Grand Prairie Texas

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2m Solutions INC to 'Es-' . strtoupper('q') . 'ri Jv'

2m Solutions INC
Suhaib Allababidi
802 Greenview Dv Ste100

Able Communications INC
Hank Lopez
1413 Avenue H

Advanced Integration Technology Grand Prairie LP
Kory Kelly
901 Avenue S

Advanced Rubber Molding INC
Elaine Richardson
1202 E Avenue J

Agente' Technical LLC
Betty Odeneal
2440 Kingsley Dr

Aguirre Project Resources LLC
Charles Aguirre
2955 Wood Lake Trl

Airbus Helicopters INC
Michele Stoudt-wright
2701 N Forum Dr

Allumed INC
Gary Davis
2001 108th St Ste 104

American Transit
Sandra Gibbins
3271 Yeltes

Americom Automation Services INC
Justin Pelayo
2100 N State Hwy 360 Ste 1404

Analytical Food Laboratories INC
Rebecca Pfundheller
865 Greenview Dr

Argyle W Tucker Inc
Argyle Tucker
2105 Ravenwood Dr

Arlington School Of Court Reporting Inc
Tom Vecchio
901 Ave K

Avcor Health Care Products INC
Bruce Cheatham
2750 113th St Ste 300

Ayodele Oyeniran A
Oyeniran Ayodele
2305 Oak Ln Ste 202

Bean Sheila
Sheila Bean
5409 Prairie Ln

Black Anvil Construction Supplies LLC
Lori Moncur
2202 113th St Ste 100

Brighter Tomorrows Inc
Becky Fowler
1015 S Beltline Rd

Bumblebee Energy Group LLC
Malcolm Jackson
2808 Bristo Pk St

Russ Kyler
3110 S Great Southwest Pkwy

Ccf Enterprises INC
Kelly Coker
2449 Nw Dallas St

Center For Global Emancipation
Courtney Riley
7236 Portillo

Central West Motor Stages Inc
Lucas Bleeker
3426 Gilbert Rd

Cfm Materials LP
Tim Floyd
3010 Red Hawk Dr Ste 120

Children First INC
Darcy Harris
202 College St

Choice Federal Solutions LLC
Mark Schroeder
1110 Loving Trl

Cititax LLC
Tera Norris
431 W Pioneer Pkwy

Claytons Mark Affordable LLC
Deedra Burroughs
504 SW 23rd St

Clean Air Mechanical Services INC
Jesus Garcia
605 E Palace Pkwy Ste D3

Compressed Air Systems LLC
Paul Ratterree
2626 Skyway Dr

Current Environmental Solutions LLC
Joseph Pezzullo
909 Ne 11th St

D Lux Movers And Storage Inc
Kevin Topper
1309 Avenue H

D Lux Movers And Storage Inc
Kevin Topper
1309 Avenue H

'Dal-' . strtoupper('t') . 'ex Specialty & Manufacturing Co.'
Michael Knight
1161 Ruggles St

Delta Group Electronics INC
Sandy Olive
2920 N State Highway 360 Ste 100

Design/systems Group INC
John Hardy
402 S Ctr St

Destination Life
Zemelda Carr
6832 Shalloway Dr
Jason Mitchell
2100 S Great SW Pkwy Ste 403

Ds Services Of America INC
Mike Moffenbier
3405 High Prairie Rd

'Entech Associates/entech Signs -' . strtoupper(' ') . 'Alpha Led LLC'
Steve Teas
1905 West Arbor Rose Dr

Es Squared LLC
Albert Mitchell
530 S. Carrier Pkwy Suite 310

'Es-' . strtoupper('q') . 'ri Jv'
Albert Mitchell
530 S Carrier Pkwy #310

Extra Space Management Inc to North Texas Circuit Board Co. INC

Extra Space Management Inc
Megan Pidduck
2255 N Highway 360

Fairwind Contractors Inc
Savio Halapio
425 Quarter Horse Dr

Fastener Specialty INC
Marge Meyer
2435 109th St

Global Auto Logistics LLC
Sandra Kay Lester
2454 Nw Dallas St

Grand Prairie Cultural Arts Council Incorporated
Libby Clawson
116 E Main St

Grand Prairie Ford LP
David Steen
701 E Palace Pkwy

Grand Prairie Independent School District
Ray Wilks
2602 S Beltline Rd

Great Lakes Procurement
Gary Scheer
2606 C Aviation Pkwy Unit C

H.i.s. Promise Transitional Housing INC
Lavonne James
1351 Skyline Rd

Hagans Plastics Co. Inc
Dennis Hagan
121 W Rock Island Rd

Desmond Iwuagwu
644 E Sandra Ln

Hearing Lab Technology LLC
Jeff Rutan
3385 Roy Orr Blvd

Herrera Thomas Rojas
Thomas Herrera Jr
2445 January Ln

Hl Electronics
Kartick Kudtarkar
2113 109th St

Holt Texas LTD.
Diana (dee Dee) Perez
2615 N Forum Dr

Honeydo Residential And Commercial LLC
Terry Brown
2711 Waterfront Dr

Insco Charles
Charles Insco
2030 Huntington St

Jackson Deborah E
Deborah Jackson
4329 Perrine Pl

Jeanie Jane Foundation
Joycelyn Bagby
4213 Woodward Ct

Jenco Electronics
Jon Pruitt
306 Nw 25th St

John E. Morgan Family Partnership LTD.
John Morgan
2334 Ravenwood Dr

Jones Janeen N
Janeen Jones
3033 Bardin Rd Apt 512

Jones Jimmie
Jimmie Jones
2630 Fairmont Dr

'L-' . strtoupper('s') . 'ync LLC'
Joe James
2911 Mirado

Lafayette Shantosh
Shantosh Lafayette
2770 Bardin Rd Apt 1106

Laselec Inc
Jerome Fritsch
2605 N Forum Dr

Lin James
James Lin
2313 King Richard Dr.

