Oakland California

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14th Street Associates A California Limited Partnership to Dimensions Danceater Inc

14th Street Associates A California Limited Partnership
Susan Johnson
1801 14th St

2400 Port Street LLC
Marji English
1939 Harrison St Ste 605

555 Oakland City Center LLC
Lisa Rucks
555 12th St Ste 250

A & G Music Products Co
Richard Akright
564 14th St

A-List Communication
Amanda Peeters
4100 Redwood Rd #296

Abbott Kerry
Kerry Abbott
1204 Preservation Park Way

Abram Housing Corporation
Cletis Young
1094 Alcatraz Ave

Acc Environmental Consultants INC
Don Foote
7977 Capwell Dr Ste 100

Accurate C&s Services INC
Regina Jones
8105 Edgewater Dr Ste 225

Achieve Academy
Richard Mcneel
1700 28th Ave

Act General Building Construction INC
Miguel Tolmo
3906 Allendale Ave

Acts Full Gospel Church
George Matthews
1034 66th Ave

Acumen Building Enterprise Inc
Marlene Barrett
7770 Pardee Ln Ste 200

Aeko Consulting
Gboyega Aladegbami
1939 Harrison St Ste 420

Aeko Consulting
Gboyega Aladegbami
1939 Harrison St Ste 420

Africa Scientific Institute
Lee Cherry
527 32nd St

Agribag INC
Annie Chang
3925 Alameda Ave

Agrifolia Materials
Richard Yu
4119 Terr St Apt B

Aids Project Of East Bay
Jillian Young
1320 Webster St

Aiken & Welch Inc
Kelly Roemer
1 Kaiser Plz Ste 250

Alameda Contra Costa Lions Central Committee For Blind Inc
Michelle Taylor Lagunas
2115 Broadway

Alameda County
Diana Cruz
2000 Embarcadero 101

Alameda County Community Food Bank INC
Erick Lovdahl
7900 Edgewater Dr

Alameda County Congestion Management Agency
Trinity Nguyen
1333 Broadway St Ste 220

Alameda County Medical Center
Mark Fratzke
1411 E 31st St

Alameda County Medical Center
Jody Copeland
1411 E 31 St

Alameda County Transportation Commision
Lily Balinton
1333 Broadway St Ste 220

Alameda County Waste Management Authority
Justin Lehrer
1537 Webster St

Alameda Newspapers Inc
Linda Bradford
401 13th St

Alameda County Of
Keith Waltrip
1000 Broadway Ste 300

Alameda County Of
David Modersbach
1900 Fruitvale Avenue Ste 3e

Alameda County Of
Maricela Foster
2000 Embarcadero Ste 300

Alameda County Of
Muntu Davis
1000 Broadway St Ste 5000

Alameda County Of
Tim Dupuis
1106 Madison St Rm 336

Alameda County Of
Kristin Spanos
2000 San Pablo Ave

Alameda County Of
Robert Quinlan
1225 Fallon St Ste 100

Alameda County Of
Rachel Johnson
1401 Lakeside Dr 10th Fl

Alameda County Of
Kiko Malin
1000 Braodway Ste 500

Alameda County Of
Patricia Hsu
400 Bradway

Alcorn Darryl
Darryl Alcorn
3544 Monterey Blvd

Ali Ayan
Ayan Ali
150 17th St Apt 605

Alice: Arts And Literacy In Children's Education
Helen Stoltzfus
3927 Forest Hill Ave

Allen Group LLC
Schatzie Jefferson
5640 Martin Luther King Jr Way

Allen Temple Arms Manor
Susan Ruan Ruan
7607 International Blvd

Allen Temple Development Corporation No. 2
Susan Ruan Ruan
1388 81st St

Allen Temple Gardens
Susan Ruan Ruan
10121 International Blvd

Alliance For Climate Education Inc
Katherine Frazier-archila
426 17th St Ste 450

Allied Fluid Products Corp.
Steve Woodbury
5303 Adeline St

Allotrope Partners LLC
Robert Hambrecht
409 13th St 19 Floor

Almazol Susan
Octave Baker
1934 B Park Blvd

Alternatives In Action
Oriana Obligacion
3666 Grand Ave # A

Amec Geomatrix INC
Marion Thatch
2101 Webster St Ste 1200

American University Of Armenia Corp
Lorraine Alexander
300 Lakeside Dr 5th Fl

American Viniyoga Institute LLC
Stephanie Harding
5972 Chabolyn Ter

Amethod Public Schools
Jorge Lopez
4215 Foothill Blvd

Amethod Public Schools
Jorge Lopez
345 12th St

Amethod Public Schools
Jorge Lopez
301 12th St

Amnav Maritime Corporation
Milt Merritt
201 Burma Rd

Api Cultural Center Inc
Tamiko Wong
388 9th St Ste 290

Applied Materials & Engineering Inc
Armen Tajirian
980 41 St

Aqua Metals Reno INC
Thomas Murphy
1035 22nd Ave Unit 16

Ariel Outreach Mission Inc
Nadine Scott
8825 International Blvd

Arrow Sign Co.
Charlie Stroud
1051 46th Ave

Asian Health Services
Sherry Hirota
818 Webster St

Asian Immigrant Women Advocates Inc
Young Shin
310 8th St Ste 301

Asian Pacific Partners For Empowerment Advocacy And Leadership
Rod Lew
300 Frank H Ogawa Plaza Suite 620

Asociacion Interamericana Para La Defensa Del Ambiente
Anna Cederstav
426 17th St Fl 6

Association Of Asian-Pacific Community Health Organizations
Jeffrey Caballero
300 Frank H Ogawa Plz Ste 620

