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'1859-' . strtoupper('h') . 'istoric Hotels LTD.' to Gbsd Technologies INC

'1859-' . strtoupper('h') . 'istoric Hotels LTD.'
Lou Sanford
2322 Mac Davis Ln

3 Amigos Cattle INC
Gerald Schulte
7705 Genoa Ave

3 West Group LTD.
Thomas Meek, Ii
5225 S Loop 289 #110

A. L. O'neal Family Trust
Horace O'neal
'2107-' . strtoupper('5') . '6th St'

Abcd Fleming Family Trust
Bruce Fleming
4630 50th St Ste 618

Abilene Aero INC
Richard Casler
6304 N Cedar Ave

Adl 365 Inc
Shane Haas
5606 Geneva Ave

Ag Pro Exchange LLC
Billy Tiller
7602 University Ave Ste 100

Albay Group LLC
Gail Alleyne Bayne
3006 County Rd 7510

Alderson Enterprises LP
Chad Grant
1210 19th St

Allergy Asthma Clinic West Texas Inc
Sherry Allen
3502 22nd St

Alpha Labs LTD.
Steve Price
1505 Buddy Holly Ave

Applied Water Sciences Inc
Mike Steward
1908 1st St

Aviation Consolidated Services
Gary Harber
4414 82nd St Ste 212

B T & A Inc
Bill Irwin
4019 34th St

Ballet Lubbock Inc
Nicholas Dragga
5702 Genoa Ave

Batteries Etc INC
Grant Gafford
1506 Texas Ave

Battery Solutions Inc
Margaret Gafford
2301 Avenue B

Benchmark Business Solutions INC
Keith Peel
1607 Broadway St

Bigham Brothers INC
Tyler Peters
705 E Slaton Rd

Billye Mclaughlin Bypass Trust
Scott Mclaughlin
1508 Texas Ave

Bingham & Buffington LLC
Jack Buffington
3306 38th St

'Bio-' . strtoupper('m') . 'edical Applications Of Texas Inc'
Amy Bamford
1126 Slide Rd Unit 4b

'Bio-' . strtoupper('m') . 'edical Applications Of Texas INC'
Amy Bamford
6630 Quaker Ave Ste 102

Blackwater Engineers Inc
Calvin Worley
5719 Genoa Ave

Border States Electric Supply Of Texas INC
Jason Doty
2425 Texas Ave

Border States Electric Supply Of Texas INC
Jason Doty
5902 Spur 327

Brace Place Inc
Cathy Holmes
3719 24th St

Bradic Ronnie
Ronnie Bradic
102 E 84th

Breedlove Foods Inc
Hope Floeck
1818 N. Mlk Blvd

Broadview Agriculture INC
Jeremy Brown

Bscm Design LLC
Gregory Gamel
3424 Frankford Ave #1d

Buffington & Bingham LLC
Joel Buffington
3306 38th St

Built For Dreams INC
Alisha Gregg
3416 Joliet Ave

Carpet Tech
Stephanie Henderson
6613 19th St

Casa Orlando Apartments LTD
Jeff Carnell
1810 3rd St Apt 105

Cash Register Services INC
Skip Martin
13912 Fm 1730

Cev Multimedia LTD.
Karen Crowell
1020 Se Loop 289

Chambers Engineering LLC
Chris Chambers
5501 Spur 327

Chaparral Inc
Stephanie Howerton
2201 E Jamestown St

Children's Connections Inc
Debora Phillips
2514 82nd St Ste G

Cielo Systems International INC
Michael Goicoechea
2604 Boston Ave

Class On A Chip Inc
Tim Dallas
11516 Trafalgar Ave

Coalition Of Community Assistance Volunteers
Coalition Of Community Assistance Volunteers, Inc. (ccav)
3212 Ave Q

Community Correctional Systems And Family Education Services INC
Abel Chapa
2125 55th St

