus Technologies LLC
David Rodriguez
2450 Ne Miami Gardens Dr Ste 102

Tksa Inc
Michael Castro
3064 Nw 72nd Ave

Tl Tango Lovers Organization Inc
Pierina Lerida
5241 SW 154 Pl

Tm Systems LLC
Don Denkhaus
265 Ne 24th St Ste 401

Tobruk International Corporation
Silvia Gutierrez
6970 Nw 50th St

Toby Orthopaedics INC
Maggie Lopez
401 SW 42nd Ave Ste 200

Todd Jay Jonas Architects P.a.
Todd Jonas
1717 North Bay Shore Drive Ste 2551

Tonymar Drugs Corporation
Javier Peral
505 SW 8 St

Tools & Equipment Supply LLC
Cecilia Chaves
5625 Nw 79th Ave

Top Hat Aquarium
Evelyn Guilfoyle
18710 SW 107 Ave #20

Topflite Manufacturing Inc
Bruce Price
14262 SW 140 St #108

Topp Solutions INC
Mari Pantin
3055 Nw 84 Ave

Toras Emes Academy Of Miami Inc
Harayl Askotzky
1051 N Miami Beach Blvd

Total Renal Care INC
Christian Bottcher
1190 Nw 95 Street Ste 208

Total Renal Care INC
Christian Bottcher
9175 SW 87th Ave

Totalpack INC
Michael Brown
1867 Nw 72nd Ave

Touax Leasing Corp.
William Sullivan
8030 Nw 74th Street

Touch Inflight Solutions INC
Walter Villela
801 Brickell Ave Ste 510

Touchdown Aviation Usa
Stephen Damron
13479 Nw 19th Ln

Touching Hearts Changing Lives Org Inc
Pedro Duque
15563 SW 110th Ter

Town Of Bay Harbor Islands
Alan Short
9665 Bay Harbor Ter

Town Park Plaza South Inc
Heather Ventura
1798 Nw 5th Ave

Towneplace Suites By Marriott
Gladys Calle
10505 Nw 36th St

Tracking Solutions Corp
Briglig Ruiz
7791 Nw 46th St Ste 306

Tradisyon Lakou Lakay INC
Weiselande Cesar
10802 Ne 4th Ave

Tranlogistics LLC
Lilly Tran
808 Brickell Key Dr Ste 2206

Transamerica Purchasing Agency
Reginald Issa
12300 SW 99th Av

Transamerica Training Management INC
Gabriel Albelo
6505 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 125

Transitional Health Solutions LLC
Michael Arguelles
6605 Nw 74th Avenue

Transnational Development Associates INC
Mark Williams
92 SW 3rd St Ste 2801

Transvalue INC
Jesus Rodriguez
7421 Nw 7th St

Trauma Resolution Center INC
Teresa Descilo
111 S W 3rd St Fl 3

Trendz Dance Technique Center INC
Natalya Hall
1890 S Red Rd

Trg Palm Lake LP
Stephanie Foster
2615 Nw 115th St

Triangle Fire INC
Orlando Alfonso
7720 Nw 53rd St

Trident Surfacing INC
Jose Diaz
5399 Nw 161 St

Trident Surfacing INC
Jose Diaz
5399 Nw 161 St

Trimerge Consulting Group Pa
Geraldine Lazarre
39 Nw 166th St Ste 1

Trinity Church Incorporated
Klautrelle Long
17801 North 2nd Ave

Tritium Laboratory
James Happell
4600 Rickenbacker Cswy

Troiano Debra J Md
Debra Troiano
7040 SW 48th Ln

Tropex Construction Services INC
Angel Pareja
14395 SW 139th Ct Ste 102

Tropi LLC
Sauveur Blanchard Jr
12864 Biscayne Blvd. Ste 182

'Tru-' . strtoupper('l') . 'ine Db INC'
Carolina Calzada
2455 SW 27th Ave Ste 220

Truckmax INC
Mandy Alvarez
6000 Nw 77th Court

Trujillo & Sons INC
Aileen Hernandez
3325 Nw 62nd St

Trusted Translations INC
Richard Estevez
66 West Flagler St 1200

Tseng Consulting Group Inc
George Tseng
21 Ne 166th St

Turbine Engine Center Inc
Matthew Marsenison
8050 Nw 90th St

Tuuci LLC
Thomas Parker
2900 Northwest 35th Street

Twisted Fitness Ii Limited Liability Company
Patricia Alfaro
7205 Ne 4th Ave

U Got IT Maid Professional Cleaning Service LLC
Alfred Durosca
1286 Ne 110th St

U.S. Ophthalmic LLC
Richard Neidorf
9990 Nw 14th St Ste 105

USA. Medical Services Corporation
Marcelo Larrabure
7001 SW 97th Ave 2nd Fl

Unicon International / Intertrade & Cargo Co. LLC
Luis Mazzotti
8724 SW 72nd St

Unifresh Produce Co
Jim Rosario
1201 Nw 21st St

Unimat Industries LLC
Masaru Ceja
6980 Nw 43rd St

Unimedic LLC
Luis Varela
2051 Nw 112th Ave Ste 127

Unique Charters Inc
Randy Smith
160 Nw 176 St Ste 200-1

Uniqueness Of Christ International Ministries Inc
Pastor Isabelle Myles
754 77th Terr