Astra Health Care
William Shelton
2141 Broadway Ste 201

Asylum Access
Sally Sharrow
1611 Telegraph Ave Ste 1111

Attitudinal Healing Connection Inc
Amana Harris
3278 West St

Avatar Industries Incorporated
Barbara Banash
4332 Fruitvale Ave

B Mongol Inc
Enkhbaatar Nyamjav
1448 Madison St #406

Baker Distributing Company LLC
Rhonda Waag
180 Hegenberger Loop Ste A & B

Bancroft Senior Homes
Cletis Young
5636 Bancroft Ave

Bay Area Children'satre
Nina Meehan
6114 La Salle Ave #431

Bay Area Legal Aid
Alex Gulotta
1735 Telegraph Ave

Bay Area Toll Authority
Gary Louie
101 8th St

Bay Area Women Against Rape
Marcia Blackstock
470 27th St

Bay Technology School
Hayri Hatipoglu
8251 Fontaine St

Bayside Media
Melanie Mcmullen
201 4th St 305

Bayview Environmental Services INC
Marvin Henderson
6925 San Leandro St

Bear River Associates INC
Anthony Meadow
436 14th St Ste 300

Beezwax Datatools INC
Andrew Reichart
200 Frank H Ogawa Plz7th Flr

Beneficial State Bank
Monique Nguyen
1438 Webster St Ste 100

Berkeley Biolabs INC
Ryan Bethencourt
360 Vernon St Apt 216

Beth Eden Housing Development
Cletis Young
1100 Market St

Bevilacqua-Knight Inc
Brian Gitt
1000 Broadway Ste 410

Bill Doggett Productions LLC
Gene Deanna
365 Euclid Ave Apt 309

Bionexus Incorporated
Azita Berloui
222 Madison St Ste 200

Bkjm Moving Services LLC
Johanna Lobaton
680 85th Ave

Black Hills Nanosystems Corporation
Gina Kim
1941 Jackson Street #9

Blink-Lab Architecture INC
June Grant
4228 Martin Luther King Jr Way

Blossom Foods LLC
Susan Adams
6340 Pinehaven Rd

Blue Earth Consultants LLC
Tegan Hoffmann
283 4th Street

Blue Pen Agency INC
Emily Haynes
868 Walker Ave #4

Bona Fide Films INC
Holly Million
4200 Park Blvd. #544

Bonita House INC
Lorna Jones
6333 Telegraph Ave Ste 102

Brian Fulfrost And Associates
Brian Fulfrost
56 Rio Vista Ave

Bridge West Oakland Housing INC
Susan Johnson
1143 10th St

Bright Research Group Inc
Brightstar Ohlson
660 13th St Ste 202

Brighter Beginnings
Barbara Mccullough
2648 International Blvd

Brita Products Company
Bob Ferretti
1221 Broadway 290

Broadway Franklin LLC
Smith Kitporka
1111 Broadway Ste 1400

Brock Rita Nakashima
Rita Brock
1703 Clemens Rd

Browhaw Lisa
Lisa Browhaw
3143 62nd Ave

Bruce S. Rosenblatt & Associates LLC
Amos Baki
2201 Broadway Ste 504

Bryan Hilary
Stella Lawson
5392 Miles Ave #4

Building Owners & Manager Association
Stephen Shepard
1000 Broadway Ste 200k

Building Robotics INC
Andrew Krioukov
360 17th St #204

Burbank Orchards Inc
Cletis Young
303 Hegenberger Rd Ste 201

Burge Richard G
Glyn Burge
490 Grand Ave Ste 200

Burma Refugee Family Network Inc
Su Su Maung
655 International Blvd

Buttner Properties Inc
Marianne Robison
600 W Grand Ave

Bww Pharmaceuticals LLC
Larry Chatmon
1814 Franklin St Ste 310

C.h.k. Manufacturing INC
Michael Kuo
960 98th Ave

Calidad Industries Inc
Cheryl Sudduth
1301 30th Ave

California Generator Service Corporation
Tom Auer
7723 Oakport St

California Institute For Nursing And Healthcare
Judith Berg
663 13th St Ste 300

California Ocean Science Trust
Elizabeth Whiteman
1330 Broadway Ste 1530

California Physician Alliance
William Skeen
620 3rd St

California Regional Extension Center
David Ford
180 Grand Ave Suite 750

California Wildlife Foundation
Janet Cobb
428 13th St Ste 10a

Cantare Con Vivo
Janice Lee
1611 Telegraph Ave Ste 801

Captricity INC
Brian Busch
360 22nd St Ste 850

Cardea Services
April Pace
614 Grand Ave Ste 400

Carol H. Williams Advertising
Matt Taylor
1625 Clay St # 8

Cat's Feet LLC
Marycatherine Cross
5920 Mauritania Ave

Catholic Charities Of Diocese Of Oakland
Elaine Zhang
433 Jefferson St

Cava Consulting
Fj Cava
2600 International Blvd Apt 18

Cchnc South Lake Towers INC
Cletis Young
1501 Alice St

Cchnc Visalia Senior Housing Corporation
Cletis Young
303 Hegenberger Rd Ste 201

Ceitta LLC
Steven Shelton
2011 10th Ave Apt 3

Cell Data Sciences Inc
Lucian Orbai
6824 Paso Robles Drive

Center For Career Evaluations INC
Alan Nelson
1330 Broadway Ste 936

Center For Large Scale Social Change LLC
Richard Kohl
510 49th St Ste 202

Center For Popular Research Education & Policy
Henry Herrera
840 55th St Apt 5

Center On Race Poverty & Environment
Fred Tse
1999 Harrison St Ste 650

Center To Promote Healthcare Access INC
Chi Huynh
1333 Broadway Ste 605

Centerforce INC
Julie Lifshay
1904 Franklin St Ste 418

Central Parking System INC
Femi Browne
1250 Martin Luther King J

Centro Legal De La Raza Inc
Jennifer Miller
3022 International Blvd Ste 410

Certified Janitorial LLC
Fallon Johnson
7700 Edgewater Dr Ste 647

Ch2m Hill INC
Annie Bauler
155 Grand Ave Ste 800

Chabot Space & Science Center Foundation
Jill Knowland
10000 Skyline Blvd

Changelab Solutions
Dana Serleth
2201 Broadway Ste 502

Chris Miles
3240 Peralta St #16

Chemical Compounding Company
Fred Paxton
791 66th Ave

Chestnut Linden Associates A California Limited Partnership
Susan Johnson
1060 W Grand Ave