Community Health Center Of Lubbock INC
Michael Sullivan
1318 Broadway St

Community Workforce Partnership
Maria Keenmon
1301 Broadway Ste 201

Compliance Services Group Inc
John Sutter
7619 University Ave Unit 2a

Computer Career Center LP
Jim Tolbert
4620 50th St Ste 9

Consolidated Energy Services Global
Gary Harber
4414 82nd St Ste 212

Control Technologies INC
Robyn Jones
5710 40th St

Corn Producers Assoc Of Tx
Angie Martin
4205 N Interstate 27

Corner H Farms Inc
Cole Hamilton
5427 Fm 1729

Covenant Health System
Steve Beck
2002 W Loop 289 Ste 120

Cp Castle LP
Susan Langley
1102 58th St

Craftsman Printers INC
Belinda O'halloran
535 32nd St

Crawford Henry
Henry Crawford
4911 13th St

John Sutter
7619 University Ave Ste 2a

Ct Land & Cattle Co. LLC
Cheri Poe
6613 19th St

D's Pest Control Inc
Robert Duncan
5810 64th St

Day Family Partnership LTD
Gene Day
4017 88th St

Deran Inc
Douglas Randolph
9405 N County Road 2000

Diocese Of Lubbock Inc
Cynthia Quintanilla
102 Avenue J

Dsm Farms
Steve Patterson
3410 Joliet Ave

Ea Engineering Science And Technology INC Pbc
Kathryn Kuwabara
7304 Ironton Ave

Edward G & J Mack Iii Noble Ptnrs
Mickey Henry
4601 50th St Ste 220

Essence Bottling Company Of Texas INC
Brian Reed
2902 Municipal Dr

Family Foot And Ankle Care Pllc
Adam Nguyen
3702 22nd Pl

Family Promise Of Lubbock Inc
Jeff Malpiede
1319 15th St

Feazell Jerry
Kim Lucio
5601 70th St

Finca Mia LLC
Phillip Houchin
6901 Quaker Ave Ste 100

Firetrol Protection Systems INC
Kevin Bryant
8401 Avenue F

G & V Investments
Gary Mccallister
5706 62d St

Gbsd Technologies INC
Mike Powers
9924 Reese Blvd N # 36

Genesis Air Inc to Nixon Benny

Genesis Air Inc
James Crowder
5202 Cr 7350 Suite D

Gill Construction Co. Inc
Jerry Parrish
5704 41st

Gkw Properties LTD.
Glenn Williams
5012 50th St Ste 201

Gkw Properties LTD.
Glenn Williams
5012 50th St Ste 201

Global Operative Solutions LLC
Elizabeth Mendez
5512 35th St

Grg Sanders & Co.
Ricky Sanders
502 Fm 1585

Herrera Hector J
Hector Herrera
5844 49th

High Plains Surgery Center LP
John Sautter, Jr.
3610 22nd St

'High-' . strtoupper('t') . 'ech Land And Gps Surveyors INC'
Melissa Watkins
3330 70th St Ste 202

Homer Causseaux Estate Trust
Cindy Henson
4009 97th St

Housing Authority Of City Of Lubbock
Michael Chapman
1708 Crickets Ave

Hub City Healthcare INC
Matt Mewborn
3710 4th St

Hugo Reed & Associates Inc
Stevan Coleman
1601 Ave N

Hurley Packaging Of Texas INC
Brian Reed
2902 E Municipal Dr

Itsquest Inc
Joe Stack
4505 82nd St Ste 3

J.p. Jenkins INC
Jay Jenkins
5811 34th St Ste B

Jansen Cleaning Service Inc
Maria Jones
7433 Marsha Sharp Frwy Ste A

Jay & Virginia Crofoot Management Trust
Jay Crofoot
4901 Lakeridge Dr

Jjj Farms LLC
Patti Jones
6204 Ncr 2000

Katrin Sakthi Enterprises LLC
Siva Parameswaran
7507 Quincy Ave

Kelcal Inc
Caleb Elliott
6320 10th St

Kennedy Don
Don Kennedy
3436 W Loop 289 Spc 81

King Consultants INC
Henry King
1205 E 46th St

Kirk's Contracting
Kenneth Kirk
3608 58th St

Kiromic LLC
Maurizio Chiriva Internati
6104 45th St Ste D

Knox Veterans Haven
Noel Knox
5802 27th St

Kurt & Paula Loveless Farms LLC
Paula Loveless
2420 Quaker Ste 104

La Mancha Investments LTD.
Mark Garrison
116 E 42nd St

Lane Fishmore Inc
Duane Mcqueen
8407 Avenue P

Lane Fishmore Odessa LP
Duane Mcqueen
8407 Avenue P

Learn Inc
Esmeralda Benitez
2161 50th St Ste 115

Learn: Lonestar Education And Research Network
Kerry Mobley
3726 20th St

Leeagra INC
Lynn Lee
1309 E 50th St

Legal Aid Society Of Lubbock Inc
C Kay Caballero
916 Main St Ste 103

Leland L Bowyer
Leland Bowyer
5711 78th St

Lifetime Independence For Everyone INC
Michelle Crain
8240 Boston Ave

Lkm Lowe Family Partnership LTD.
Nathan Lowe
2313 Broadway

Lone Oak Homes L.c.
George Hardberger
4601 13th St

Lopez Jaime Arnold
Jaime Lopez
'7310-' . strtoupper('9') . '4th'