Uniqueness Of Christ International Ministries Inc
Pastor Isabelle Myles
1932 Nw 5th Pl

Uniqueness Of Christ International Ministries Inc
Pastor Isabelle Myles
1970 Nw 5th Pl

United Americas Shipping Services Inc
Joseph Hinson
2601 S Bayshore Dr Ste 1110

United For A New Nicaragua INC
Salvador Marin
13601 SW 182nd St

United Globe Cargo INC
Constanza Nakamura
7235 Nw 54th St

United Medical Industries Corp.
Jose Yero
8527 Nw 66th St

United Refrigeration Inc
Jose Gonzalez
6840 SW 58th Pl

United Refrigeration INC
Joe Ondeyka
1700 Ne 205th Ter

United Refrigeration INC
Willy Villedrouin
2400 Nw 23rd St

United Refrigeration INC
Jose Gonzalez
6350 Nw 74th Ave

United States Postal Service
Jan Verfurth
2200 Nw 72nd Ave

United Teleports INC
Ricardo Dias
19000 Ne 5th Ave

'United Way Of Miami-' . strtoupper('d') . 'ade INC'
Tamara Klingler
3250 SW 3rd Ave

Universal Health Staffing Services INC
John Curry
9830 SW 77th Ave Ste 135

Universal Trading & Engineering Corporation
Rosario Harper
2250 Nw 93rd Ave

University Of Miami
Aristides Ferrer
1500 Nw 12th Ave Ste 1026

University Of Miami
Laura Kasperski
1600 Nw 10th Ave Rm 2108

University Of Miami
Catherine Bernath
1120 Nw 14 St 9th Fl Ste 216

University Of Wynwood INC
Phillip Cunningham
500 Ne 56th St

Unzueta Horacio A
Horacio Unzueta
1422 SW 82nd Ct

Urban Oasis Project INC
Art Friedrich
6700 SW 52nd St

Urgent INC
Saliha Nelson
1000 Nw 1st Ave Ste 100

Urs Group Inc
Gary Engle
7650 Corporate Center Drive Suite 401

Usxport Inc
Jose Yankelevitch
9801 Collins Ave Apt 19v

V H L Aircraft Inc
Richard Arnold
5000 Nw 74th Ave

Valderas Tv Productions INC
Yamir Valderas
5040 Nw 7th St Ste 200

Van Orsdel Mortuaries Inc
Crystal Van Orsdel
3333 Northeast 2nd Ave

Vanegas Ventures LLC
Mario Padron
12043 SW 117th Ct

Veliz Ornamental LLC
Isael Veliz
16401 SW 216 St

Venture Hive LLC
Luis Amat, Jr.
1010 Ne 2nd Ave

Veteran Transportation Service INC
Susana Jimenez
2770 SW 23rd St

Veterans & Community Resource Center Corp.
Darien Bell
6660 Biscayne Blvd Ste 201

Veterans General Services LLC
Robert Lax
10000 SW 56th St Ste 3

Veterans Home Health Solutions LLC
Robert Lax
10000 SW 56th St Ste 3

Veterans Initiatives Inc
William Leon
'13909 SW 90 Ave Ste E-' . strtoupper('2') . '01'

Vetmeds INC
Andria Nelson
8950 SW 74th Ct Ste 2201

Vets For Success Inc
Douglas Root
14270 SW 68 St

Vibrations Alignment & Balancing Services Inc
Luis Valdes
12973 SW 112 St Suite 173