Chow Engineering Inc
Reuben Chow
7770 Pardee Ln # 100

Christian Church Homes Of Northern California
Cletis Young
275 28th St

Churchfield Charles
Charles Churchfield
230 Madison St

Scott Steinwert
1814 Franklin St Ste 1000

Cirrus Identity Inc
Dedra Chamberlin
4031 Brighton Ave

City Slicker Farms
Ariel Dekovic
1625 16th St

Civicorps Schools
Shannon Bowen
101 Myrtle St

Clark Booker T
Marcus Clark
2103 Macarthur Blvd

Cleo Vilett Painting
Cleo Vilett
560 2nd St

Cma Asset Managers INC
Thomas Lacey
1250 Martin Luther King Way

Cmt Integration Inc
Michael Hudson
1000 Broadway Ste 280

Coburn Erin Shane
Erin Coburn
368 Van Buren Ave

Cohen Manfred
Manfred Cohen
1714 Franklin St

Coleman-Kumar Lana
Lana Coleman-kumar
2554 E 16th St Apt 27

College Track
Jonathan Thornton
117 Broadway Street

Commercial Waste & Recycling LLC
Joshua Fookes
725 Independent Rd

Community Bank Of Bay
Chaula Pandya
1750 Broadway

Community Economics Inc
Linda Rivers
538 9th St Ste 200

Community Health For Asian America
Kenneth Kim
268 Grand Ave

Community School For Creative Education
Ida Oberman
2111 International Blvd

Community Works
Ruth Morgan
4681 Telegraph Ave

Conference Connection LP
Ruth Paglierani Paglierani
5344 Locksley Ave.

Congregation Beth Abraham Of Oakland California
Rayna Arnold
336 Euclid Avenue

Consolidated C M Inc
Scott Ritter
180 Grand Ave Ste 1520

Cook San Francisco LLC
Nona Lim
3310 Peralta St

Coolidge Court Inc
Martha Picasso
3850 Coolidge # 300

Copa Fina Wine Imports LLC
Michelle Yong
7700 Edgewater Dr Ste 712

Coral Reef Alliance
Christine Reyes
1330 Broadway Ste 1602

County Of Alameda
Simone Webster
1401 Lakeside Dr Ste 1200

Covenant House California
William Bedrossian
200 Harrison St

Cranbrook Realty Investment Fund LP
Catherine Kargl
7677 Oakport St. Ste.180

Creative Growth Art Center Inc
Tom Di Maria
355 24th St

Lauren Ekman
1260 7th St

Crystal Data Solutions INC
Vernon Holloway
610 16th St Ste 317

Cypress Mandela Training Center (cmtc) INC
Arthur (art) Shanks
2229 Poplar St

D.a.r.c. Studios INC
James Thornton
1901 Harrison St Ste 1100

Dance Elixir
Leyya Tawil
511 48th St

Darcoid Company Of California
Ronald Riley
950 3rd St

Davillier-Sloan Inc
David Hauser
1630 12th St

Davis Morris E
Morris Davis
64 Ironwood

Dbt Biotechnologies INC
Michael Lee
5351 Belgrave Pl Apt 1c

Declercq'satrical Specialties INC
Paul Declercq
724 Kevin Ct

Degenkolb Engineers
Lief Kaiper
1300 Clay St Fl 9th

Democracy At Work Institute
Melissa Hoover
1904 Franklin St Ste 400

Des Omnibus Lc3
Esther El-bey
433 Hegenberger Road Ste. 103

Design Partnership LLP
John Boerger
1629 Telegraph Ave Ste 500

Development Without Limits West LLC
Jhumpa Bhattacharya
3021 California St

Devlabs LLC
Ruben Hernandez
1633 Broadway Ste Bw

Diablo Fire Safe Council
Cheryl Miller
3311 39th Ave

Diamano Coura West African Dance Company
Naomi Diouf
1428 Alice St Ofc

Dictum Health INC
Chi Hoang
255 3rd St Ste 102

Digicom Electronics INC
Mo Ohady
7799 Pardee Ln

Dimensions Danceater Inc
Latanya Tigner
1428 Alice St Ofc

Dks Associates to National Center For Youth Law

Dks Associates
Ransford Mccourt
1970 Broadway Ste 740

Dms Builders INC
Daniel Wong
3437 Suter St

Doc Bailey Construction Equipment INC
Don Bailey Jr
9131 San Leandro St Ste 110

Donor Network West
Tasia Estes
1000 Broadway Ste 600

Dva Renal Healthcare INC
Christian Bottcher
10700 Macarthur Blvd

Eadoc LLC
Eric Law
180 Grand Ave Ste 995

Earth Images Foundation
Doug Prose
470 Cavour St

Earthgrains Baking Companies INC
Rick Hamblin
955 Kennedy St

East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
Joshua Simon
1825 San Pablo Ste 200

East Bay Asian Youth Center
David Kakishiba
2025 E 12th St

East Bay Clarklift INC
Marshall Cromer
4701 Oakport St

East Bay Community Recovery Project
Marta Rose
2579 San Pablo Ave

East Bay Foundation For Graduate Medical Education
Richard Godfrey
1411 E 31st St

East Bay Hotel L P
Michael Weber
1755 Embarcadero

East Bay Innovation Academy
Laurie Jacobson Jones
3400 Malcolm Ave

East Bay Municipal Utility District Wastewater System
David Klein
375 11th St

East Bay Performing Arts
Steven Payne
2201 Broadway Ste 300

East Bay Rental Housing Association
Cathy Hayden
360 22nd St Ste 240

East Oakland Community Project
Wendy Jackson
7515 International Blvd

East Oakland Youth Development Center
Regina Jackson
8200 E 14th St

Eastmont Oakland Associates LLC
James Paul
One Eastmont Town Center 7200 Bancroft Ave