Lubbock Audio Visual INC
Stan Wagnon
2120 Avenue Q

Lubbock Auto And Trailers
Earnest Lykins
5519 101st Pl

Lubbock Boy's & Girl's Club Inc
Tom Vermillion
3221 59th St

Lubbock Colonial Group LP
Jana Tidmore
4602 Englewood Ave

Lubbock County Hospital District
Brent King
602 Indiana Ave

Lubbock County Soil And Water Conservation District
Joan Attebury
6113 43rd St Ste A

Lubbock Entertainment And Performing Arts Association
Rob Allison
1500 Broadway Ste 1254

Lubbock Fitness INC
Jason Bullard
5717 Slide Rd Unit A

Lubbock Ii Enterprises LLC
Janice Johnson
5502 W 4th Street

Lubbock Independent School District
Mark Hayes
1628 19th St

Lubbock Microshield INC
C. Mark Fred
5847 50th St

Lubbock Radio Paging Service INC
Dusty Earl
1515 Avenue J

Lubbock Rape Crisis Center
Kim Stark, Lmsw

Lubbock Reese Redevelopment Authority Corporation
Bill Miller
9801 Reese Blvd N Ste 200

Lubbock Regional Mental Health Mental Retardation Center
Robyn Johnston Johnston
1602 10th St

Lubbock Symphony Orchestra
Mary Saathoff, Ph.d.
601 Ave K

Lubbock Tech Sales LTD
Danny Broyles
5744 40th St

Lubbock Victims Assistance Svcs Inc
Pam Alexander
1116 Broadway St Apt C

'Lubbock-' . strtoupper('c') . 'ooper Ind Sch Dist'
Gary Frye
16302 Loop 493

Lubbock City Of
Jana Johnston
1500 Broadway Fl 6

Lvr Carpet Center INC
Keith Rogers
8516 Urbana Ave

M2j2 Farms LTD.
Mike Field
2112 Indiana Ave

Managed Care Center For Addictive & Other Disorders
Susan Lilly
1715 26th St

Marshall Electric
Todd Marshall
4929 17th St

Mary Luccock Livermore Foundation
Jane Livermore
2703 81st St

Maxor National Pharmacy Services Corporation
Carl Birdsong
3706 20th St Ste A

Mc&o INC
Rebecca Owen
1502 Texas Ave

Meers Enterprises Inc
Kyle Meers
9606 Hwy 87

Metro City Electric INC
Gregory Bills
6806 2nd St

Middlebrook Doyce
Marvin Middlebrook
9710 N Fm 2528

Mike And Angela Patterson Joint Venture
Mike Patterson
3410 Joliet Ave

Momentum Saxet LLC
Dylan Burns
1806 Fm2378

Nana's Nappies
Carolyn Poe
6811 2nd St

Neofluidics LLC
Deepak Solomon
4110 22nd Pl

Nixon Benny
Benny Nixon
5214 68th St Ste 108

No Life Wasted to 'X-' . strtoupper('f') . 'ab Texas Inc'

No Life Wasted
Jared Dempsey
4615 10th St

Noisefigure Research LLC
Jerry Lopez
1915 13th St Apt A

Novofluidix INC
Nicole Vanapalli
2407 20th St

Nts Communications INC
Cyrus Driver
1220 Brdwy

Open Road Mobility LLC
Margie (tina) Gibson
7411 82nd St

Osteogenics Biomedical Inc
Chad Bartee
4620 71st St Spc 78

Parenting Cottage Inc
Carla Olson
3818 50th St

Parkview Development Limited Partnership
Heather Ventura
6402 Hartford Ave

Pat Webb Electric Company
Pat Webb
5720 70th St

Paul's Project
Chris Moore
5704 77th St

Platinum Bank
Marci Akard
6502 Slide Rd Ste 110

Precision Body Works INC
Rojean Brewer
1302 98th St

Pride Network INC
Aaron Peters
5307 W Loop 289

Pride Network INC
Aaron Peters
5307 W Loop 289

Printing Consultants Inc
Michael Stevens
2407 82nd St

Pro Petroleum INC
Tiffany Dyson
4710 4th St

'Psc-' . strtoupper('s') . 'chenkelshultz: A Joint Venture'
Robert Rollo
4222 85th St