Lockheed Martin Corporation
Lauren Douglass
1701 W Marshall Dr

Lone Star Communications INC
Ronald Kruse
1414 Post N Paddock St Ste 200

Lr General Solutions LLC
Lisa Belcastro
1502 Houston St

M T Training Center
Emily Sotelo
1801 S Great Southwest Pkwy

M Washington & Associates Inc
Mary Barton
20 Heritage Ct

Marys Haven Of Hope Inc
Mary Jones
856 Robinsonct

Mcgowan Sophia
Sophia Mcgowan
1111 N Carrier Pkwy Apt B140

Mcmerlin Dental Products LP
Aaron Hendershott
1610 W Polo Rd

'Mid-' . strtoupper('c') . 'ities Home Medical Delivery Service L L C'
Tracy Reep
3011 Red Hawk Dr

Mooring Recovery Services INC
Rick Linahan
2110 113th St

National Church Residences Of Grand Prairie Tx
Dave Kayuha
110 Nw 2nd St Apt 101

National Institute Of Packaging Handling And Logistics Engineers INC
Michael Werneke
5903 Ridgeway Dr

Neosrapeutics LP
Steve Lutz
2940 N Hwy 360

Netfires LLC
Michael Gentrup
2400 W Marshall Dr

North Texas Circuit Board Co. INC
Gunny Babaria
1501 W Shady Grove Rd

Origin Instruments Corp to 'Wylie-' . strtoupper('e') . 'still LTD.'

Origin Instruments Corp
Jill Williams
854 Greenview Dr

Cezar Olivas
1000 Post N Paddock Ste 302

Passat Laundry Systems INC
Peggy Bland
2425 109th St

Pavecon LTD
Daniel Kilman
3022 Roy Orr Blvd

Pci Logistics INC
John Damele
3025 Hardrock Rd

Polk Mechanical Company LLC
Bob Pruden
2425 Dillard St

Premier Logitech LLC
Darryl Smith
1100 Ave T

Prosource Industries INC
Sarah Fredella
1700 111th St

Qsm Int'l Inc
Clement Bedford
2100 S Great Southwest Pkwy Ste 207

R & B Electronics INC
Karlie Laitinen
2374 Nw Dallas St

Ram Products Co LP
Matt Tate
909 W North Carrier Pkwy

Ramco Laundry Machinery INC
Ralph Mcmillan
2925 114th St

Reycomp Inc
Reycomp Inc Rey
2525 Dalworth St

Rg Talent Solutions LLC
Reginald Calhoun Sr
2803 Barco

Rowland Bryan
Bryan Rowland
1205 SW 5th St

Ryan Herco Products Corp.
Customer Service
1330 Post N Paddock St Ste 800

Sagem Avionics LLC
Thierry Derrien
2802 Safran Dr

Signature Contracting Services LLC
Marsha Newberry
1510 Jelmak St

Smith Marc
Marc Smith
2650 S Forum Dr Apt 7208

Sowah Nyreen
Nyreen Sowah
4951 Eyrie Ct

Sts Operating INC
Bill Foy
1172 113th St

Suddath Relocation Systems Of Texas Inc
Mark Campbell
1990 N Hwy 360

Texas Starwares INC
Kay Wolcott
2606 A Aviation Pkwy

Texstars LLC
Dina Bunyea
802 Ave J E

'The Sherwin-' . strtoupper('w') . 'illiams Company'
Mike May
113 Ne 2nd St

Thyssenkrupp Materials Na INC
Bret Harenza
3001 Aloutte Drive Ste 100

Trans Global Auto Logistics Inc
Sandra Lester
2454 Nw Dallas St

Triencon Services INC
Jeffrey Edwards
1000 Post And Paddock St Ste 200

Trinity Companies LLC
Aja Savoy
2100 S Great Southwest Pkwy Ste 501

'Triumph Accessory Services -' . strtoupper(' ') . 'Grand Prairie Inc'
Joe O'brien
1038 Santerre Dr

Truck Truck Trucking Inc
Saleh Aldhhik
4701 Alamo Ct

'U-' . strtoupper('t') . 'urn Fasteners INC'
John Ricard
2127 S. Great Southwest Pkwy Ste 201

Uniflight LLC
Renee Wilson
2617 Aviation Pkwy

United Wireless Services INC
Flona Bui
2727 Gillespie Ct

Veteran Lighting Supply & Service INC
Julie Bailey
1173 109th St

Voa Millen Homes Inc
Betty Morris
2751 Hampton

Waste Partners Of Texas INC
Sandy Kittle
3324 Roy Orr Blvd

Western States Fire Protection Company
Luke Cope
2345 W Warrior Trl

Williams Julie A
Julie Williams
7319 Compas

Williams Trina
Trina Wynne
727 S Great Southwest Pkwy Apt 249

Wounded Troops Up LLC
Tracy Reep
3011 Red Hawk Drive Ste A

'Wylie-' . strtoupper('e') . 'still LTD.'
John Hartin
2506 W Marshall Dr