Eastside Arts Alliance INC
Elena Serrano
2277 International Blvd

Eclipse Electric Lct INC
Rose Christensen
8105 Edgewater Dr Ste 206

Ecms INC
Roger Curtis
1809 Peralta St

Eco Logic
Kristen Klein
1141 Clarendon Cres

Ecocity Builders
Kirstin Miller
339 15th St Ste 208

Ecoviva Nfp
Karolo Aparicio
1904 Franklin St Ste 203

Edgewater Park Plaza LLC
Kerry Roach
300 Frank Ogawa Plz Ste 340

Education For Change
Richard Mcneel
303 Hegenberger Rd Ste 301

Education For Change Public Schools
Richard Mcneel
1112 29th Ave

El Cafetal LLC
Abel Jimenez
1244 High St

Electric Motorsport INC
Raul Aguilar
2400 Mandela Pkwy

Empire Engineering & Construction INC
Clifton Burch
675 Hegenberger Rd Ste 216

English Center
John Tang
66 Franklin St Ste 220

Envision Schools
Ben Kornell
111 Myrtle St Ste 203

Epic Scale INC
Tim Olson
2201 Broadway Ste 100

Ethan Berry INC
Zachary Smith
1406 8th St

Eureka Scientific Inc
John Vallerga
2452 Delmer St Ste 100

Everett Graphics Inc
Whit Everett
7300 Edgewater Dr

Evergreen Annex INC
Cletis Young
1218 2nd Ave Ofc

Evergreen Terrace Housing Corporation
Cletis Young
250 E 12th St Ofc

Evolutionary Solutions Incorporated
Paul Sebexen
5820 Merriewood Dr

Expanding Your Horizon Network
Monika Whitfield
5000 Macarthur Blvd

Farms To Grow INC
Gail Myers Myers
3321 Over St

Federal Industrial Hemp Of Us
John Philipps
2337 Ransom Ave

Federal Law Enforcement Executive Association
Pauline Samaniego
1301 Clay St 1600s

Flowwest LLC
Mark Tompkins
1624 Franklin St Ste 901

Forte Mortgage Corporation
Napoleon Forte
306 Pendleton Way

Foster Michael W
Erin Winters
3000 Lakeshore Ave

Foundation For Osteoporosis Research & Education
Kathleen Cody
1814 Franklin St

Fox Cindi
Cindi Fox
483 Ninth St 2nd Fl

Francis William E
William Francis
1063 54th St

Francisco Electric Supply
Ronald Tejada
7956 Capwell Dr

Franz INC
Craig Norvell
2201 Broadway Ste 715

Freedom Technology Partners LLC
Calvin Moree
2323 Broadway

Freeman Fleming Holdings INC
Owen Garrick
2201 Broadway Ste 260

Friant & Associates LLC
Rosa Hernandez
4901 E 12th St

Friends Of Sausal Creek
Kimra Mcafee
2731 26th Ave

Ftgu Allegiance LLC
Myisha Grant
1624 Franklin St Ste 911

Fund Good Jobs Inc
Sean Murphy
2323 Broadway

G. L. Frederick
Gene Frederick
9835 Kitty Ln

Gamelin-California Association
Tim Zaricznyj
540 23rd St Ofc

Gargani & Company INC
John Gargani Gargani
6431 Hillegass

Gateway Bank A Federal Savings Bank
Frances Baker
2201 Broadway Fl 4th

Giant Leap Technologies LLC
Leo Didomenico
291 Mather St

Give Something Back INC
Michael Hannigan
7730 Pardee Ln

Global Fire And Safety INC
Debra Rubino
2001 Peralta St Ste F

Global Forum On Msm & Hiv (msmgf)
George Ayala
436 14th St Ste 100

Golden West/ Betterway Uniform Inc
Tom Peplinski
499 High St

Good World Solutions INC
Heather Franzese
1500 Broadway Ste 400

Gordon & Heller INC
Joan Heller
230 Grand Ave Ste 303

Gorgeous Gorilla
Mierra Marah
1565 77th Ave

Grahamcomm LLC
Robert Graham
1333 Holman Rd.

Grand Instructional Systems Design LLC
Charla Vazquez
5300 Walnut Street Unit 4

Graphic Communications Union Retirement Center Inc
Ian Brown
550 24th St Ofc

Graphistry INC
Leo Meyerovich
1212 Broadway Ste 1100

Greatschools INC
Louise Hough
1999 Harrison St Ste 1100

Green Planet 21 INC
Bernt Von Glasenapp
336 Adeline Street

Gutierrez Efren
Efren Gutierrez
1616 Franklin Street Ste 202

H R Management Corp INC
Clarence Hunt
462 Elwood Ave Ste 6

Haan Mary N
Mary Haan
1191 66th St

Habitat For Humanity East Bay/silicon Valley INC
David Pitson
2619 Broadway

Hadal INC
Richard Rikoski
1907 Dennison St

Hair Glamour
Evonne Allen
240 Grand Avenue Ste E

Hall Bennett
Bennett Hall
755 Apple St

Harkrader Trucking Inc
Carol Jacques
9957 Medford Ave Bldg 11

Harris Pamela
Pamela Harris
3143 Wisconsin St

Hawk Ridge Systems LLC
Accounting Usa
5707 Redwood Rd Ste 18

Hdr Engineering INC
Melissa Wilson
1111 Broadway Suite 1670

Health Career Conection
Immaculate Cantos
300 Frank H Ogawa Plz Ste 243

Health Decision Technologies LLC
George Reynolds
5474 Boyd Ave

Health Equity Partnership
Tara Clanon
5806 Nottingham Dr

Health Outreach Partners
Oscar Gomez
405 14th St Ste 909

Healthcare Receivable Solutions LLC
Ronald Finlayson
8393 Capwell Dr Ste 160

Healthy Communities INC
Raymond Lankford
2580 San Pablo Ave

Heliotrope Technologies INC
Guillermo Garcia
6137 Girvin Dr

Hella Original/kid Snapback LLC
Omar Wandera
2150 Rosedale Ave

Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation
Traci Dobberstein
7727 Oakport St