Raider Manufacturing LTD.
Clifford Fischer
2008 E 50th St

Ray Douglas Anderson Family Trust
Ann Hund
4615 93rd St

Reagor Auto Mall LTD.
Sheila Miller
1211 19th St

Region Xvii Education Service Center
Kerry Wright
1111 W Loop 289

Rehab Properties LLC
David Fleming
4630 50th St Ste 618

Republic Waste Services Of Texas LTD
Rhonda Salmon
1408 N Mlk

Research & Testing Laboratory Of South Plains LLC
Richard Wolcott
4321 Marsha Sharp Frwy. Door#2

'Rhac -' . strtoupper(' ') . 'Garden LLC'
Stephanie Foster
1340 65th Dr

'Rhac -' . strtoupper(' ') . 'High Plains LLC'
Stephanie Foster
1607 Iola Ave

Robert L Noble Trust
William Noble
4202 78st

Robert Madden Industries LTD.
Travis Roach
6021 43rd St

Roofs INC
Jason Hand
2711 E Slaton Rd

Russell E. Womack INC
Sara Johnson
1300 E 42nd St

Salvation Army (ga) (inc)
Bobby Parker
1111 16th St

Scout Energy Inc
Craig Wallin
1102 Slide Rd Ste 30

Shannon And Lana Shaw
Shannon Shaw
6770 Deer Rd

Silver Village Partners LP
Kim Siegert
5401 54th St

Singenis Corporation INC
Paul Anderson
4601 S Loop 289 Ste 25

Skb Farms LLC
Kathy Cummings
5809 Duke St

Smartfield INC
Cindy Yanzuk
2601 Se Loop 289 Ste B

Smartwind Technologies LLC
John Schroeder
6307 Cnty Rd 7410

Smith Mary
Mary Smith
2318 57th St

Sobolewski Michael
Michael Sobolewski
9204 Fulton Ave

South Plains Association Of Governments
Tim Pierce
1323 58th St

South Plains Economic Development District
Tim Pierce
1323 58th Street

Southwest Regional Pcr LLC
Richard Wolcott
4321 Marsha Sharp Fwy Ste 2

Southwest Regional Wound Care Center
Randall Wolcott
2002 Oxford Ave

Spade Ranches LTD
Debby Strong
4412 74th St Ste A 101

Special Tactics And Rescue Consulting LLC
Ryan Lewis
10802 Memphis #4

Springer Bar S Ranch LLC
Glenn Springer
5001 92nd St

Syseng LLC
Jeevan Maddala
1921 76th St

Tanner Larry J
Larry Tanner
3205 55th St

Tascosa Office Machines Inc
Richard King
1502 Avenue Q

Terra Testing Inc
Ajit Govindan
5208 Marasha Sharp Freeway

Texas Careers Inc
Vickie Davis
1421 9th St Ste 101

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Erin Woods
3601 4th St Ms 6271

Timmons Cody Brent
Cody Timmons
15402 County Road 1860

Tom Mandry Electric INC
Jeremy Donahoo
5843 49th St

Total Billing Specialty
Lynette Hill
4630 50th St Ste 404

Traceanalysis Inc
Blair Leftwich
6701 Aberdeen Ave Ste 9

Trans Intelligence LLC
Hongchao Liu
5520 County Road 7540

Transitional Learning Center Of Galveston
Lee Kinard
4000 22nd Pl 3rd Fl

Trew Ranch LLC
Dean Trew
6304 York Dr Unit A

Trinity Company
David Jones
2411 Ave E

U Lofts LLC Dba Lofts On Main LLC
Joseph Pasquale
1001 University Ave

Unifirst Corporation
Alexander Glass
1727 E 8th St

United Refrigeration INC
David Brackett
701 E 44th St

Usa Texas Homeland Security & Sound LTD.
David Burns
7415 Brownfield Hwy Unit 6

W2005/fargo Hotels (pool C) Realty LP
Mona Rigdon
5310 W Loop 289

Wayland Baptist University
David Bishop
801 N Quaker Ave

Wayland Baptist University
David Bishop
801 N Quaker Ave

West Texas Innocence Project
Nick Vilbas
1511 Texas Ave

West Texas Native American As
Bill Skillman
1831 E 25th St

Willingham Jacinda L.
Jacinda Willingham
2216a 33rd St

Women's Protective Services Of Lubbock INC
Sherry Taylor
8910 S University Ave

Woody Investments LLC
Dwain Woody
1500 Broadway St Ste 1205

'X-' . strtoupper('f') . 'ab Texas Inc'
Ed Pascasio
2301 N University Ave