Victim Response INC
Angela Diaz-vidaillet
4444 SW 71 Avenue Ste 105

Victim Response INC
Angela Diaz-vidaillet
4444 SW 71 Avenue Ste 105

Victoriano Auto Tech Inc
Andres Victoriano
12600 SW 130th St Unit 12

Vidyalor INC
Tori Anderson
3590 Coral Way #511

Viewfinder Productions
Jose Penas
400 SW 23rd Ave

Vigilant Biosciences INC
Matthew Kim
701 Brickell Ave Ste 1550

Village Of El Portal
Jason Walker
500 Ne 87th St

Vintex Quality Care Inc
Jackie Marquez
7466 SW 48th St

Visionary Planning Inc
Lazaro Hernandez
318 Nw 23rd St

Visualscape INC
Ivan Vila
15980 Nw 117th Ave

Vizcaya Museum And Gardens Trust INC
Joel Hoffman
3251 South Miami Ave

Vizcayans Inc
Jeffrey Rynor
3251 S Miami Ave

Vmi Medical Supply Inc
Andrei Nelson
8950 SW 74th Ct Ste 2201

Vrs Doral LLC
Duanne Jordan
9800 Nw 41st St

Vy Marina Mile LLC
Richard Matalon
9515 SW 60th Ct

W2007 Equity Inns Realty LLC
Mona Rigdon
3655 Nw 82nd Ave

Walbaum Americana Corp.
Victor Ribon Caro
25 Se 2nd Ave Ste 714

Waste Management INCOf Florida
Lee Hicks
2125 Nw 10th Ct

'Water-' . strtoupper('l') . 'and Manufacturing INC'
Kelly Hays
9200 Nw 58 St

Waterless Eco Car Wash LLC
Nichola Orr
444 Ne 71st St

Wax Deborah J
Deborah Wax
8333 Nw 53 St Ste 450

We All One Foundation INC
Florens Julien
1300 Nw 192nd Ter

Wea Electrical Contractor Inc
Elsa Alfonso
15463 SW 18th Ln

Weaver & Weaver General Contractors Inc
Walter Weaver
8425 SW 96th Street

Webaoo (usa) INC
Alexandre Gonzales
20900 Ne 30th Ave Ste 727

Wescor Supportive Housing INC
Farren Oglesby
'18991 N Miami Ave Bld 4-' . strtoupper('2') . '01'

'West Campus -' . strtoupper(' ') . 'Miami Dade College'
Rolando Montoya
3800 N W 115th Ave

West Kendall Electric Inc
Elena Altvater
9305 SW 94th St

Westpak LLC
Alex Trujillo
6300 Northwest 99th Ave

Westwind Consulting Inc
Steve Bast
2801 Ne 183rd St Apt 1209

Wfc Lessee LLC
Stephanie Kominsky
777 Brickell Ave Ste 1100

Wfl Inc
Ivan Zapata
7274 Nw 70th St

'Whitesell-' . strtoupper('g') . 'reen Mcm Jv/'
Lissette C. Alonso Alonso
6201 SW 70th St Fl 2nd

Wilco Electrical LLC
Thomas Nemic
3651 Nw 79th Ave

William G Romanishin
William Romanishin
301 N Miami Ave

Williams Roushelle T
Roushelle Williams
15642 SW 108 Plc

Willowgreens Landscaping INC
Alejandro Villibord
2313 Nw 1st St

Willy's Paint & Body Shop Of Miami INC
William Pena
9493 Nw 12th St

Winestico Consultants LLC
Orlando Sthory
3390 Mary St Ste 116

Wiremasters Electric INC
Kent Crook
12201 SW 128 Court Ste 101

Withers/ Suddath Relocation Systems Inc
Jim Mcdonald
6900 Northwest 74th Ave

Withers/ Suddath Relocation Systems Inc
Jim Mcdonald
6900 Northwest 74th Ave

Withers/ Suddath Relocation Systems Inc
Jim Mcdonald
6900 Northwest 74th Ave

Withers/ Suddath Relocation Systems Inc
Jim Mcdonald
6900 Northwest 74th Ave

Women Grow Strong INC
Bernadette Morris
152 N.e. 167th Street Suite 403

Women In Transition Of South Florida INC
Diane Owens
6600 Nw 27th Avenue Annex A3

Workforce Communications Group Inc
Mike Reynolds
'1840 SW 22nd St Ste 4-' . strtoupper('6') . '43'

World Fuel Services Corporation
Regina Castro
9800 Nw 41st St Ste 400

World Fuel Services INC
Regina Castro
9800 Nw 41st St Ste 400

Mark R. Bartch
1221 Brickell Ave

Worldwide Cuban Music INC
Imilka Fernandez
9750 SW 45 St

Worldwide Ems Equipment Sales
Maricarmen Bandin
2711 SW 137th Ave Suite 81

Worldwide Laundry Inc
Marco Giancola
3325 N W 97th Ave

Worshipers' House Of Prayer INC
Marie Zizi
8350 Nw 7 Avenue

Wynne Building Corporation
Cathy Otero
8560 SW 124th Ave

'X-' . strtoupper('e') . 'eto INC'
Charles Baxter
2301 Nw 87th Ave Ste 503

Xia Holdings LLC
Julie Zhang
3790 Nw 11 St

Xpand Consulting Group LLC
Kirsty Barany
175 SW 7th St Ste 2102

Xpdent Corp
Ellen Kuch
12145 SW 131st Ave

Xtec Incorporated
Thomas Murphy
5775 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 280

Xumba INC
Herberth Aguilar
2427 Biscayne Blvd

Yeshiva Toras Chaim Inc
Harayl Askotzky
1025 Ne Miami Gardens Dr

Yez Communications LLC
Heidy Loeb
1901 Brickell Ave Apt B2402

'Youth Co-' . strtoupper('o') . 'p Inc'
Maria Rodriguez
3525 Nw 7th St

Yvonne Learning Center
Yvrose Beauregard
7561 Ne 1st Ave

Zoological Society Of Florida
Gregory Koch
12400 SW 152nd St

Zunzun Arts And Education Inc
Rita Ruesga
11021 SW 47 St

Zyscovich INC
Rachel Sak
100 Biscayne Blvd Ste 2700