Hfs Consultants
Richard Gianello
505 14th St Ste 500

Hilliard Architects Inc
Lark Hilliard
1330 Broadway Suite 1111

Hillman Electric Corp
Deborah Hillman
675 Hegenberger Rd Ste 225

Hilton Hotels Corporation
Elizabeth Cardoza
1 Hegenberger Rd

Hntb Corporation
Chad Rehmsmeyer
1111 Broadway Fl 9th

Hntb-Gerwick Jv
Winston Stewart
1300 Clay St 7th Flr

Holy Names University
Liz Aswegan
3500 Mountain Blvd

Hope Senior Housing Co
Susan Ruan Ruan
2611 Ec Reems Ct

Housing And Economic Rights Advocates
Maeve Brown
1814 Franklin St Ste 1040

Hydrapak INC
Tracey Brown
6605 San Leandro St

Hydrolife Biotech Inc
Megha Krishana
2327 International Blvd Unit 1

Hyphae Design Laboratory LLC
Brent Bucknum
942 Clay Street

Iaterion INC
Isaac Cohen
6085 Grizzly Peak Blvd

Iclei - Local Governments For Sustainability USA. INC
Monica Gilchrist
414 13th St Ste 400

Igwt Turning Point LLC
Felix Guillory
4909 Stacy St

Ilion INC
Vassilis Papavassiliou
7500 Altura Pl

Impact Justice
Aaron Juchau
2323 Broadway

In Touch Investments
Vanessa Donaville
5915 Fremont St

Inaturalist LLC
Scott Loarie
6458 Colby St Apt A

Infraterra Inc
Ahmed Nisar
220 4th Stt Ste 102

Insight Center For Community Economic Development
Brad Caftel
1999 Harrison St Ste 1800

Institute For Advance Study Of Black Family Life & Culture
Patricia Cavil
1012 Linden St

Institute For Democratic Education And Culture
Felicia Gustin
4681 Telegraph Ave

Integrated Health Care Association
Cindy Ernst
500 12th St Ste 310

Interlaken Associates LLC
David Spellmeyer
23 Schooner Hl

International Radio Project
Nancy Mullane
1714 Franklin St Ste 100

Iris Feminist Collective Inc
Pamela Harris
3143 Wisconsin St

Isis Ventures INC
Bhupendra Sheoran
409 13th St 14th Flr

J Wieder Medical
Jeffrey Wieder
141 Embarcadero W Apt 4217

Jacobs Engineering Group INC
Frank Joyce
300 Frank H Ogawa Pl Ste10

Jacobs Project Management Co
Frank Joyce
300 Frank H Ogawa Plz Ste 10

Jodi & Associates
Cheryl Birden
9828 Maddux Dr

Johnson Roberts & Associates
Michael Johnson
6664 Colton Blvd

Jones Natalie
Natalie Jones
1757 26th Ave #106

Justipher INC
Linda Fong
1901 Franklin St

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals
Willard Donnelly
1800 Harrison St Fl 14

Kaiserair INC
Jim Strickland
8735 Earhart Rd

Kal Krishnan Consulting Services Inc
Dev Krishnan
1000 Broadway Suite 650

Kammerer Ann Marie
Ann Kammerer
240 3rd St Apt 111

Keehn Lucy K.
Lucy Keehn
425 61st St

Kinte Center For Study Of Urban Commerce INC
Charles Brown
1 Kelton Ct 7m

Kisensum INC
Ryan Lipkin
300 Lakeside Dr Ste 400

Kitka Inc
Shira Cion
1201 Martin Luther King Jr Way Ste 103

Kj's Auto Body & Repair Inc
Lydia Walker
8921 San Leandro St

Kleinfelder West INC
John Moossazadeh
1330 Broadway Blvd Ste 1200

Koa Consulting Group LLC
Michael Balich
1155 Clarendon Crescent

Korean Community Center Of East Bay
June Lee
1700 Broadway Fl 1st

Kpa Group
Paul Powers
1 Kaiser Plz Ste 445

Kuli Kuli INC
Lisa Curtis
614 Grand Ave Ste 200

Kwh Analytics
Richard Matsui
55 Harrison Street

La Plazita Preschool
Krystell Guzman
3625 Macarthur Blvd

Lao Family Community Development INC
Kathy Chao Rothberg
1551 23rd Ave

Las Bougainvilleas Senior Housing INC
Erin Patch
1900 Fruitvale Ave Ste 2a

Laurelton Research
Elana Silver
11200 Sun Valley Dr

Law Offices Of Auria Styles Pc
Auria Styles
121 Embarcadero W #2123

Leadership Public Schools INC
Zenebu Bekele
344 Thomas L Berkely Way Ste 340

Legal Aid Association Of California
Salena Copeland
350 Frank H Ogawa Plz Ste 701

Legal Assistance For Seniors Inc
Gene Hacker
1970 Broadway Ste 300

Legal Assistance For Seniors Inc
Gene Hacker
1970 Broadway Ste 300

Leons Powder Coating
Frank Valencia
834 49th Ave

Level Playing Field Institute
Mitch Kapor
2201 Broadway Ste 100

Levinson Apartments
John Levinson
5929 Margarido Dr

Liftech Consultants Inc
Teresa Ferguson
344 Thomas L Berkley Way Ste 360

Ligandal INC
Edwin Urey
1767 Indian Way

Lighthouse Community Charter School
Jenna Stauffer
444 Hegenberger Rd

Lincoln Child Center INC
Christine Stoner-mertz
1266 14th St

Linoleum Sales Co. INC
Robert Mullarkey
1000 W Grand Ave

Livermore Instruments INC
David Fergenson
2038 Livingston St # B

Living Jazz
Stacey Hoffman
1728 San Pablo Ave

Llano Dialysis LLC
Christian Bottcher
5352 Claremont Ave

Lohnes + Wright
Bart Wright
446 17th St Ste 200

Lottie Johnson Memorial Housing
Sharron Dawkins
970 14th St

Lucid Design Group INC
Vladi Shunturov
304 12th St Ste 3c

Lumedx Corporation
Chris Winquist
555 12th St Ste 2060

Maffei Structural Engineering
Joseph Maffei
148 Hermosa Ave

Mandela Gateway Associates
Susan Johnson
1350 7th St

Mandela Marketplace Inc
Dana Harvey
1364 7th St

Maritime Food School/and Recovery Group
Linwood Staples
7683 Surrey Ln

Mark Lee And Yong Kay INC
Yong Kay Kay
4026 Martin Luther King J

Mark Miles Consulting INC
Mark Miles
1200 Lakeshore Ave Unit 25a

Martinez Mauricio Antonio
Mauricio Martinez
5250 Redondo Ave

Masters Jim
James Masters
6621 Elverton Dr

Matthiesen Nicole
Nicole Matthiesen
4415 Masterson St

Mcdowell Consulting INC
Rebecca Mcdowell
261 Sequoyah View Dr

Med Waste California LLC
Craig Whitney
73 Beechwood Dr

Media Alliance
Tracy Rosenberg
1904 Franklin St Ste 500

Meditab Software INC
Ramon Pena
333 Hegenberger Rd Ste 800

Mentoring Center
Celsa Snead
1221 Preservation Pkwy 20

Mentoring In Medicine & Science INC
Owen Garrick
2201 Broadway

Merck Consulting Inc
Elizabeth Merck
720 Mandana Blvd

Metabar INC
Lisa Alumkal
25 Villanova Ln

Michael Baker Jr. INC
Louis Levner
505 14th St Ste 810

Minoritylistings LLC
Milton Lathan
2463 Renwick St

Monkey Business - A Graphic And Website Design Co.
Eryka Quintero
1396 E 28th St

Monsoon Company INC
Rishi Mehta
350 Frank H Ogawa Plaza Ste 100

Morgan Environmental Services
Thomas Morgan
1601 Poplar St

Motivating Inspiring Supporting And Serving Sexually Exploited Youth INC
Elizabeth Quirarte
470 27th St

Mrw & Associates LLC
William Monsen
1814 Franklin St Ste 720

Museum Of Childrens Art
Katie Sammon
1625 Clay St # 100

Myt Construction INC
Delta Electric / Lucy Chiang Chiang
725 E 11th St

Namac Inc
Wendy Levy
3965 Linwood Ave

Nano Precision Medical INC
Adam Mendelsohn
548 63rd St

National Asian Peace Officers' Association
James Ng
1776 I St Nw Ste900

National Center For Youth Law
Nancy Berger
405 14th St Ste 1500

National Rural Aco Corporation to Yubersci INC

National Rural Aco Corporation
Lynn Barr
6401 Castle Dr

Native American Health Center INC
Serena Wright
2950 International Blvd.

Natural Resources Consulting Engineers INC
Tsighe Nemariam
3927 Martin Luther King Jr Way

Network Research & Training Group
Benjamin Bowser
7075 Elverton Dr

New Leaf Paper INC
Leila Gilbert
510 16th St Ste 520

Newton Todd
Todd Newton
423 7th St

Nexcut LLC
Bryan Hesterman
1624 Franklin St #1022

Noble Tower Preservation LP
Jim Brooks
1515 Lakeside Dr

Northgate Terrace Community Partner LP
Leslie Torres
550 24th St

November Research Group LLC
Seth Warhaftig
475 14th St Ste 250

O2 Marketing And Design INC
Sabina Rica
333 Hegenberger Rd Ste 325

Oak Center Homes Partners LP
Janelle Knight
850 18th St

Oakland Aviation Museum
Jacqueline Larson
8252 Earhart Rd

Oakland Hebrew Day School
Susan Schickman
5500 Redwood Road

Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir INC
Mark Desaulnier
655 13th St Ste 301

Oakland Machine Works Inc
John Anderson
561 4th St

Oakland Military Institute College Preparatory Academy
Becky Owens
3877 Lusk St

Oakland Museum Of California
Ariel Weintraub
1000 Oak St

Oakland Public Library
Gerard Garzon
125 14th St

Oakland Unified School District
Jorge Lopez
345 12th St

Oakland Youth Chorus
Keri Butkevich
685 14th St

Oakland Youth Orchestra
Maya Rath
1428 Alice St Ofc

Oakland City Of
Sara Bedford Bedford
150 Frank H Ogawa Plz Ste 3354

Oakland City Of
Donneshia Taylor
455 Seventh St

Oakland City Of
Donna Hom
150 Frank H Ogawa Plz # 3354

Oakland City Of
Rebecca Dowdakin
250 Frank H Ogawa Plz Fl 5th

Obdc Small Business Finance
Jacob Singer Singer
2101 Webster St Ste 1200

Oikos University
Jong Kim
7850 Edgewater Dr

Olmm Consulting Engineers
Sunil Gupta
1404 Franklin St Ste 350

Olofson Environmental INC
Terra Hendrich
1830 Embarcadero Ste 100

Omicia Inc
Martin Reese
1625 Clay St Ste 200

Omni Painting And Waterproofing INC
Omer Yilmaz
5495 Claremont Ave Apt B

One Pacificcoast Bancorp INC
Monique Nguyen
1438 Webster St

Opera Cultura
Hector Armienta
10726 Beverly Ave

Operation Dignity INC
Alex Mcelree
160 Franklin St Ste 103

Operation Wounded Minds
Mark Carter
825 Washington St Ste 303

Ortiz Jose
Jose Ortiz
504 E 10th St

Outsource Consulting Services INC
Sandra Floyd
Maxwell Nealy Bldg 222 14th St Ste 100

Owusu George
George Owusu
2416 Myrtle St.

Pacific Institute For Research And Evaluation
Diane Mcknight
180 Grand Avenue Suite 1200

Pacific Institute For Studies In Development Enviornment & Security
Peter Stanga
654 13th St Ste 1

Pacific Panels INC
Peter Borris
74 98th Ave

Pacific States Insulation & Acoustical Contracting INC
Marty Sims
610 16th St Ste 403

Palladino Company INC
Carl Palladino
6183 Acacia Ave

Pandorabots INC
Fritz Kunze
5940 College Ave Ste F

Pangaea Global Aids Foundation
Natalie Otten
436 14th St Ste 920

Paramountatre Of Arts INC
Leslee Stewart
2025 Broadway

Park & Central LLC
Katrina Mchugh
1121 Wellington St

Peralta Community College Dist.
Susan Rinne
12500 Campus Drive

Peralta Community College District
Laura Leon-maurice
900 Fallon St

Peralta Community College District
Laura Leon Maurice
333 E 8th St

Performance Auto Body Center
Alfonso Arroyo
635 E 12th St

Personnel Management U S Office Of
Gail Castaneda
1301 Clay St

Pesticide Action Network North America Regional Center
Steve Scholl-buckwald
1611 Telegraph Ave Ste 1200

Pgadesign INC
Christine Pattillo
444 17th St

Piedmont Choirs
Julia Richter
3629 Grand Ave

Playworks Education Energized
Tracy Williamson
380 Washington St

Poelen Jorrit H
Jorrit Poelen
400 Perkins St Apt 104

Positive Transitions Housing And Supportive Services
Cassandra Waller-mims
823 Adeline St

Powell And Partners Architects
Fred Powell
1404 Franklin St Ste 210

Praxis Continuing Education And Training INC
Troy Dufrene
5674 Shattuck Ave

Prescott Joseph Center Fo
Washington Burns, Md
920 Peralta St

Printer Center Of Hawaii
Darren Moncrief
1714 Franklin St Suite 100-352

Pro Arts Gallery
Amy Spencer
550 2nd St

Professional Industrial Services
Tabitha Schneider
3820 Manila Ave

Prospera Community Development
Catt Olazabal
1904 Franklin St Ste 801

Public Profit LLC
Corey Newhouse
1212 Broadway Ste 814

Purple Silk Music Education Foundation INC
Sherlyn Chew
484 Lake Park Ave #366

Quadrance Inc
Karl Tahir
1300 Clay St Ste 600

Quality Pro Maintenance LLC
Linnea Willis
220 Fourth St Ste 200

Quantum Market Research Inc
Veronica Raymonda
1635 Telegraph Ave

R P Gallagher Associates Inc
Ronald Gallagher
519 17th Street Ste 220

Ra Power Management
Aaron Iverson
7345 Snake Rd

Raymar Educational Films Inc
Erica Marcus
696 33rd St

Rcm International LLC
Angela Mceliece
2850 Poplar St

Reach Institute For School Leadership
Jonna Justiniano
1221 Preservation Park Way Ste 100

Reading Partners
Valrie Sanders
180 Grand Ave Ste 800

Red Door Group
Reign Free
6232 La Salle Ave 2nd Flr Ste E

Red Horse Technologies INC
Reva Murphy
8055 Collins Drive

Regents Of University Of California
Kathleen Nolan
1111 Franklin St 6th Fl

Regional Pathology And Autopsy Services LLC
Nick Daniels
3315 Broadway

Reliable World Trade Company Inc
Eleanor Wilson
9849 Kitty Lane

Renewable Funding LLC
Mimi Frusha
500 12th St

Resource Development Associates INC
Nishi Moonka
230 4th St

Response Dynamics Vibration Engineering Inc
Reuben Hale
4110 Redwood Rd Ste 301

Reva Murphy Associates INC
Reva Murphy
8055 Collins Drive

Rex Computing INC
Thomas Sohmers
5820 Merriewood Dr

Riffyn INC
Timothy Gardner
1581 Trestle Glen Rd

Rodriguez Catlett Nicholas
Nicholas Rodriguez
580 Capell St

Rogue Genius LLC
George Chamales
431 Avon St Ste A

Rolls-royce Engine Services-Oakland Inc
Jennifer Clark
7200 Earhart Rd

Roose Paul
Paul Roose
1300 Clay St Ste 600

Roots Community Health Center
Noha Aboelata
4107 Broadway

Rose Foundation For Communities & Environment Inc
Karla James
1970 Broadway Suite 600

Rosen David P & Associates
David Rosen
1330 Broadway Ste 937

Ross Jeffrey A
Jeffrey Ross
1970 Broadway Ste 1045

Safe Passages
Antonio Gastelum
250 Frank Ogawa Plz #6306

Safetraces INC
Antonios Zografos
3997 Lyman Road

Samuel Merritt University
Susan Valencia
450 30th St Ste 2701

Samuels & Associates Inc
Sallie Yoshida
1222 Preservation Pkwy

San Francisco Chamber Orchestra Inc
Kristen Steiner
6430 Regent St

Saxon-Hamilton Inc
Ulrike Mueller
4250 Piedmont Ave

School Of Urban Missions Oakland Inc
Kathryn Mangan
735 105th Ave

Security Central Inc
Michael Salk
4432 Telegraph Ave

Sekhon Gurdip S.
Gurdip Sekhon
13331 Campus Dr

Serena Alston
Serena Alston
248 Third St 832

Service Metal Products INC
Roxanne Gomez
9828 Kitty Ln

Shah Kawasaki Architects INC
Alan Kawasaki
570 10th Street Suite 201

Sherwin-Williams Company
Mike May
559 66th Ave

Shirley Ware Education Center Health Care Work
Rebecca Hanson
360 22nd St Ste 200

Shred Works Inc
Greg Talvola
455 High Street

Silverado Contractors INC
Sue Capriola
2855 Mandela Pkwy Fl 2

Simmons Demond
Demond Simmons
2995 Jordan Rd

Simplepath Inc
Michael Mcafee
311 2nd St Apt 807

Skanska Usa Building INC
Bruce Holms
1999 Harrison St Ste 1950

Skillman Diane
Diane Skillman
1301 Clay St Ste 490-s

Smith Andre
Andre Smith
480 Canyon Oaks Dr #b

Smith Tokiwa
Tokiwa Smith
1352 E 28 St

Social Policy Research Associates Inc
Ron D'amico
1333 Broadway Ste 310

Sojourner Truth Housing Inc
Cletis Young
6015 Martin Luther King Dr

Solar Action Network LLC
Benjamin Peters
426 17th St Ste 700

Solar Mosaic Inc
Katie Gallinger
426 17th St Ste 600

Southwick Staci
Staci Southwick
2311 Adeline St Ste H

Spanish Speaking Unity Council Of Alameda County INC
Erin Patch
2221 Fruitvale Ave

Spanish-Speaking Unity Council Of Alameda County INC
Erin Patch
1900 Fruitvale Ave Ste 2a

Spatial Cognition LLC
Arvind Sekar
100 Grand Ave Apt 1410

Specialty Technical Consultants
Barbara Ruble
2100 Embarcadero Ste 204

Ssa Terminals (oakland) LLC
Curt Campbell
1717 Middle Harbor Rd

Ssc Oakland Excell Operating Company LP
Kelle Santoro
3025 High St

St Columba Development Corporation Inc
Cletis Young
6400 San Pablo Ave

St Mary's Elderly Housing Corporation Inc
Cletis Young
707 Jefferson

Jose Rivera
2501 Harrison Street

Stars Behavioral Health Group INC
Olivia Aranda
7677 Oakport St Ste 1010

Starzz Management Services
Joe Thompkins
8393 Capwell Dr Ste 220

State Coastal Conservancy
Regine Serrano
1330 Broadway Ste 1300 Fl 13

Sterling Environmental Corp
Brian Hoppe
10203 E St

Strehle's Body Shop INC
Gary Strehle
494 36th St

Strozzi Institute
Stacie Chun
1700 Broadway 8th Flr

Studiosaal Corporation
Dan Saal
1020 Jackson St Ste 506

Sungevity Usb Residential Lesse 2011 LLC
Walter Conroy
66 Franklin St Suite 310

Super Stars Literacy INC
Artavia Berry
675 Hegenberger Rd Ste 244

Sweetow Stuart
Stuart Sweetow
3640 Grand Ave Ste 105

Tailor Made Officials INC
Brandy Maughs
1751 103rd Ave

Taubman Shoshana
Shoshana Taubman
360 Vernon St. #309

Teaching Channel
Patricia Wasley
2201 Broadway Ste 400

Techne Instruments Inc
Richard Raffanti
4920 Telegraph Avenue Unit G

David Marks
1333 Broadway Ste 601

Terraphase Engineering INC
Jeff Raines
1404 Franklin St Ste 600

Terviva Bioenergy
Maggie Kavalaris
520 3rd St Ste 201

Tetra Tech INC
Renee Valentino
1999 Harrison St # 500

Thottathil Sapna
Sapna Thottathil
4127 Bayo Street

Thunderbird Lodge Oakland A California Limited Partnership
Joan Mallari
233 Broadway

Tork Systems INC
Brian Patrone
2606 Mandela Pkwy

Total Concept 360 Consulting LLC
Shonda Scott
555 12th St Ste 1670

Tradeswomen Inc
Meg Vasey
1433 Webster St Ste 100

Transamerica Lakeside Inc
Christine Freeze
136 E 12th St

Transystems Corporation
Julie Frigon
505 14th St Ste 1000

Transystems Corporation
Julie Frigon
505 14th St # 320

Trieco Tt Jv
Ed Sussenguth
1999 Harrison St Ste 500

Triumph Ministries
Jackie Yancy
1315 102nd Ave

Turner Group Construction
La Tanya Hawkins
1625 Filbert St

Twirl Management
Johanna Walsh
1924 Union St Ste 4

Universal Waste Management Inc
Jake Cherry
721 37th Ave

Urban Strategies Council INC
Junious Williams
1720 Broadway 2nd Floor

Urs-Gei Joint Venture
Gary Engle
1333 Broadway Suite 800

Urs-kleinfelder-Geomatrix Team Joint Venture
Gary Engle
1333 Broadway Ste 800

Utilityapi INC
Elena Foukes
426 17th St Ste 700

V & A Consulting Engineers INC
Glenn Willson Willson
155 Grand Ave Ste 700

Velocity Source Group International INC
Nancy Simons
129 Filbert St

Victorian Preservation Center Of Oakland
Patricia Reidenbach
5337 College Ave Ste 145

Victory Garden Foundation INC
Victory Lee
6528 Raymond St

Vietnamese American Community Center Of East Bay
Shirley Gee
655 International Blvd

Vortex Marine Construction INC
Blaise Fettig
Livingston Street Pier

Vs Supply Company
Vincent Stephenson
910 81st Ave Ste 11

Vsce INC
Jesus Vargas
827 Broadway Ste 340

Vsce INC
Jesus Vargas
827 Broadway Ste 340

W Haywood Burns Institute
Dennis Mondoro
475 14th St Ste 800

Wardrobe For Opportunity
Darice Jones
570 14th St # 5

Water Damage Recovery California Inc
Eric Gacutan
8100 Capwell Drive

Wesley Medical Staffing INC
Ron Ash
505 14th Street - 9th Floor

West Coast Wire Rope And Rigging INC
Paul Scott
597 85th Ave

West Office Exhibition Design Inc
Steve Wiersema
155 Filbert St Ste 236

Westcoast Children's Clinic
April Fernando
3301 E 12th St Ste 259

Westend Strategies
Sean Sullivan
1460 34th St

Westlake Christian Terrace East LP
Cletis Young
303 Hegenberger Rd Ste 201

Whitkin Josh
Josh Whitkin
4485 Pleasant Valley Ct

Wildcreek Plaza LLC
Glyn Burge
490 Grand Ave Ste 200

Willdan Energy Solutions
Thomas Kouris
1939 Harrison St Ste 430

Wireless Communications Unlimited
Ronald Batiste
2775 Butters Dr

Women Organized To Respond To Life Threatening Diseases
Cynthia Carey-grant
449 15th St Ste 303

Wood Tech INC
George Runckel
4611 Malat St

Wood Tech INC
George Runckel
4611 Malat St

Working Group
Patrice O'neill
1714 Franklin St Ste 350

Worldwide Prophetic Evangelical Ministries INC
Kathy-ann Michael
2700 International Blvd Ste 24

Wose Community Church Of Oakland
Quinton Sankofa
8924 Holly Street

Xchanger Manufacturing Corporation
Scott Logan
9131 San Leandro St Ste 220

Yei Engineers INC
Lawrence Lam
7700 Edgewater Dr Ste 128

Young Men's Christian Association Of East Bay
Don Lau Vice President Lau
2330 Broadway

Youth Employment Partnership Inc
Michele Clark
2300 International Blvd

Youth Radio
Ellin O'leary
1701 Brodway

Youth Uprising
Olis Simmons
8711 Macarchur Blvd

Yubersci INC
Brigit Riley
1412 E 38th St